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My ARPS Panel

By stix  
On a forum here
Somebody asked to see my panel. So here it is.
number one is just a cover shot ( out of order)

Tags: Portraits and people Flash and lighting

GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1


miptog 14 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:20PM
Thanks for the upload. Assume the variation sequence is the panel order. The series probably doesn't do proper justice to the prints, but it is so useful/helpful seeing an "A" panel.

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StuartAt 14 1.1k 8 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:22PM
Some stunning portraits in there. I especially like number 1.
wrinkles 10 351 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:23PM
These are very good photo's,but I find all of them have the subject looking sraight at the camera.
A variation would be good.
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:24PM
The first one is just a cover, so it starts at number 2. This was the order of the panel. 15 shots.

Quote:The series probably doesn't do proper justice to the prints

Erm, I didn't print them...
29 May 2010 2:25PM
Some really great portraits here, and who am I to comment. For me the lighting on all the pictures is good and you get the models to work for you (even the baby) On picture one, I think some of the strands of hair have blown highlights and attention to this would improve the picture a little (for me anyway)
I like what I see and thanks for sharing.
miptog 14 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:26PM
15, 16 stand out for me. Great character portraits
blackbird 12 159 15 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:30PM
wow, thanks for posting your panel - all wonderful although no 9 and 15 stand out for me (I must be having a grey day Wink)
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:31PM
There is no eye contact on no. 9, but you raise an interesting point which I admit I never considered.
AnneWorner 12 620 43 United States
29 May 2010 2:35PM
1, 6, 12, and 15. I like them all, and don't mind that there is no eye contact on 9. Thanks for posting these. for me, fabulous portrait work that I hope to achieve one day.

MikeH 14 217 4 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:38PM
I understand that for ARPS you need to have a Statement about your theme which gives an indication of your thinking in preparing the particular panel.
Did you do this first or retrospectivley once you had got your images together ?
Daisymaye 11 23 16 Canada
29 May 2010 2:42PM
Superb portraits. Love the in your face feel to V15. They are all beautifully captured bringing out the best in each one.......Sandy
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 2:48PM
Thanks Guys.
I wanted to post my statement but rather frustratingly I can't find it.
I came up with the idea, a series of photos from young to old. Then I wrote a statement saying that I wanted to show that I could relate to people of any age, and get their personality across.
Then I went through my p/f looking for photos that fitted. I didn't take any shots specially for the panel. This explains why there is a bit of a jump in age from no. 6 to 7...
cassiecat 11 39 46 England
29 May 2010 2:54PM
like the theme. v5, 6 and 7 are my favs. in comparison v9 feels alittle flat and dowdy.
congrats, its good to have something to give you zing, enjoy, and enjoy your photography. i could do with a dose of zing Smile lesley
superb set of portrait shots, excellent focus and composition skills, well done!
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 3:12PM
Hi cassiecat,
I didn't like the idea of having letters after my name, and thought it was a bit poncy. But a friend kept on at me, so I did it just to shut her up. I probably didn't get the most benefit because I only spent a day preparing it. However I was surprised at how much of a lift it gave me when I got it. Having no qualifications in photography, it really felt quite good.
Now I am hooked and really want to get my Fellowship, I am doing this properly and am taking 20 photos only for that purpose. Whether I get it or not, it does give you a zing and a sense of purpose, and my photography can only improve. I would recommend it to you,
29 May 2010 3:27PM
still luuuurve the priest shot (15). 7 looks great too, but then I fall for rather heavy, natural looking eyebrows (err, on women, so Noel Gallagher need not apply). very clever use of the narrow dof on 16, bringing her hand in focus, and then bringing her face again in focus.
Think I generally prefer those that have a very narrow focus. 9 is a very nice setting shot. very much like the choice of peaceful earthy colors, and how they repeat themselves in the girl (eyes and hair), her wardrobe and the environment.
some photos are very good, but feel a bit too much like 'studio' work (that's just very personal though, for what you entered them they may well be perfect), which is probably another reason that I most like 15, 7, 16 and 9. And some feel a tad oversharpened (4, 6 particularly, but even 8, 10, 12, 14) imo. But then that seems to be en vogue these latest digital years, and perhaps on print it won't show.
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 4:11PM

Quote:Noel Gallagher need not apply

I agree about the studio feel, well that's because the were taken in a studio. This didn't stop the pictures meeting the brief that I had set myself. For my fellowship I will be taking mainly environmental shots, as studios can be a bit dry, and with environmental shots it will be easier to avoid repetition.

