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Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
5 Jul 2003 7:25PM
I really like this.
mizpol 19 37
5 Jul 2003 8:02PM
Blimey that didn't take long..!!...Smile This thumbnail stood out from the others on the page. The lighting is superb.. Do you have a book on wine to put in the pile?? Just a suggestion..
martinc 19 23
5 Jul 2003 8:12PM
A really 'professional' image. I agree with Miz about the lighting. The darkness of the books adds some mystery.
hdewachi 19 166
5 Jul 2003 8:20PM
So good I wish it was mine Grin
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2003 8:34PM
I agree with the previous admiring comments, makes me realise just how much I still have to learn. The lighting is magical and I think that the creases in the velvet actually add to the effect via the slight shadows.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Jul 2003 8:40PM
wow thanks guys ... you're so encouraging .. Grin

Does anyone have suggestions on how to increase the light very slightly on the spines of the books without losing the warmth? I thought also of another candle but didn't want light sources in the pic ...
hdewachi 19 166
5 Jul 2003 8:44PM
How about a reflector???
mad-dogs 20 2.2k England
5 Jul 2003 8:48PM
Try using a piece of mirror to reflect hard light on to the spines.

You have produced a very moody still lige - great image.

You could even distort the red light in the wine into a heart using Photoshop Liquify tool to make a valentine card image.
mad-dogs 20 2.2k England
5 Jul 2003 8:50PM
or even a very moody still life!!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Jul 2003 9:01PM
hey thanks - I shall do a bit of re-experimentation - and this time armed with a reflector ... not so much so that you can see all the titles but just to give a little more definition .. in fact I'll try both - a mirror and a piece of white card ...
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Jul 2003 9:01PM
... not together of course ... lol
hdewachi 19 166
5 Jul 2003 9:07PM
I doubt that the wine is still there!!!! Grin
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Jul 2003 9:16PM
yeah that disappeared pretty fast after the shoot LOL
mad-dogs 20 2.2k England
5 Jul 2003 9:46PM
"... not together of course ... lol"

Why not? A white card will give a little fill overall and a mirror can brighten a selected area up a little more.
Paddy 19 254 8 England
5 Jul 2003 10:09PM
beautiful... wonderful lighting.. could see this with some of your soft words... Paddy
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
6 Jul 2003 1:02AM
thanks Dave and Paddy Grin I do love candlelight - it gives such gentle light doesn't it ..

I'll have another bash at this during the week and try the suggestions. And I'll make sure the candle holder is NOT showing next time LOL ...
krishna 19 19
7 Jul 2003 5:05AM
Whatever needs to be said about this picture has been said. What can I add other than to say I wish there were more pictures like this to see to inspire novices like me !! Great work of artistic experimentation.
keppy 19 2 United States
7 Jul 2003 6:11AM
Wondeful image! You efforts have paid off! I love the depth of colour, and I really don't think there's anything wrong with the creases in the velvet - IMHO it gives the shot that "something extra". Well done!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
7 Jul 2003 8:49PM
Thanks very much Krishna and Kevin Grin ..

