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Hi and welcome to my portfolio,
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A quick view of sunshot's recent activity.

  • abundance by koka

    just over the hill from me this is Katie, two nicely captured shot here, i wish my garden was that neat and tidy. the well was featured on ben fogal's new programm thats in place of counrty file last sunday. you've captured it perfectly

    • 23 May 2009 10:24AM
  • Busy Doing Nothing by SlowSong

    Quote:You don't need to get out more. This is great, and what better place to sit and meditate on the wonders of the Universe. And with six rolls, too! Perhaps the roses might like to get out occasionally though A fun series, sort of Monty Pythonesque perhaps?

    not only did your shots put a smile on my face Chris, dave comment did too, LOL...LOL...LOL

    • 22 May 2009 5:39PM
  • Tower bridge by Nettles

    the bridge really stands out well against that ominous looking sky Annette, well captured

    • 22 May 2009 5:34PM
  • Great Crested Grebe with Perch by GazzaG2003

    gary, you have a stunning P/F, this one i love!!! i have one very much alike this and i know what you mean when you say that you captured it by chance, me too
    anyway this is a real cracker

    • 22 May 2009 5:31PM
  • big and beautiful! by CarolG

    i'm amazed by the DETAIL; in all of these shots carol, it's quite stunning......very nicely captured indeed

    • 22 May 2009 5:26PM
  • Pollen collector by greatdog

    lovely detail here dane

    • 22 May 2009 5:23PM
  • Inquisitive Visitor by Mavis

    i have wrens in my garden mavis but as yet i'v not been lucky enough to capture with envy, beautifully captured

    • 22 May 2009 5:22PM
  • RAW

    I have both, but to no avail,i now know whats required and will be downloading whats needed, thanks for your time. marc
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 27
  • wide angle lens

    I love using the 50mm f1.8 on my D70s, great for very sharp, clear shots and small depth of field, and low light shooting, but on digital it is a short telephoto (75mm eq...
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 8
  • d70s macro lens

    Thank you all kindly, i'v just looked on e-bay and think i'v found what i'm looking for. marc.
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 6
  • epson printers ?

    Mine doesn't recognise a memory card anymore. I had put it down to the fact I bought a new digital camera and it stored the pictures in a different way to my old camera....
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 1
  • converters

    Right then TIM thanks for the info.
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 2
  • Please clarify?

    Cheers for that, now i know thanks
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 2
  • Light box ?

    Thanks, i shall be pricing them up and then trying some new shots,thanks
    by sunshot | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 6

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  • Posted on dalecath's profile

    Hi there Dale, you have the most amazing portfolio it's simply brilliant, this has inspired me to try harder.
    excellent work

    • 1 Nov 2008 8:44AM
  • Posted on NexusImages's profile

    you have a wonderful portfolio here Amanda, your shots are so full of colour
    • 19 Oct 2008 10:54AM
  • Posted on exposure's profile

    i wish that i had time to comment on all or your shots. you have the most lovely portfolio, i perticuly love your cat shot they are superb
    • 12 Sep 2008 12:41PM
  • Posted on SoulOfNature's profile

    Hi there Jean, you've certainly put togrther a superb portfolio so far, i look foreward to lots more excellent shots, well done indeed

    • 6 Sep 2008 10:55AM
  • Posted on pfheyes's profile

    you really do have an excellent p/f. full of outstanding shots, well done.

    • 16 Nov 2006 12:48PM
  • Posted on toonboy's profile

    you really have a cracking p/f here, well done.

    • 16 Nov 2006 12:43PM
  • Posted on Dek22's profile

    you have a excellent p/f. full of great colourful / detailed shots.well done.

    • 16 Nov 2006 12:35PM
  • Posted on Illie's profile

    hi there Illi, i'v just looked through your p/f and you have some excellent shots, that really do deserve a lot more clicks, well done keep them coming.

    • 16 Nov 2006 12:27PM
  • Posted on Paul_cats's profile

    hi Paul, very simple really, 18-70mm lens and the tulip setting on the camera, manualy focused, then obviouslly resized in paint shop pro, that was it. i have ordered a macro lens of the net, i'm waiting for that arriving, as you can see i'm getting addicted to close up's.
    cheers marc.
    • 21 Feb 2006 1:02AM
  • Posted on thorn's profile

    thank you ann, the mods are great, i do sometimes play with the sats/hues/contrast, but i never get a result like yourself or some other EPZ's. i shall endeavour to try harder. LOL.

    • 26 Feb 2006 5:50AM
  • Posted on BeckaP's profile

    your building up a fabulous p/f becca and in such a short time, really well done. it took me over 9 months to get my first R.C well done.
    any tips for me.

    • 3 Dec 2006 5:28PM
  • Posted on thorn's profile

    hi ann,
    the mods you have done for me are great, i shall try to keep all this info that you EPZ s people give me in mind, thank you very much.

    • 8 Jan 2006 8:18AM
  • Posted on laurab's profile

    superb p/f very well done.
    • 1 Feb 2006 5:11AM
  • Posted on maures53's profile

    hi there cary,in just a couple of days you have put together an amazing p/f,the bird captures are outstandingly wonderful.keep them coming,well done.
    • 22 Jan 2006 2:16AM
  • Posted on akh's profile

    cheers Tony, the mod is fine thank you.
    you have a first class p/f here, very well done.
    • 26 Feb 2006 5:45AM
  • Posted on caotiquemind's profile

    hi there sitita, you really do have a great p/f, some stunning shots, well done.

    • 16 Nov 2006 12:52PM
  • Posted on BeckaP's profile

    your getting a good eye for a cracking shot bec, keep it
    • 18 Dec 2006 10:59AM
  • Posted on KKmoments's profile

    you have a excellent p/f here karen, superb detail and spot on lighting in all your work, well done.

    • 12 Oct 2006 11:51AM

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