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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Light and shade by BrianSS

    Lovely black and white, really illustrates drawing with light.
    • 3 Sep 2021 3:57PM
  • Mevagissey Harbour by MalcolmS

    There are so many images to be found in the Cornish harbours, you have found a great view of the harbour. Could you have swung round very slightly to the right to include all of the red boat (SS73) that is going out of the frame? Watch the contrast at the skyline, there is a little bit of ghosting.
    • 3 Sep 2021 3:49PM
  • The Bike Rack by Snaphappyannie

    I really like the processing treatment
    • 30 Jun 2021 9:15PM
  • First Tulips by flowerpower59

    Beautiful, I must have a go at this
    • 27 Jan 2021 7:37PM
  • Solitary Pony by SueB277

    Quote:Beautifully done ... GrinGrin

    thank you
    • 26 Jan 2021 12:03PM
  • Caught amongst the raindrops by Snaphappyannie

    Lovely image Ann
    • 23 Dec 2020 3:35PM
  • Autumn on the Dart by SueB277

    Quote:I like how you have processed this Sue, nice and arty......and that suits me fine!!!


    Thank you
    • 22 Dec 2020 10:30PM
  • Shuttered by SueB277

    Quote:Excellent composition, well seen...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    Thank you, I was just glad to get out and photograph something other than bunches of flowers
    • 10 Dec 2020 4:33PM
  • " LILY-FLOWERS " by abssastry

    Lovely, there's so many images to make from just a few flowers
    • 5 Dec 2020 1:16PM
  • Rural Transporrt by Snaphappyannie

    I love the colour and texture of this one
    • 1 Dec 2020 9:23PM
  • Alstroemeria by SueB277

    Quote:Very minimalist. Very lovely. Would probably work best as a print on matt art paper?

    Thank you
    • 29 Nov 2020 1:40PM
  • Osteospermum Fiddle-Fiddle! by Snaphappyannie

    Lovely shot Ann, I would have put more of the empty space to the left of the frame though
    • 29 Nov 2020 1:05PM
  • Calm by SamCampbell

    A lovely image, with a very tranquil atmosphere. One that I'd be very happy to have produced.
    • 25 Nov 2020 3:48PM
  • Homeward Bound by Snaphappyannie

    I was taken on the Festiniog railway regularly on our holidays in north Wales when I was a child. Lovely image that brings back memories.
    • 24 Nov 2020 10:17PM
  • The Weir by DTM

    Lovely image, I know it well, I used to work at the DNPA office at Parke
    • 23 Nov 2020 8:25PM
  • Autumn Impressions by SueB277

    Thanks for all the comments so far, I'm not sure how to respond to you all at the same time, I hope you see this.

    I had 3 layers, the foreground golden leaves, a wider shot of more leaves and a slow shutter of the river. I'll upload them all tomorrow (raw or jpeg?), perhaps the river was an element too many.
    I use Elements 20, and am a novice with layers, blending and masks, but I'll note all your suggestions and have a play again tomorrow.
    • 16 Nov 2020 7:40PM
  • Flexible shadows by cats_123

    Super monochrome, just what the genre is for, play of light and shadow
    • 14 Nov 2020 9:36AM
  • Iris abstract by SueB277

    Quote:Gorgeous hues.

    • 13 Nov 2020 5:20PM
  • Evening on the Rochdale Canal by iangilmour

    A lovely atmospheric image. I like the way the path leads you in to the narrowboat and the lighting is great. Can you crop out the half sign on the left hand edge of the frame, it draws the attention a little.
    • 13 Nov 2020 4:50PM
  • Touched By The Light by sweetpea62

    Beautiful lighting through the layers of petals.
    • 3 Nov 2020 9:59PM
  • London by Night by edrhodes

    Lovely image, I particularly the contrast between the deep blue sky and the lights
    • 3 Nov 2020 9:38PM
  • Tumbling Water by Snaphappyannie

    What are friends for. Time well spent and a lovely set of images as well.
    • 3 Nov 2020 9:32PM
  • Canvey Island Oil Jetty by Les_Cornwell

    Lovely image
    • 31 Oct 2020 6:22PM
  • Black Swan by jasonrwl

    Very striking image
    • 31 Oct 2020 6:22PM
  • autumnal palette... by estonian

    What a lovely tapestry of colours
    • 31 Oct 2020 6:21PM
  • Tulip panel by SueB277

    Thank you Angela
    • 14 Aug 2020 12:11PM