in fact before I joined ephotozine I wouldn't even have CONSIDERED doing something like this - but the info and the techniques sections, plus all the other members being so generous with their time and help since I've been here has taught me enough to start pushing my limits a bit further Grin (and no I don't have shares LOL)
wendy9 19 475 United Kingdom
9 Jul 2003 9:41PM
Just like to echo all the other opinions - fantastic image. As a fellow wine lover...! Seriously, it is terrific and would love to have taken it myself.
stevenb Plus
19 282 7 England
10 Jul 2003 10:49AM
Already a great atmospheric shot. You earlier
asked for any tips on how you could add more light on the book spines. I suggest that you
make a copy layer and then go into the Windows palette select, Info and with the eye dropper check out what reading you get from the book spines,you need to be in RGB, if you get reading of approx R30-G35-B40 this indicates that there is enough pixel
information to make adjustments but if you
get readings of say R4-G3-B5 it could not be adjusted in levels. What I now suggest is
use the free hand lasso tool make a loose
selection around the book spines,feather
pixels to 100 click, hold down control & H
this will hide the marching ants, now make your adjustments to lighten the spines when satisfied click ok. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE go fade in edit menu this gives you the oppertunity to refine yout choice on the amount of lightness required on the book spines. Please accept my apologies if I have presumed that you did not already no ths.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Jul 2003 12:06PM
Thanks Steven - that's very useful and if I may I'll copy + paste that to my little 'techy' file Grin ... I'm also trying this week to do some experimentation to get a better light on the spines during the shoot .. my best way for a gentle light with the equipment I do have is to use the lightbox but to cover it with some fabric to get a softer light .. that seems to work in the shoot and I'm waiting to get them done so I can check against my 'shoot notes' ... Thanks a lot guys .. my learning curve is zipping up like anything !!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Jul 2003 4:26PM
.. and thanks Wendy .. very kind Grin
krishna 19 19
11 Jul 2003 3:31AM
Just one more word and then I will shut up. As an ardent picture puzzle lover, I feel this picture would make a great puzzle. The dark colours of the back ground and the darker tones of the books would be a great challenge. So, you have more than just a great photo here.
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2003 2:35PM
Suzi - if it's a long exposure, you can use a torch to apply a little extra light to certain areas. We did it on my C&G course with varying degrees of success. I have Lee Frost book on low light photography and in one shot he has a reeeeeaaaaallly long exposure then walked around a building and flashed it something like 45 times to build up the picture on the film.

FANTASTIC picture btw.
peterjones 20 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2003 5:52PM
can nearly reach out and taste the wine;I agree with some of the others, try a gold reflector to shove some light back in;now where's my close up stuff ?? lol
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
17 Jul 2003 8:48PM
Thanks all! Krishna .. what a great idea! and Bri - thanks for the info - very useful - and for the appreciation! .. Peter great tip about the gold reflector .. yep I can see that would work very well ..
marlin 19 90
20 Jul 2003 3:47PM
Class in a glass!
grahammul 19 120 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2003 11:54PM
A great shot Susi. This is another idea you have given me to experiment with, not tried any lighting effects yet.
26 Jul 2003 8:59PM
Beautiful composition! The light looks great.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
27 Jul 2003 8:58AM
Thanks very much Mark Grin .. and yes Graham - that's what I've found about this site too - it's so full of ideas and I keep seeing pictures and being inspired .. Thanks Edite .. candlelight is just so warm isn't it ..
Mavis 20 143 2 England
28 Jul 2003 5:17AM
Suzi .. that's my girl!! You and wine go together sooo well !!Smile A really wonderful shot , like an old master's painting . A small mirror would help reflections in the book spines a great deal . Never seen so many suggestions Smile)
alben 20 142 England
31 Jul 2003 5:59AM
This is stunning,the lighting is perfect imho,if you had more light on the books it would take away the main focus which is the glass of wine well for me it is,well done Suzi.Alan.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Aug 2003 8:48PM
LOL Mavis .. lies all lies! (ask Matt and Bri - we drank only orange juice .. snicker thanks though for your kind comments Grin and you too Alan .. very kind Grin

(still haven't got round to getting my re-do pics developed .. but will upload variation or two to compare when they're ready ..)
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
3 Aug 2003 5:30PM
Suzi, my memory must be faulty. As I remember it, it went something like B (or M) "Well I guess we should turn in now"... S "no, there are still 5 bottles of red to get through!!!"
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
3 Aug 2003 6:05PM
LOL Bri .. your memory is faulty you say ... fancy that ... Grin

