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Welcome to my photography page. I hope you like the few photographs that I have uploaded to share with you.
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  • I think I've found my calling!

    I think I've found my calling! Well, at least for this particular time in my life. In the last few months I've been engaged in flower photography and loving it. Who would have thought. Here's just one of my images for you to enjoy. 0


    14 Oct 2021 2:14PM  |  Read


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  • Lockdown Photography

    During lockdown I dug out my water drop kit and started to play with it again. Some of the shapes achieved are amazing and not visible to the naked eye. Water-drop collision photography is fascinating and not easy. I use a single valve water-dro...0


    19 Sep 2020 1:57AM  |  Read


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  • Bryan F. Peterson workshop

    Canít wait until the weekend - on Friday we fly to Amsterdam to take part (starting Saturday) in a Photography Workshop being run by the brilliant American photographer Bryan Peterson. We booked this nearly a year ago and now itís here - Amsterdam h...0

    16 Apr 2018 4:56AM  |  Read


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  • Icelandic Photography Workshop

    Just returned from a brilliant Icelandic Photography Workshop with Mike Browne and Thor Jonsson, our Icelandic guide Mike and Thor took us to some amazing locations and we got some...0


    18 Mar 2015 3:05PM  |  Read


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  • Great day/s out.

    For all you photographers out there - here's details of the Photography Show in Birmingham 1-4 March 2014.

    18 Dec 2013 11:00AM  |  Read


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  • Photography Workshop

    Really looking forward to a 3 day workshop on the Yorkshire Coast - takes place in March, so not too long to wait. Downside - have to be up and out and ready to take photographs at 4.45am - yes AM. But how can you catch a sunrise if you're not outs...0

    16 Dec 2013 11:00AM  |  Read


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  • Tripod

    I just knew I had a ball head for my tripod but I couldn't find it. I've now found it :D so hopefully will be able to get out there and take some decent winter photo's.0

    2 Dec 2011 4:58PM  |  Read


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  • photography tutorials

    I have had a great learning week. I've taken out a subscription to the photography videos on a great site : The presenter, Mike Browne, does a sterling job of explaining everything from switching your camera on, to compo...0

    18 Nov 2011 10:21PM  |  Read


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