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Hi Thanks so much for coming to look at my pictures!

I'm Beth a 17 yr old amateur photographer, though often I feel more like a complete beginner. I've been interested in photography since I was 12, since then Ii've slowly migrated up the camera ladder and now use a Sony a37 SLT With a Sigma apo dg 70-300mm lens.

Please, if you see any opportunity to drop me some advice or help - take it! I'm eager to learn and ready to take criticism. Thank you again!
B x
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  • Quiet shores by SuperMacroGirl

    Thanks very much, Ahhh yes I did it on purpose, I have a bit of a thing for small apertures and generally keep it as small as I can get it. Granted this doesn't work in every situation though!
    • 12 Oct 2014 11:50PM
  • Angula by Philpot

    Great angles!
    • 12 Oct 2014 11:41PM
  • Little Cracker by blissbaby

    Gorgeous capture, such vivid colours!
    • 8 May 2013 4:53PM
  • Refresh by wanny

    Beautiful perspective, I especially love the clouds in the background. Grin
    • 4 May 2013 3:34PM
  • Snow drop by SuperMacroGirl

    Thanks karen Smile
    I think I did but my computer kept the original unedited copy of the photo too and I couldn't see from the thumbnail which one too upload xD
    • 4 Mar 2013 4:29PM
  • Small Claws by SliverKey66

    This is lit beautifully, and a very good composition!
    • 13 Nov 2012 2:27PM
  • Raindrop Rose by MidnightMaya

    Very good I love how you have the spiderweb too. I agree with karen on the crop. I bet this would also look good as a focal B&W
    • 13 Nov 2012 2:26PM
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  • Posted on: Canon Powershot A470

    i have this camera ive had it for about 3-4 year's now and its still working perfectly, i find its really comes into its own with super macro though!
    • 26 Jul 2011 6:32PM

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  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    hey this is great stuff! id only just gotten in to photography at 12! i love how youve captured so many action shot's!
    • 30 Jun 2011 4:40PM

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