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Photography needn't only be about breathtaking landscapes. It can be about making the very smallest things matter: the curl in a leaf, the beauty in a meandering line, sunlight glancing through a window, or the look in a quiet eye ..
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Am a freelance writer, researcher and photographer, currently based in Scotland. Have a Canon EOS 300D and favourite lens is the 50mm f/1.8 - it's fab, particularly for candids. I prefer to experiment and push my boundaries so my portfolio is varied and has no overall theme.

Colour: Earthy red
City: Paris by night, Venice at dawn
Food: Anything veggie. Macaroons? who said that ...
Music: smoke-filled bar room jazz / blues / most anything pre 19C / Joni / Moody Blues / Jeff Buckley
Reading: the effing manual ...
Film: Remains of the Day, Gandhi, most films directed by Peter Greenaway, and gritty films from the 60's like A Kind of Loving, The Servant, Alfie
Drink: Red wine, or a good Scotch on its own in the glass .. Ardbeg is pretty nice!
Sign: Water snake / Taurus
Flowers: Field poppies and bright red geraniums
Margaret Bourke-White
Robert Capa
Don McCullin

Constructive Criticism
I welcome good honest constructive criticism on all my work here, so please feel free to say exactly what you think about it whether you're a seasoned pro or someone new to photography. I appreciate any and all comments on my photographs and find them all valuable, whether you want to leave a couple of words or a longer constructive criticism.

I don't see any point in being precious about my work - I want to be the best I can possibly be and that's not going to happen if I don't listen to what everyone says. I may not always agree with what's said, but I genuinely welcome and value all your opinions and advice as well as the time taken in sharing what you think.

My own feedback on your photographs is never meant unkindly or competitively - too much of that in the real world and I just don't have time for it. I've progressed so much since I first joined here, so this is a way of showing my gratitude - passing on what people have taught me.

BLOG: An Accumulation of Small Things


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