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2 Jun 2012 2:45PM   Views : 8783 Unique : 903

My wife is a dedicated gardener. Not a particularly good gardener - just a dedicated one.
She planted some (what she called) bulls-eye daisies just outside of the lounge window.
My friend across the road said they looked like meadow weed - cowslip - or something similar.
With all of the sun and rain we've had recently, they've sprouted ridiculously. Riotously, even.
We can't see out of the window anymore. I feel like a fox, peering through the undergrowth.
I asked her how long it would be before she would be digging them up and binning them.
(the brown bin is due for collection next weekend)
She seemed quite indignant.
When I explained that I had previously enjoyed looking out of the window at the world going by, she said "I don't know why I bother."
"Well, when you're in the garden, you can't be in here doing housework - that's why you bother." I replied.

She's taken her mother to the local super-store & garden centre. I'm not sure what I said wrong, but she seemed quite troubled as she went out of the front door.

Perhaps she'll bring me something nice back for my tea. GrinGrin


reaper4252 6 2 9 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2012 4:08PM
Don't hold your breathTongue

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strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 4:32PM
You think I'm being optimistic, perhaps ?? You could be right. Grin
I have a feeling that before the day is out, she will be holding my breath, through my neck WinkTongueTongueTongue
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 4:45PM
oh - oxeye daisies I gather? Nice....... actually they might go nicely in a rough patch of my garden which I've decided is going to be a chuck seed down and hope for the best area. You must have very low windows though - don't they grow to about 18" inches or so?
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 4:56PM
Oxeye Daisies huh? You must have very small oxen where you live.
These things are about 18 foot
They'd fit nicely into any 'rough patch of ground' - in fact, I think that's where she got them from.
I'd be careful with chucking these seeds down Ali. They bring a new meaning to the term prolific.
Each morning I'm expecting to hear an echoing voice from the cloud-line mumbling, Fe-Fo-Fi-Fum etc

The windows are low - but at 5'-11", I'm only small Wink
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 5:34PM
I'm intrigued as to what they are I'll admit. Meadow weed could be anything, cowslips are completely different and oxeye daisies are the only thing close to bulls-eye daisies Smile I gather they also spread by rhizomes so there's no point in trying to control them by chopping before they set seed - it's all happening underground......... oh but the seeds remain viable in the ground for 2-3 years as well so you might be stuck with them Smile

Mind you, if that echoing voice starts up it would certainly liven up your day!
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 7:25PM
Oh, you are a little ray of sunshine, aren't you Ali GrinGrinGrinGrin

If you're right, you wouldn't like a female lodger to tend that 'rough patch of (your) garden' for you, would you?
Because if you are right, apart from back to her mother, she'll have nowhere else to live.
I might be Jack, but I don't do Beanstalks.

I'm sure that I shouldn't ask this question, because I intuitively know that I'm not going to like the answer, but - What are Rhizomes?
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 7:34PM
I am in fact a wonderful ray of sunshine - as those that don't know me will testify TongueTongueTongue

Ha - it took me years to get shot of the husband so that I could live alone again - no-one is setting foot in this house again apart from fleeting visits Smile

As for rhizomes - it's plant stem which is underground. The underground bit can be cut and that will produce new shoots. Actually Ginger is a rhizome and you can see the rhizomes of the iris as they lies more or less on the ground rather than covered up by mud.
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 7:43PM
This gets worse.
I feel bad about sending her to her mothers. No one should be subjected to that.
But .........
Oh well, I'm sure she'll settled down somewhere. She's always been a very enterprising and adaptable girl.

Do you think a few rounds of twelve bore shotgun cartridges would finish off your rhizomes?
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 8:04PM
well I've got a garage - spacious, has a nice comfortable garden chair in there - plus a load of flattened cardboard boxes ready for the tip which would make excellent insulation in the winter........ heck - there's even an old heater in there though granted there isn't any power supply.......

As for pulverising rhizomes - well give it a go and let me know how you get on Smile I was given a couple of Goldenrod plants last year and they're trying very hard to take over the border now - they spread by seed and rhizomes too and tomorrow I'll be yanking quite a few of them out again. I wonder if I should try to Freecycle them?
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 8:28PM
Isn't it odd how the things that people give you either go rotten, or infest everything they touch ??

PS: can you forward the garage address on to me please ~ I'm sure that she'll be no trouble ~ & as you already have your own rhizomes ..........
Oh, she does like a mug of cocoa at bedtime. GrinGrin

PPS: or is it PSS: ? Anyway - Forget the Freecycle ~ just give them away GrinGrin

It's all turned out rather well, really.
I've learned a lot about plants.
The accommodation problem is sorted, thanks to Ali.
And the bulls-eyes will be in the brown bin before the weekend.

What a result.
I feel a Jubilee Celebration coming on
reaper4252 6 2 9 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2012 8:51PM
All's well that ends well, then??Grin

What was for tea???Tongue
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 8:56PM

Quote:What was for tea???

Er .......... there's always a downside, isn't there?
I'm uh, .. still waiting for my tea; actually.

I think I'll have a can of Probably GrinGrin
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 8:57PM
Still waiting for your tea? Mine is long gone - though it was only one of those really diddy pizzas. I do however plan to have strawberries and yoghurt later on to accompany my glass of wine......
strokebloke 9 493 17 England
2 Jun 2012 9:31PM
Show - off GrinGrin
My belly is rumbling ~ but the Probably went down well Wink

I suppose strawberry plants have rhizomes too, don't they ??
cattyal Plus
12 8.5k 6 England
2 Jun 2012 9:37PM
I've just looked up Strawberries and indeed they can be propagated by the division of rhizomes although seeds or runners are alternatives. Not something I've tried growing - I prefer to nip down to Tesco and grab a load Smile

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