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  • Jazz Man

    Thank you to Paul and Pamelajean. I appreciate the comments and help.
    • 17 Oct 2013 8:14PM
  • " Be My Honey "

    Thanks very much. As far as the software, I used iPhoto , which is not nearly as good as Photoshop.
    I do have an old version of Photoshop given to me several years ago, but as I am only now becoming somewhat serious in my pursuit of learning photography, I am only starting to learn how to use it.

    Thanks again,

    • 20 Sep 2013 6:55PM
  • " You talkin' to me"?

    Okay, before anybody else gets their knickers in a twist , if you had bothered to read my reply to the site moderator in the forums, and not just part of my initial question, as quoted above,you would know that I thanked him for his explanation for someone adding a mod, and am well aware that there are other galleries to post in should I not want a mod or critique. Since I elected to continue to post here, it should be apparent that I do welcome any and all constructive criticism.
    However that being said, adding a mod without saying what it is or why its been added, is, if I may quote Willy, " a complete waste of time". So if I may , please, if you take the time to look at my work and decide a change is in order, please let me know what you did, and how, as I do appreciate that your time and experience is most valuable. I am here to learn.

    Thanks much,

    • 16 Sep 2013 5:19PM
  • "Up Close and Personal "

    You both are off a bit as this was not shot behind glass , rather creeping up as close as possible. As far as the background, it's not flourescent light, but foliage that has become blurry in the background due to focusing on the subject. But thanks just the same.
    • 14 Sep 2013 8:30PM
  • " Dragonfly "

    Thanks Pamela. As far as getting closer to the dragonfly, he was in a tree, and I wasn't, so that's the best I could do. And I'm aware of the " golden hour" as far as the best time for soft light, but the insect dictates what time he shows up, not me. It was a mid day shot, but the rest of the data, I have no idea, as I really don't take note of it, I prefer just to enjoy taking the picture, but I do thank you for your review and advice.
    • 5 Sep 2013 9:37PM