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Thank you for dropping in. You are very welcome. Please browse through Photos and Blogs at will. Any constructive comments, humorous, good or otherwise, (with the exception of blatant rudeness, of course) Wink will always be well received.
All genuine and constructive critique is very welcome.

Good judgment is often derived from previous unpleasant experiences ... however, many unpleasant experiences are the result of inept or untimely judgment. Smile
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  • You won't believe this

    You may recall that on several occasions I have recounted the events of days, which have not proceeded in quite the smooth manner that I anticipated they would, when I awoke on that particular morning. Well today has been different. No. Not wor...

    17 Feb 2013 7:12PM | Read


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  • How embarrassing

    This evening I have been found out. I'm just a dirty old man. I uploaded a shot of a very historical local church into the Critique Gallery. It was a shot taken with the lens that I so carelessly dropped a couple of days ago. I originally had t...

    16 Feb 2013 1:12AM | Read


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  • Oh No

    It's heartbreaking Every photographers nightmare. This afternoon I dropped one of my lenses onto the floor. Don't ask me how it happened. I have no idea. One moment it was in my right hand, having taken it out of its case and I was about to ...

    12 Feb 2013 9:15PM | Read


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  • What a Relief

    I survived Christmas. Only just - but I did it. My word; it was touch and go, on one or two occasions. When the grandchildren arrived on Boxing Day. They're like the rampaging Teutonic hordes sometimes. And Boxing Day was one of those times. It...

    27 Dec 2012 10:46PM | Read


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  • Because I Can

    The D3 arrived this morning, as promised. For those of you with young children, you will witness the same frenetic exuberance and manic excitement as was evident the moment I closed the front door on the postman. But rather than being 6.5, I am 6...

    19 Dec 2012 8:11PM | Read


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  • New Toy

    It's taken me a long time to get here, but at last I've finally done it. Bought myself a pro camera and lens. A Nikon D3 & a 28-300 f3.5-5.6G AF-S ED VR. All following quite protracted discussions with Keith, Leonard, Left Forum & thewilliam. Eac...

    18 Dec 2012 4:59PM | Read


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  • The Things Folks Do To Save a Buck

    At the beginning of December (about the 6th, or so) I had a professional gentleman Email me, saying that he had scrutinised my website and would like me to quote for some wood-turning work, for him. Because I assume that he is not an ardent photog...

    17 Dec 2012 9:07PM | Read


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  • A long time coming

    It's been three months to the day since I last wrote a blog on ePz. I've been busy. Knocking my website into some sort of practical and commercial shape. Doing wood-turnings and picture framing. And several photo commissions too. But if I'm re...

    16 Dec 2012 8:33PM | Read


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  • Morso F Guillotine

    My Morso guillotine is for sale in the classified ads, under photographic accessories. If you frame your own photos - or anyone elses, for that matter - you will know that the first thing anyone looks at when they view a framed piece of artwork (p...

    16 Sep 2012 5:13PM | Read


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  • Still Banjaxed

    Almost two months ago I wrote a blog entitled Heeeelp; in which I appealed to the literary and imaginatively inclined of you to provide me with some assistance in the search for a name for my website. Go on; admit it. You forgot about it the moment...

    23 Jun 2012 8:36PM | Read


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  • A Busy Weekend

    As you may recall, I traveled across the country to a small village to the north east of Norwich on Friday. The reason being, to collect the Fletcher 1100 elliptical window mount cutter. The gentleman I purchased it from informed me, during the cou...

    17 Jun 2012 2:24PM | Read


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  • Supreme Stupidity ?

    Senility approaches in an unconscious yet insidious manner, once retirement and the degenerative status of being a wrinkly is irretrievably established. I am now virtually a month old OAP and so much has happened to make the matter incontrovertible ...

    16 Jun 2012 5:38PM | Read


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  • Stretched

    When faced with an activity, a job. or a practice, of which you have no experience, having never encountered it before, it is perfectly reasonable to approach it with some trepidation. I can clearly remember the first time I took a roll of 35mm film...

    10 Jun 2012 8:23PM | Read


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  • Fletcher Man

    Funny, isn't it? How you get preconceived ideas? Then those preconceptions drift out of the window as practical considerations take precedence. When I first started doing mounts and framing, I started small. I had lots to learn and wasn't entirel...

    9 Jun 2012 1:00PM | Read


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  • Can You Remember ?

    It is possible, but by no means certain, that you may be able to remember when the Royal Mail used to deliver mail in the morning. I struggle to remember such Utopian events, but if my memory is deficient, my imagination remains rampant. I'm sure...

    8 Jun 2012 10:54PM | Read


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