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Here to learn mostly. When I think I know something, I hope to be free to pass it on, but I appreciate so much the wealth of knowledge that is here.
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A quick view of stone12's recent activity.

  • Sidelit

    Sunken shadows and hidden valleys, everything is on show and hidden at one and the same time, love it !
    • 12 Aug 2019 11:49AM
  • Frozen Gate

    Super cold scene, i can feel the freshness in the picture, awesome.Des
    • 30 Apr 2019 8:07PM
  • Winter and blue

    That is a pure treasure, super moment captured, regards,Des.
    • 6 Feb 2019 12:58PM
  • Delivery for the Lady of the House

    Super shot - i think i would like to open the box
    • 10 Sep 2018 10:01PM
  • Time to disconnect

    What a great shot-now where did i stash that bottle ?
    • 27 Jul 2018 5:49PM
  • Menlo Castle

    Time and nature gloss over the sad times, great shot Kate, regards Des.
    • 26 Jul 2018 6:30PM
  • Nizhny Novgorod. The view down from the Kremlin

    Wonderful city-scape, its now on the bucket list for visiting, regards,Des.
    • 7 Jul 2018 3:52PM
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