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  • Just started "The real All Americans" by Sally Jenkins.

    Thought I would give another historic sporting book a go after "The Boys in the Boat" - which must be one of the top 10 books I have ever read....
  • the tick tock of the clock....
  • I have recently started taking camera phones more seriously, personally it gives me more pleasure than my D300s.... Actually I also use the Olympus Pen for more serious photos, I assume most of you do not consider that a proper camera either...

    I always have my phone on hand and find the quality more than acceptable for what I need, even prints have come out fantastic. At times the phone gives you the opportunity to be more creative, it's more discreet than a "proper camera" allowing better opportunities for street photography. I found a user on Instagram who only photographs commuters sleeping on the London underground, another photographer is taking sunsets in London while commuting. These kind of projects are easier with phones and to be honest I cannot imagine a DSLR would improve the ambiance of these projects.

    Are proper cameras doomed? I wonder if the same question was asked when the first digital camera with the floppy disk was released...

    PS: Is there a Tag for filtering images from camera phones? I cant seem to find one.
  • I think this is fantastic work, it great to see people who have the confidence to approach a subject with a unconventional approach.
  • Thanks Andy, 820 looks like a good choice, the extra battery is a good idea.
  • @ WhiteRose1 - Thanks for tip GPS
  • looking for a camera for my daughter for holidays, been looking at the tough, underwater, compacts. They seem interesting and could be something which I can try use as well....

    The two which look good are :
    Fuji Finepix XP150
    Olympus TG-620 (820 bit expensive for her)

    Has anyone had experience with these or any pointers which I should look out for?

  • Stumbled across Angus and Julia Stone recently, brother and sister duo - refreshing to see some good young artists coming through the ranks

    Her is a good example of their work

  • Quote:"Too many people spend too much money on rubbish, because they've been told it is Art."

    Discuss! Grin

    Depends on your definition of Art, your appreciation of Art and your wealth.

    On a small scale I have paid too much for Art because I have enjoyed the artist, their effort and I wanted to support them.

  • Quote:Sad to see no mention of South Africa in the previous posts.

    Been out of SA for 12 years and went back for my first holiday in 9 years in Feb, I must admit it is an absolutely fantastic place however I could never live there (Sorry Bokkie) actually I doubt I will actually go back on holiday.

    I travel, for work, about 50% of the year, there are very few places I would choose over the UK. One would be Canada, I love the attitude of the people and the life style but would find it difficult without the culture of Europe.

    Over the last year I have spent quite a lot of time in the UAE, in my opinion that would be the worst place for me and my family to live.

    I have a second property in Italy, love it out there, I find Italy the perfect place however I am not sure I could ever live there permanently, but who knows one day I could end up old, wrinkled, well tanned and living on the beach sipping vino all day Grin

  • Quote:From 2012 the BBC will only have the rights to show half the F1 races.

    Did they say if BBC would show the first or second half of the race Tongue

  • Quote:
    Single speed bikes seem to have made a big comeback around here.

    Single speeds are fantastic, I do quite a bit of mountain biking, I had a full suspension and a hardtail. Four years ago I converted the hardtail into a single speed and found it so much fun and challenging while doing technical trails that I got rid of the full suspension.

    I think commuting also suits single speed bikes, providing you don't live in Brecon Beacons , the problem I found is a lot are designed as funky city bikes (courier style, small frame - narrow handle bars).

    The bike you choose is obviously dependant on your works outfit and terain. I cycle to to the station, part of the cycle is along a canal with gravel. In my previous job I wore jeans which was not a problem, now I need to wear suits. This became challenging in winter with mud as my commuting bike was a geared mountain bike which has limited mud guards.

    I now find that a single speed Dutch style bike is more suitable, single speed - mud guards - chain guard - etc (etc is a basket for my briefcase and the fact that no self respecting hoodie wants to nick a bike with a basket Tongue )
  • One of the competitive sites, which has square thumbnails, has recently changed their layout. There are now three square thumbnails across opposed to four, therefore enlarging the size of the image.