RE sharpening, I guess that's a personal thing.
banehawi Plus
15 2.1k 4036 Canada
29 May 2010 4:35PM
8,12,14,15,16 are standouts, - just brilliant. The other are great, some really nice poses. Of the kids, that red haired boy is a wonderful shot too.


CaptivePhotons 16 1.7k 2 England
29 May 2010 5:18PM
Well done, great panel. I supect the RPS will now have a flood of chronological portraits Wink
ValSaxby Plus
14 146 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 5:25PM
These look superb to me - excellent work. Val
Angi_Wallace Plus
11 233 10 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 5:30PM
What a fantastic collection of high quality work.
Orinoco 11 7 1 England
29 May 2010 6:21PM
great panel - great work

well done

DRicherby 10 269 726 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 8:32PM
Looks good to me! Obviously, you know way more about portrait photography than I do so I'll just make a couple of remarks.

#1/#7. I find the crop too tight on the right-hand side, with her eye too close to the edge of the frame. I don't think it needs a lot more space and maybe doubling the space between the edge of her face and the edge of the frame would be enough.

#3 is, like all the others, very well taken but I find the photo looks rather ordinary, overall. In the same vein, #13 doesn't do much for me, either.

#8. I'm not a great fan of the shaded side, which is dark enough that you can't see much but not so dark that it looks really dark. #10 and #12 look much more deliberate and I think that works better.

I'd say that #6 and #12 are my favourites, with #14 and #15 right up there, too. #2 and #4 are super baby/child portraits, too.
NEWMANP 11 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
29 May 2010 9:38PM
12 - 6 - 8 are my favourites
well done im sure you will be really chuffed to have the distinction
sallybea 9 41 United Kingdom
30 May 2010 12:23AM
Love 12, 15 and 16, thank you for sharing, Sally
30 May 2010 6:53AM
fantastic set, love all the images...
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
30 May 2010 10:10AM
Thanks Guys.
I'm taken aback by the great reaction.
paulbroad Plus
12 131 1285 United Kingdom
30 May 2010 12:24PM
Some nice images, but rather a lot to look at at once, panel or not. I would even say that I don't see one that I don't like a lot. But are you sure you actually want a Royal distinction?

I have reservations about the Royal. Unless things have changed since I was interested, about 30 years ago, the selection was such that it was very easily fiddled. (Obviously not in your case!)

I know of two cases where the panel submitted, prints in those days, were NOT the exclusive work of the person trying for honours. One was totally someone elses work in essence, and the other had been helped a lot.

This rather devalues the whole thing to me. We had judges at the club brandishing the ARPS or Fellowship and it turned out they had achieved them, honourably I'm sure, years before in strange disciplines and had little idea about run of the mill photography.

I am a great beleiver in 'you are as good as your last image'. My degree in Metallurgy doesn't mean I know everything about the subject, but it does mean I have the ability to learn and find answers.

stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
30 May 2010 12:34PM
Your comments are about your reservations of the RPS and have nothing to do with my panel. Could you raise these issues on the forum here ?
Hopefully an interesting debate might follow.
backbeat 13 134 1 United Kingdom
31 May 2010 9:53PM
well done mate...a very inspirational set of images. I've been thinking of having a go myself actually, but i'll probably start at the 'L' grade...

did you submit them via the web?

stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
31 May 2010 10:52PM
Thanks Phill,
yes I think it's worth a go. If you need any advice, give me a shout.
I sent them my panel on a cd, but I think you give yourself a better chance of passing by doing a set of prints. Prints look more impressive.
Cheers martin.
HowardA 12 231
4 Jun 2010 12:25AM
Sensitive, natural, great tones and unobtrusive are words that spring to mind. Balanced too. They're also non-controversial but technically very strong. Did you see the BBC documentary about the war photographer a few days ago? Really interesting programme.

Thanks for sharing the panel Martin.
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
4 Jun 2010 9:09AM
Thanks Howard.
Richsr 12 91 223 England
10 Jun 2010 1:56PM
Good to see your panel there are some fine captured in these, congrats on getting it.
Regards Richard
Irishkate Plus
9 41 115 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2015 11:15AM
A delightful story of youth to old age - so many worthy of comment but I do love V6 of the freckle faced boy!
Kate GrinGrinGrin

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