(Nurofen anyone??) hehe
TanyaH Plus
19 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2003 8:50AM
Trouble with being away from this site for any period of time is missing loads of really good images. And this is brilliant Suzi ... I'm sure I can't add anything that hasn't already been said, except that I love the warmth and atmosphere of this. For me, it stirs really evocative feelings of something slightly ... esoteric and wizardly, I think ... or maybe I've read too many SF books ... Smile
Leo 20 48 9 England
21 Aug 2003 1:02PM
What can I say about this which hasn't been said already?'s a jewel! On the point of increasing the light fractionally, or by tiny stages. Forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs...grin... but why not try the render/lighting effects in Photoshop, with a selection of the area you want to increase, feathering to suit..I find that so helpful in certain pics, quite amazing the effects it will give you Suzi.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
22 Aug 2003 1:07AM
Thanks Tanya and Leo Grin .. very kind. Oh and Leo - you're spot on with the tip about PS Grin but I don't have it currently and am using quite basic photo manipulation software. I've also been doing some more test shots with different reflectors and lighting levels and will post final results in near future .. I used an alternative in the wineglass for a while and so the effect was slightly different, but have now laid my hands on a suitable vintage heh heh and will do the final shoot soon Grin

Thanks for the comments - I really appreciate them. Thanks for dropping by Grin
Leo 20 48 9 England
22 Aug 2003 6:21AM
So sorry Suzi, with the quality of your work I jumped to the conclusion you _did_ use Photoshop. Ahaa well, one day perhaps and it will compliment your work so well, when you do.
Phil-LS 19 632 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2003 1:08PM
Hi Suzi

I do like the way that you have created this shot,the warmth and colour's are great and with the light of the candle through the top of the glass stem looks great.

g-3 19 4
27 Aug 2003 4:22PM
Hmmm ... not sure here. Ostensibly it's a good pic but somethin' just aint sittin' right! I think the uncontrolled(?) fairly harsh reflections on the glass are killing the mood.And there appears to be something 'loitering' behind the stem (not the candle). I find with this kind of arrangement it has to be meticulously random!! But overall the praise is deserved methinks :o)
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
27 Aug 2003 8:09PM
Thanks Phil Grin and for dropping by ...

and thanks too G3 .. yes it is the candle holder behind the glass .. earlier in this thread I gave myself a slap on the wrist for having it show! but yes, I have been doing some further experimentation and just haven't got round to getting the best result posted ..

Like I say, it's been invaluable, this ephotozine resource .. I would never have considered doing anything like this shot previously, but it does inspire and encourage you to try new things ..
patri 19 3 Italy
29 Sep 2003 9:44AM
Beutiful, I love it!
patri 19 3 Italy
29 Sep 2003 9:45AM
Beautiful, I love it!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
30 Sep 2003 6:24PM
Thank you Patri Grin
5 Oct 2003 8:02AM
Just looking through your portfolio again. I love all your work but this shot in particular really catches my eye. I love the rich colours and the composition is lovely!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
7 Oct 2003 9:58AM
Hudson thank you! Very kind Grin
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Oct 2003 11:10PM
Thanks to all who gave feedback on the
re-do uploaded earlier. Have now deleted it and have made notes for future reference Grin.
rojo-uk 19
13 Oct 2003 5:15PM
I've not been here all that long, just browsing through when I came across this little beauty. Perfect, wouldn't change a thing. Regards John.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
13 Oct 2003 8:52PM
Hi John ... thanks very much Grin visit and comment much appreciated Grin (incidentally you have a great website .. no need for modesty!)
orchard 19 181
23 Oct 2003 8:28AM
What more can I add!! Everything you do is clear, simple and ultimately beautiful. Wish I could see the prints as JPEGS lose something......
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
23 Oct 2003 9:56AM
Mark what an incredibly kind thing to say .. as I said earlier to someone it's having been part of EPZ and being in contact with such helpful people that has helped me find my photographic confidence ..