    I think this has had a good impact on the site, although there are less images per page the format is better to view.
  • Seen this on another site, I thought that a square image would create a bit more intrigue enticing you to hover the mouse over the image to see the full composition. It worked for a very short time then became more of a pain.
  • Adam, thanks for uploading this, I really enjoyed it. As per Eviscera I only found it because of this tread.

    It is really a pity because I feel that this is an excellent way of launching projects, a sideshow works better and has more impact than loading versions.

    Once again excellent work

  • Quote:Update:

    CC imaging in Leeds,

    I am on their website, bit confusing, they appear to do Metallic but I cannot see it on their price list....
  • Love all of Kraftwerk had the Maxi's as a teenager now have the CD's.

    `Das Model` is my all time favourite and then of course there is `tour de france` which, to me, is one of the best stereo tracks ever made
  • I subscribe to the British Journal of Photography I find it is one of the few mags which constantly push boundaries of true photography and is not repetitive.

    I also subscribe to Lonely Planet Magazine don't ask why, and why I have not cancelled - I have no idea...

  • Quote:
    I already have everything ripped to a NAS drive (backed up to a few spare drives), so I just want to be able to access that through my main Hi Fi for a start.

    Ah that makes sense

  • Quote:The ripnas looks like a slightly different kind of thing, especially as it can serve files to Sonos.
    From what I can see the Ripnas stores the music, the Sonos can distribute the music to different zones from the NAS

    I have a question, does the Sonos have a storage device? I cannot seem to find one.

    Quote:basically just NAS combined with a CD ripping system.
    Correct is that not what you are looking for? or are you planning to store your CDs on a PC /MAC

  • Quote:Has anyone got/used the Sonos

    I am not familiar with Sonos but I am looking at RipNas which looks pretty impressive, I stand to correction but it uses Microsoft Home Server therefore you should be able to copy files to it as well. I am going to find out more about it next week

  • Quote:

    what's been the big change then?

    This might be old but what's new to me is the amplifier having Ethernet cabled connection and sourcing music straight from the Internet and sourcing music from a NAS device (or PC). I am busy with an extension and was surprised when I realised I am putting 4 CAT5 points there the TV / stereo is. I am also installing a small comms cabinet hidden away for the switch, RipNas (music) and NAS (backup of photos and music).

    My current system is a CD player with amp and speakers nothing else is attached.

  • Quote:

    I've just bought myself the Arcam Solo Neo with a pair of Monitor Audio RX1 speakers,

    I was in Sevenoaks today looking at the Arcam Solo Neo but with the KEF Q700, I really liked the Monitor floor standing but they have magnetic mesh protection, I was not too keen on the magnetic mesh, I think having a lot of children around its s bit risky.

    The Solo is a really good product you must be happy with it. What are you using to store your music?
  • It's amazing how technology moves on, I am replacing everything in the lounge, my girls want a TV with iPlayer (for Cbeebies!) you can rent movies through the TV / DVD player - not to mention networking the the whole lot!!

  • Quote:My music system now is pretty old but still works well,

    I agree, I have a JVC Amp which is 15 years and holds its own against newer amps, just time to move on I guess. I also have started buying a lot through iTunes so I guess it makes sense to keep all my music on a drive of some sorts.

    I looked at Bose systems but to be honest I believe if you put something together yourself you will get a better system for less money. I am also surprised how far behind Bose seems to be with regards to streaming / networking to the Internet. Perhaps I just had a dud sales person serving me.
  • I know this is a very old thread, I am looking for a good Hi-Fi system. I want to RIP all my CD's onto media (PC or NAS) and I want everything to be networked, including DVD and TV so I am thinking of the following:

    Amp: Naim Uniti
    Speakers: Neat Motive 2
    NAS: RipNas

    Does anyone have any comments / suggestions - What do you use?

  • Quote:The Black Keys.
    Ditto, love their music, have you heard of Iron and Wine?

  • Quote:An alternative view - more of the amazing roof structure in shot here
    The lines here are fantastic, I have always wanted to go there
  • Ian Brown: Stellify, first heard of it last night via Facebook, now I am addicted and been listening all day.

    Here is the Youtube clip: Stellify