I am retired now and we are trying to go away and see parts of the world as much as we can.
I should not have bought that young dog Sad
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A quick view of suejoh's recent activity.

  • Blea Tarn

    Lovely photo. Lovely weather and lovely lens.
    • 11 Nov 2019 9:20PM
  • Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

    A great image. I love this type of picture
    • 10 Nov 2019 2:17PM
  • Mt Cook 38

    Fantastic. We have been there and you are lucky to see it without clouds!
    • 14 Oct 2019 12:54PM
  • Rustic fruit still life

    Lovely. I have tried still life and it is not easy. I love the light through the leaves.
    • 7 Aug 2019 1:45PM
  • Morning Has Broken

    Super. I have seen a few photos from Slovenia and it is a beautiful country. Another one to make me think I should visit. Thank you.
    • 7 Aug 2019 1:39PM
  • Toadlet

    We had a big one of these that spent a lot of time in our garage! Gone now though Sad
    • 5 Jul 2019 8:59PM
  • Columbine and Onions

    These are lovely. I tried the other day to take photos against a flowery background and it was not that easy! Sue
    • 4 Jul 2019 3:47PM
  • Interesting portfolio. Thanks for sharing it.
  • I love the simplicity and the colour. Thank you for sharing them. Sue
    • Posted on MalcolmM's profile
    • 12 Aug 2013 10:00PM
  • Really lovely pictures. Very well done. Sue
    • Posted on Len1950's profile
    • 3 Feb 2012 7:29PM
  • Great pics Kevin. With that extra magic. Brill. Sue
  • Amazing pics- Love them. Sue
    • Posted on Gray22's profile
    • 22 May 2006 1:44AM