You're so right JPEGs do lose a lot don't they .. I've just been working on the original to this one in my new squeaky clean PS programme! so it has more depth .. and will start thinking about what to do with some of my pics .. like you I have aspirations Grin

You too have a great portfolio .. your work suits b/w too .. very well handled ..
orchard 19 181
23 Oct 2003 12:07PM
Thanks Suzi! I don't want my ephotozine membership to turn into a chatroom, or a mutual appreciation society, but I do love you pics, and I love the fact that you are an SLR/film user! We have JPEGS.....and....we have negs!!! M :o)
oldham 18 198 England
2 Nov 2003 7:00PM
This photo is one of the best ive seen like the way the light of the glass contrasts with the dark items on the table adding to the warth and comfort of the drink . It also has an effective glow from the rflection in the glass . Well done this is a good display of flash and lighting techniques cleverly executed
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Nov 2003 7:11PM
Thanks very much indeed Gordon .. very kind words Grin .. in fact I didn't use flash on this .. there was a candle behind the glass (I redid the original for the October comp and got rid of the candle holder ..) and used a hint of lightbox to one side with some fabric toning down the light ... I don't have my shoot notes to hand right now but I have a feeling it was f5.6 and 70mm at 3 seconds .. I think!!
Anthony 20 5.7k 17 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2003 2:22PM
Suzi- stunning image, only just came across it. very well done on the EC award too. I am sooooo desperate to get one, maybe one day eh?

SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Nov 2003 2:40PM
Thanks Anthony - yep I'm thrilled to get the EC for this .. I've plastered it all over the copy of it on my site!! LOL Grin

And I agree with you - an EC feels like a real achievement ..
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
9 Nov 2003 3:00PM
Anthony - of you really crave an EC, you need to do LOTS of digital manipulation or photograph women, as this guy proves.
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2003 3:56PM
I tried digitally manipulating women - but my wife found out - ouch! LOL
LenLamb 19 105
9 Nov 2003 4:19PM
Sorry Suzi, I absolutely refuse to enlarge this 'thumbnail' until I can see that there are TWO glasses of wine in it !! .........Smile)

And Brian (1208), you still have not eaten the breakast I cooked for you!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Nov 2003 4:27PM
hahahahaa .... oh so THIS is where the oversleepers hang out now is it ... LOL ... well Len you can open another bottle, Bri can digitally manipulate a pizza, Anthony can keep the fire going and Brian can start off with a nice healthy bowl of muesli ROFL!!
LenLamb 19 105
9 Nov 2003 4:34PM
Do I HAVE to drink straight out of the bottle?

Anyone want some music?

Oh alright then !! ........ :-((
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
9 Nov 2003 4:34PM
Sorry Suzanne, when I hear the words "open another bottle" I make a run for it. Smile
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Nov 2003 4:35PM
You mean - there's another way?
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Nov 2003 4:36PM
Bri - you do no such thing LOL ...

Incidentally - I notice the party room is still in an absolute state LOL .. although I did chuck a few things out ... should someone go in with a flamethrower? (works for me ..)
LenLamb 19 105
9 Nov 2003 4:38PM
I think Bri has gone to take water at the S.H. Grotto!!
LenLamb 19 105
9 Nov 2003 4:50PM
I've almost finished this bottle Suzi !

Up we get! C R A S H.

Er !! Can someone give me a link so I can go and do some clearing up !!!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Nov 2003 5:03PM
LOL Len ... here you are .. and I think Brian got there already ...
13 Dec 2003 9:17PM
Wow, this is beautiful, And to think my photo made you spill your tea! Thank you.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
14 Dec 2003 10:27AM
Thanks Stefan Grin
richard 862 18 138
8 Feb 2004 9:13AM
Great picture Suzi. It oozes atmosphere from every pore.
Puts me in the mood to grab a Charles Dickens or an Anton Chekov and mellow out on the sofa.
I hereby bestow you with a blue heart. May there be many more.
Impressed Richard.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
8 Feb 2004 10:44AM
Wow thanks Richard .. really appreciate your encouragement Grin

Yep it's a phone-off-the-hook time isn't it Grin
keith selmes 18 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 10:26PM
Brill. Warm and timeless. Nice idea with the candle. Don't think the backdrop creases are harmful - some slight irregularity back there adds to the mystery of shadows. maybe.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
15 Feb 2004 12:30PM
Thanks a lot Keith .. glad you like this Grin
paul_indigo 18 259 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 8:28PM
Good mood and story telling image, which looks spontaneous, not like an overly perfect professional advertising shot. It's rich, warm and evocative. Well done.

