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Hobby photographer living near the Essex Coast which is my favourite place to be
I photograph anything that catches my eye.
CC welcome to help me improve.
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  • Bob by SusanKing

    Thanks Isabel
    • 30 Aug 2021 6:30PM
  • British GT by kelvin7

    Good action photo
    Iím still trying to perfect the technique
    • 4 Aug 2021 11:04AM
  • Green-veined White by Alan_Baseley

    Lovely image.
    • 1 Aug 2021 9:17AM
  • What species is this? by Canonshots

    I think itís a gate keeper
    Nice image
    • 31 Jul 2021 5:09PM
  • Peaceful mooring by Ffynnoncadno

    Beautiful reflections
    • 13 Dec 2020 11:33AM
  • Doggy splash by SusanKing

    Many thanks to all in critique team that gave me advice on my photo. This wasnít a planned shot I was just out walking & tried to grab a shot of this dog who was having a good time. As it was just a grab shot I was trying to sort camera out & trying to remember what was best to do & got really confused with it all. Moving forward I now have plenty of advice on what to do. I havenít done much with my dslr for a while but now retired & have more time, plan to pick it up again & get off auto. Thanks again for all your help youíre a great bunch of people 👏👍
    • 13 Dec 2020 10:24AM
  • Steps by SusanKing

    Thank you x
    • 4 Dec 2020 12:29PM
  • Suggestions for dslr for a beginner

    Can I suggest you get him to join the site and then he can read all the wonderful camera reviews and that might inspire him in the right direction? David
    by SusanKing | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 11
  • How do you?

    Ok moving across you, you need to learn to pan. The speed of your subject will vary what settings you need to use.The slower the shutter speed and the faster you pan ...
    by SusanKing | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 8
  • Posted on: Lowepro Versapak 200AW Bag review

    I have had one of these bags for a few months now & would highly recommend it. It does all stated in review & more. I can get more than sandwiches & drink in top section. I carry a Nikon D70s with 70-300mm lens attached plus 18-55mm lens plus 50mm lens & there is more than enough room. Also find the front pocket very handy for maps, etc that you need to hand.
    • 3 Jan 2011 9:02AM

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  • Posted on Barbaraj's profile

    Just wanted to say you have a lovely portfolio. Love your flower pics
    • 28 Aug 2008 7:13AM

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