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Photography needn't only be about breathtaking landscapes. It can be about making the very smallest things matter: the curl in a leaf, the beauty in a meandering line, sunlight glancing through a window, or the look in a quiet eye ..
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  • Angi - I loved it. Beautiful photographs and you came across really, really well. Great job!
  • I just love accents, no matter where they're from.

    However, if you're from Newcastle UK, born and bred, I may have to ask you to repeat things. Like everything. 8-]
  • Errrrrrr ... my post disappeared!


    Let's try again ...

    Quote:I changed hosts to reduce costs on my personal site. I told Streamline that I wanted to leave and told JustHost that I wanted to move there. It was all done online, Streamline gave me a code and I fed that into the JustHost control panel. It wasn't totally painfree (I'm the kind of person who doesn't like filling in forms). I also had to do something with the DNS records.

    Yeah I'm after the easy options too. I'm a bit of a technotwit in some respects and tweaking DNS records would likely throw me if I even knew what that entailed Smile

    Quote:I wonder if 1 and 1 would do you a better deal if you told them you were thinking of moving, also that you were thinking of going to Go Daddy for more sites. It's much easier to stay where you are but of course it's only newcomers who have the best deals targeted at them.

    Not a bad idea. No harm in asking.

    Quote:When I tried researching reliability last year it seems you can put into Google "HostingCoName Unreliable" and you always get results and pages of complaints whoever it is. I couldn't find any independent reviews. I did see some fake independent reviews.

    Yup. So much choice. I'll try and find a review site that compares a number of hosting sites. Thanks for the input, Chris Smile
  • Yyyyyyupppppp.

    Talk about a knockout.
  • Hmm. I have my own website hosted on 1and1 but want to change hosts to reduce costs - that's what I meant by shift in. The other two sites I want to build are separate to my website, or at least, they each have a different theme and both are commercial.

    So - I could probably have one as a blog tagged on to a yourname.com website but the second would need to be a standalone. Unless, I have my own site as a standalone and have a nest of commercial sites under one banner, as t'were.

    I've been looking at hosts like Godaddy and others, where you can host a number of sites, but I don't know what their reliability is like.
  • Excellent, Kris. That's good for the soul Grin

    Give us a taster. Something loud, classic and awesome.
  • Thanks Mike!

    Shame about the PIN thing though - you'll just have to carry a baseball bat instead Smile
  • As a matter of interest, if you use one of these hosters to host a Wordpress site, presumably you can shift in another non-Wordpress site for hosting there too? I'm thinking of changing from 1and1 as hosting fees are looking very competitive these days.

  • Quote:Just heard on Sky news that a in a recent poll, English voters were more likely than Scottish voters to vote for Scottish independence.

    It's just so they can move up here afterwards to a country that's governed properly. Wink

    Haha! Neat .. 8-]
  • Apart from the "friend" who laid into me for being English and pig ignorant (!!), I usually find that if someone gives me any grief or makes pointed comments, it's usually deflected by talking. Mind you, I'm a middle-aged woman so it's probably a lot easier for me dealing with anti-English sentiment than it is for guys. And that's a real shame.
  • Heh! Broom? More like an industrial digger required in here. Must have been the stragglers.

    That was some good music we dug up between the three of us. Favourited them all - good to hear them again.
  • Paul - just as well. Sorry to hear you're having bad times. Bunch of crooks, offering less than min wage and no tax or insurance.

    I think anyone who is enough up themselves to criticise those who are out of work and claiming benefits need a reality check. It can happen to anyone. And not everyone currently has a decent enough income to put enough aside for a rainy day to last for the typical length of unemployment.

    There but for the grace of ...
  • We did leave you some Absinthe. Fair's fair.
  • Ha. You think. We went on to another one.

  • I agree - the Scots part of me is very strong and I too am proud to see such a swing towards self governance. For decades I've felt that Scotland was my natural home, and I finally made the move up. And racism isn't everywhere - but in isolated places it can be a real problem and make you a target for bullying - though of course the excuse for it will be something else.

    Independence seems like the logical progression. What led to the Act of Union isn't seen as relevant or necessary today by many people.
  • What a mess. I see the stragglers came in later Smile
  • Hahaha .. yep. Mad as. Grin

    Fanks Mari. Oo! Just realised what the time is - I got carried away.

    Looks like I'm the last to leave Smile

  • Quote:'Nationalism' has caused problems for my wife for nearly 40 years.
    All that time she has suffered abuse and snide comments because she was born in England and has never lost her accent.

    Oh yeah I've had it too. Someone I thought was a friend was shrieking at me in a pub because I had the audacity as an English person to talk about Scottish Independence and Scottish history. She screamed the place down. She was asked to leave. I had no right at all, apparently, to be interested in Scottish politics.

    I'm part Scot with an English accent. Her racism towards me that day was very plain, although by the next day she'd forgotten what she said.
  • Oh Mari you star. I am just in the mood for a seriously alcofrolic somethingorother ... I'll have a bowlful please.

    I notice no-one is daring to come in from the forum ..
  • Oh wow Kris - stunner of a link. Adding all these links to my favourites. Classics.

    Mari - geez we got rather stuck in on the twiglets, wot
  • Hahahaha Bertha oh yes ... lmao

    One of the most illustrious epz members as I recall .. and such a mystery hehehe
  • Kris we need some of your music.

  • Quote:bit of a classic

    Oh that is class
  • *drags out another crate of wine*

    'Elp yerselves!
  • I think we should have some of Kris's stuff next
  • OK how about this ...

    The Who - who are you


  • Quote:an oldie but goodie

  • *snort*

    Stop me if you've heard it ...

    Airliner crossing the Atlantic. Suddenly the engines fail and the captain is struggling to keep it level for a smooth landing on the sea. All is lost - the plane hurtles in a downeard spiral. The plane is going to crash!
    An air stewardess, knowing they are all about to die, runs to the cockpit, grabs the pilot by the shoulders and turns him to her.
    "Darling!" she cries. "We are all going to die! Make me feel like a woman one more time!"
    The captain looks deep into her eyes. They are a mere few thousand feet from certain death. He rips of his shirt, showing his manly chest.
    "Here!" he says, holding out his shirt.
    "Iron this."