Paul ~
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
18 Feb 2004 11:11PM
Thank you Paul - glad that's how you see it. The wine was great too .. Wink

Thanks for the visit and the encouragement Smile
davidbailie 19 457 7 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2004 9:51AM
Yes didn't see this 1st time around - lovely - I love simplicity - though maybe it doesn't appear so at times Smile
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
20 Feb 2004 9:57PM
Thanks very much David! Yep I don't like pics to be too 'fussy' either .. thanks for visiting Grin
ruzzi 18
24 Feb 2004 8:17PM
Absolutely great,I love the feel of oldness(is there such a word?)that I get looking at it.Well diserved,congratulation.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
24 Feb 2004 11:43PM
Thank you Stefania ... glad you like the mood of this Grin Thanks for dropping by ..
urban-hero 18 23 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2004 12:31PM
Love this moody pic!

SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Jul 2004 8:11PM
Thanks very much Andy - I've worked on this a couple more times as the idea really appealed (plus a good excuse to crack open a bouteille de plonk!
twygge 18
17 Jul 2004 9:37PM
Wow. What a composition. What a warm glow. Big click
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
18 Jul 2004 11:31AM
Thanks a lot Albert - yep candlelight really does look nice doesn't it.
jerishoots 18 3 Saudi Arabia
20 Jul 2004 5:36AM
very well done. i brought me back to a certain past..i dunno. great,great,great shot.
n.groves 18 290
11 Aug 2004 9:06PM
first class Suzi...i like all your oldy worldy photo's, something i've been thinking about doing for sometime but as yet not got around to it....well done.
ngeeves 19 118 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2004 8:31PM
Like the picture what more can i say its all been said well done Suzi.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
1 Sep 2004 8:04PM
Thanks a lot Geri Grin glad you like it .. and you too, Neil and Nick. Thanks very much for the encouragement Grin
9 Sep 2004 3:59PM
A beautiful shot, has a very classical look about it, rather like an old painting, click
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
24 Oct 2004 1:45AM
Thanks very much David - yep I was hoping to try and get that kind of effect so I'm glad people think it works. Thanks for the visit Smile
lydiatelad 18 2
6 Nov 2004 3:23PM
This is such a striking image. I am new to Epz and its great to see your amazing work!
I am so overwhelmed by the talent in here.
Its a great site!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
6 Dec 2004 11:07AM
Thanks very much Ray! glad you like this.
User_Removed 17 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2005 12:47PM
Yipee I found a 29 lurking and on such a stunning picture too.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
17 Jan 2005 2:55PM
Wow J! 30!! hooray ... thanks so much!! hehehehe
JohnRShort 18 25 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2005 1:23AM
You have an excellent portfolio and I have enjoyed looking at the images.

I also appreciated your comment on my picture...........sometimes photography should be gone just for fun..........your added comments made me everyone in the NHS you obviously have a sense of humour............goes with the job I expect !!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
15 Mar 2005 1:15PM
Thanks so much John! and I agree - life's too short to be serious ALL the time. And well, we've gotta have a sense of humour in the NHS - otherwise we'd all be crying into each others' shoulders!
eos3 18 41 Wales
30 Mar 2005 4:40PM
Superb photo Suzanne, if i tried a to set up a wonderful shot like this the wine glass would have been empty (probably the bottle as well) long before i got to take the photo.

SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
31 Mar 2005 9:38AM
Thanks very much Phil! Here's my secret - it's a two bottle shoot! hehehe
bismah 18 45
1 Apr 2005 6:58PM
excellent lightss... and composition Smile
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Apr 2005 3:50AM
Thanks very much Tabassum Grin Another low light one! hehe
paulcr 17 1.5k 9 Ireland
2 Apr 2005 3:57AM
Yes! Absolutely! A wonderful shot. Well deserves the EC. Lovely tone. Wouldn't have noticed the creases, just clone them out if they bother oyu. CLICK! Paul
User_Removed 17 825 Lithuania
19 Apr 2006 5:07PM
nice work and congrats`!... super!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
20 Apr 2006 2:19PM
Thanks again for the feedback. Might try this again some time.
mwoods 18 22 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2006 6:54AM
philipr 17 392
11 May 2006 8:26AM
Love the lightening - think ill have an experiment tonight with candles , youve inspired me and burn my hotel down (the one im staying in , i dont own one). good excuse to buy some wine anyway!.
As mentioned the creases in the velvet actually add to it giving it a more aged feel

Oh look - a little box to vote at the same time! Smile
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
11 May 2006 11:39AM
Thanks Mark Smile Thanks too Phil 8-}
iajacks 17 24 England
5 Jun 2006 2:28AM
nicely composed and well lit shot.

spot on IAJACKS
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
12 Jul 2006 11:31PM
Thanks Ian!
16 13 1 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2006 12:53PM
Like this alot, lovely vibrant crimson colours. Well photographed!
Cronk 17 6 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2006 9:18PM
Hmm! Know what you mean.

SandyMiller 16 932 United Kingdom
26 Oct 2006 4:46PM
Fabulous. Very ingenious lighting and love the overall effect.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
26 Oct 2006 5:09PM
Thanks Simon Smile Love red, it's so warm. Thanks too Paul and Sandy Smile

Time to do some more experimentation on this shot with the Canon this time I fink Smile
DaisyD50 15 3
10 Nov 2006 8:05PM
This wonderful! Great composition and lightning. Great work!
And thank you so much for your time. And sometimes it is difficult to create a new title for the photo.
kentee 15 2 Spain
14 Jan 2007 2:50PM
a very good foto but could be improved by using the Shadow/Highlight filter in Photoshop to bring out some slight detail in the books.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
14 Jan 2007 8:40PM
Thanks Daisy! and thanks Kenneth Smile All feedback much appreciated - thanks for your visit!
Skodster 16 902 Ireland
20 Jan 2007 11:17AM
This is a well composed picture and lit nicely. One wee gripe should have ironed the backcloth!

Nice work and the responses from other readers back this up.
Vee_Enn 17 100 England
5 Feb 2007 8:36AM
Backcloth? My gaze didn't get beyond the glass of wine (do you think I've got a problem LOL!)

Lovely image.

SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Feb 2007 3:30PM
Thanks so much Skods and Vince! hehe
Big_Beavis 17 5 2 England
24 Feb 2007 10:36AM
Excellent lighting, composition and presentation. A well deserved EC.

SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
24 Feb 2007 3:50PM
Thank you David Smile
joolsb 17 27.1k 38 Switzerland
1 Jun 2007 10:56PM
Great still-life! Really like this!
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
4 Jun 2007 9:01PM
Thanks Jooolz Smile Must try this with the Canon now ..
jjwithamlao 16 5 1 England
8 Sep 2007 5:22PM
Super image, very moody. Think everything has been said, a reflector would add light to the books but I like the way it works as it is.
28 Jan 2009 12:08AM
what a lovely still life.another has inspired me to step back from models.And work in other realms. Top shelf..

as to wrinkle..if using CS 3..the healing brush make quick fix of it
6 Apr 2009 8:31AM
wonderful lighting....and so cool that it forms a heart
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
25 Apr 2009 1:10PM
Thanks you three Smile

Ilona it was just pure chance that the candle light formed a heart in the wine .. happy coincidence!
helena 18 134 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2009 9:48PM
I love this image, the colour, the lighting. Well done,
Tara x

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