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A quick view of stix's recent activity.

  • Pinup model

    Hi lee,
    I'm not too keen on this one, for me as a 'pinup' it fails.
    Would I want to pin that face up on my wall? No.
    Way too aggressive and quite honestly miserable, and where's the cleavage ?
    I like my pin ups to look inviting and approachable, with a come hither twinkle.
    She looks hard and yet strangely nervous, what did you say to her ?!
    The eye lashes for me are faintly ridiculous, especially when seen side on, in all there spider like glory.
    But worse than that, one is casting a shadow on her nose, as it's so huge( the lash not her nose)
    • 28 Oct 2014 5:19PM
  • Feeding time

    Hi lee
    Nice study. The exposure around the face ( the most important bit) is spot on, however the white fur on his paws seems a bit hot. I really like the differential focus, makes him stand out. Lovely and sharp with nice contrast and colours. I really like the way the background is from the same colour palette as the subject.
    I know its nice to have him looking into space, but for me there is a tad too much, making it a unbalanced. If you divide the picture into two, there's really nothing very interesting on the right side. If it were mine I might clone out that blade of grass on the left.
    I 'm enjoying the narrative of the animal anticipating a nice snack.
    • 6 Aug 2014 3:22PM
  • Hannah

    congratulations om GEA and EC Wink
    • 11 Jan 2013 4:57PM
  • The Hound

    Very nice shot Lee. Very well lit and exposed, lovely quality. Good pose.
    If it were mine, I would crop tighter, the body is not really telling us much, I would turn it more definitely into a head shot.
    I really like it though.
    • 18 Sep 2012 7:52PM
  • Sony world photography awards 2012

    Thank you Cathy. No need to bow .
    Scream and shout , throw your knickers will be fine.
    Ps left you a message on article
    • 2 May 2012 7:14PM
  • Eden #2

    This is so nearly a really eye catching photo.
    But it is spoiled by the knuckle, it looks ugly. Maybe you could clone it out.
    As has been said, too bright on the arm , and the face could do with a tad toning down.
    But I reallly like the colours and the pose, the tats and the attitude.
    • 23 Apr 2012 9:44PM
  • Biff in Black & White

    what is it with you and pussies?
    • 27 Feb 2012 6:59PM
  • Just went through your portfolio, I'm doing a shoot tomorrow and was looking for inspiration. What a fantastic body ( excuse pun) of work you have built up, i'm very impressed with your ideas and techinque.
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 10 Feb 2010 12:52PM
  • Really like your showcase, they hang so well together( apart from the red face), figures and red, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.
  • You have a fantastic portfolio.
  • I think your bird shots are brillient.If I stick a lens in front of a bird, its your quality of shot i'm trying to emulate,( but never do ).
  • Just caught your portfilio, can't understand how I havnt seen it before. You have some great stuff, portraits to peppers, all with a hallmark of quality and artisic inventiveness.
  • Just had a look at your portfolio, some great stuff there.
    Glad to see someone 'arty' can flourish on EPZ. Think you better remove the bit about being a novice!
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 6 Jan 2007 1:51PM