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A quick view of strawman's recent activity.

  • Woodie in the Mist...

    Yes difficult to capture a shot while in flight, very streamlined. Is it worth adding a bit extra contrast?? I can gurantee, I would have a leaf at best Wink
    • 20 Jun 2020 5:58PM
  • Alfa Storm

    Hi Moira. I looked at your mods and I prefer the first one and yes I think it improves the shot. One of the things I like about photography is how different people will look at the scene and think about it in different ways. Thanks I appreciate your time and effort. I think I will go back and play with the curves more, initially I took a +/-2 stops bracketed set of photographs as I was going to HDR the photo, and yes this is the -2 shot. But this sort of leapt out at me. And yes you are correct there is another image in there Smile

    Willie I could have put shot data in ISO, shutter speed etc, but to be honest I was more interested in the reaction to the deliberately under exposed shot. It is more about looking for a reaction of those looking at it, and it could be that I see it in a way others do not. I wanted the shadows to be dark and blocked out I wanted the viewer to have to look to see details of the car. It was based on a forum thread where the work of David Ward was discussed.

    I think I will lighten the car paint work and I will work on the HDR shot plus crop, but I will keep it under exposed. There is another shot in the series that I should post where the car is total underexposed but that is related to a sad event. This is the opening shot in a series of two.

    Once again thanks for your both thoughts, even if it means I failed it is good to know and I appreciate the feedback. More things to work on Smile
    • 30 Jul 2014 5:54PM
  • thought i'd join you marshalls

    Hi an interesting capture, would it help to crop in a bit more taking some track off to bring the rider and bike more to prominence?
    • 30 Jul 2014 1:36PM
  • Two and rain.

    Nicely atmospheric, I at first thought it too dark an image in the thumbnail, but on reflection it works well as is.
    • 19 Nov 2011 11:39PM
  • Merlin pageant

    I am guessing that you used the aperture to get a nice and low shutter speed so the propellers are a blur, that aspect works.

    Dull image well it looks like a set of blue/grey planes shot against a blue sky with the sun a bit high in the sky, possibly a bit behind the planes. So not the best for light on the planes which is what you will need to lift it a bit. Sometimes the subject, light conditions etc just do not work together.

    I looked at the levels info and it is all a bit compressed, so I would have a go at playing with curves or the shadows/highlights tool to see if you can bring more info out on the planes and pull the highlights down. You could copy the image onto a new layer and then delete everything except the plane bodies and then you could optimise the image for the sky and planes on their own.

    Composition wise I think you need to either be tighter into the planes or further back and a view where the smoke trails converge would help. Your view is too close to side on to work in my eyes.
    • 18 Jun 2011 5:28PM
  • Yosemite Reflections

    All I can say is I am jealous Steve. Says it All I think. great reflection, perhaps you should increase contrast in the non-reflected scene but would that break it??
    • 17 Jan 2011 4:56PM
  • Dawn Christmas morning.

    Good colours in this one, I just wonder if the subject suits a panorama as I feel the gate is not connected to the sky to my eyes. So one quick mod later

    Just a variation regards John
    • 29 Dec 2010 3:38PM
  • What strikes you is the thought that must go into this collection of work, and the variety of topics covered. Well worth spending some time browsing.