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Photography needn't only be about breathtaking landscapes. It can be about making the very smallest things matter: the curl in a leaf, the beauty in a meandering line, sunlight glancing through a window, or the look in a quiet eye ..
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A quick view of SuziBlue's recent activity.

  • Kiss Me by KathyW

    I love this. You have some exquisite work in your portfolio Smile
    • 2 Jul 2010 12:00AM
  • Duo by pp_saha

    Excellent - everything about this works. Can't add anything to what the others have said.
    • 19 Jun 2010 2:03PM
  • Crowded Skies by Pentaxpaul

    This is wonderful. Full of light and air and movement. Fab.

    I wonder what it would look like if the contrast was increased and the highlights brought out - lift the mood up even more.
    • 19 Jun 2010 1:58PM
  • John Peel Glastonbury 1999 by Degs01

    Now that is a wonderful image to have. Fabulous guy and very much missed. Good to see. I like the fact that it's in b/w too.
    • 19 Jun 2010 1:49PM
  • Blackstone Poppies by ringyneck

    Fantastic - the colours are mouthwateringly delicious.
    • 16 Jun 2010 9:24PM
  • Aih sitz in ur garden, squishin ur clover by pattycake

    Hahahaha .. love the title .. LOL!

    Great expression and I really like how you've framed this.

    Fab Grin
    • 16 Jun 2010 9:20PM
  • in a corner by mabaron

    Beautiful composition and I'm intrigued - is he lying down or jumping .. I get a real sense of motion in this and the second before a spin in the air. Different and compelling.
    • 16 Jun 2010 9:18PM
  • Posted on: Creating a slide show with Windows Movie Maker

    Thanks so much for the tutorial Pete. Works a treat and had hours of fun knitting a storyline into a soundtrack .. who'd have thought we had a programme exactly for this kind of thing just sitting there twiddling its thumbs, waiting to be used!
    • 4 Mar 2008 5:30AM
  • Posted on: Op/tech Rainsleeve Price Reduced

    Is it me or does the thumbnail look like a greyhound wearing a plastic rainhat ...
    • 14 Nov 2006 2:03PM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine members win Practical Photography competition

    Great news! Congratulations both!
    • 14 Nov 2006 11:21AM
  • Posted on: Northscape offer 40 pound discount to ePHOTOzine members

    Well I went on one and my work has improved dramatically. It's not only about the technical side of photography but learning about and understanding the landscape to bring out its beauty and character. These guys really do know their stuff and are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. Very highly recommended.
    • 24 Mar 2006 3:51AM

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  • Posted on tommythecat's profile

    Tom that is one heck of a portfolio. Favourited immediately if not sooner. I love your off the wall ideas and your digital skills are just amazing.
    • 6 Feb 2010 5:16PM
  • Posted on Big Bri's profile

    No, I can't see you and flounce in the same sentence. More like a "I'll be back" hehe!Looking forward to catching up with your new work Smile
    • 17 May 2009 2:05PM
  • Posted on Mirjam's profile

    Beautiful portfolio, Mirjam - why haven't I visited before! Some really inspirational stuff here.
    • 18 Jul 2007 11:18PM
  • Posted on daviewat's profile

    Had a wander back today throughout your portfolio, and what is so wonderful to see is the way you have developed - your work has become even stronger and more self-assured, with what feels like a real command of your camera and an eye to the finished work. Your latest portraits are knockout, as are your landscapes and how you interpret what you see. A real beauty of a portfolio, and a wonderful journey through it.
    • 12 Nov 2006 12:38PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    Lovely bright, happy PF header - just like our Jeanie! And some pretty cool pics too in the PF 8-D
    • 30 Nov 2005 4:05PM
  • Posted on brian1208's profile

    Brian has such talent for showing us the natural world up close and personal. They're not 'only' macro shots - he captures character too and his love for the natural world and affection for the smallest of creatures really shines out. Beautiful portfolio.
    • 1 Dec 2005 6:08AM
  • Posted on Anthony's profile

    Antony old friend you've always had a good eye and a nose for a picture, but your portfolio has developed into a real feast for the eyes. I love your lighthouse shots! Wishing you every success. XX
    • 11 Dec 2005 11:39AM
  • Posted on keithh's profile

    For all the encouragement when trying new things, advice when struggling, wit, fun, and good humour, incredible generosity and rabbits magicked from hats - a big thank you and bags of appreciation. 8-]

    Top blawk ;-] and some damn fine pics.
    • 13 Apr 2006 9:07AM

Limited to latest 30 results.