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Hi and welcome to my portfolio,
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  • my first time, i'm a virgin, oh well i was a virgin

    don't worry i'm not '''''''panicing'''''''

    i'v lost it !!!

    the plot i mean
  • i have both, but to no avail,i now know whats required and will be downloading whats needed, thanks for your time.

  • hi grainge, i dont know i'v lost my usb cable, cant find it anywhere.
  • thank you vince,, do you know if windows vista will need updating, as i have a new p.c on order and it's not xp like this one it's windows vista.
    thank you for your time and effort everyone
  • i'v just noticed that theres a ''NEF RAW'' /and ''NEF basic'' setting on my camera, can someone tell me the difference please
  • robin, no i'm not. the printer had its own software, the printer has slots for compact flash and sd cards. all i do is put the card in the printer slot and a box opens on screen, asking 'save images to fold, computer or file, i select folder, give it a name, then hit save, it then downloads all the shots on the card to a folder, which you open in paintshop pro to do any cropping ECT.
    since we lst spoke, i'v deleted everythink from my card and took some more shots in raw, put the card in to download and it says theres nothing there to download,i'm bamboozed

  • right, i'v ajusted my camera and put it to raw.
    taken a few shots round the house, looked on the camera ant they are there.
    put the card into the card reader that came with the camera,(it has a slot for a compact flash card, plugged it into my p.c up pops down load to file, i click on yes, and it downloads all the photos taken in jpegs, but the last shots just taken around home ar'nt there.nother??????
  • hi cole,
    when you sat card reader, i'm not sure quite what you mean.
    i all have what came with my camera, it looks like a mouse but has slots and they would take cards, i'v never tried though.
    could this be it!
  • nikon d70s
    and thank you so much for helping
  • thanks robin
    what i have is a p.c conected to my epsom printer, i download shot vie the printer to my p.c the data is stored in paint shop pre 7.5 i do all my editing with this using jpegs.i have no probs at untill i use the raw setting, at this point it says that the card is empty!!!!! eventhough theres dozens of shots there,
    i hope you can still help me
  • hi there cb.
    an epsom 525rx printer which i use for everything
    rgs marc
  • i'm i doing something wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'v put my camera in man and put it to the raw setting, great,taken shots no problem. put the memory card in the slot to down load the shot and it tells me that the card is empty, yet i can view all the shot on the camera it's self? can someone please put me right, i'd be so greatful.
    i look at the shots on EPZ that have been taken in raw and they seem so much better.

    thanks, marc
  • Right then, thanks very much,i'll stay with my 55mm.

    cheers marc.
  • can someone please addvice me weather a nikon 'af 50mm f/1.8d ' is much different to a af 18-55mm nikon (which i already have). i'm wanting to take some wide angle / panoramic shots. which one gives the widest angle. if it's worth me buying the 50mm is 57.00 brand new, a good prise?

    thaks marc.
  • thank you all kindly, i'v just looked on e-bay and think i'v found what i'm looking for.

  • i have a d70s and i'm thinking of buying a macro lens to shoot close up's.( insects / flowers ) can someone please advice as to what make / sort of lens that i should be looking at. should i stay with nikon ? or look at another make. all comment will be very welcome.
    not a huge budget, about 150.
    thanks marc.
  • i bought a new epson stylus rx425 at the same time as my mate got one, about 14 months ago. we both now have problems, mine the scanners stopped working and his the memory cards are not reconized when inserted, also his printer will no print because it will not reconize any ink cartridges. i would like to know if anyone has this printer and if so any problems. feed back would be much appreciated.
  • right then TIM thanks for the info.
  • i have a new nikon d70s, and a nikon zoom-nikkor 70-300mm f/4-f/5.6G lens that came with the camera, would a ex sigma apo tele converter x2 af, be compatable. i dont want to spend money for it if it's not compatable.thanks to anyone that can help me.

  • cheers for that, now i know thanks
  • could someone please clarify for me how many uploads per day we are aloud,when i joined i think it was one shot per day, but i noticed that someone has put four on today? not that i have or wont to put more on i'm just puzzled!
  • thanks, i shall be pricing them up and then trying some new shots,thanks
  • thanks for your replies,can they be used for taking shots, say of flowers or other objects close up or have i got the wrong end of the stick? thanks again!
  • can someone please explain to me what a light box is, and how to buy or make one ?
    thanks marc.