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My Dad got me interested in photography years ago , and gave me my first camera - an old Mamiya of his and we'd disappear into the countryside for the day snapping away. When that one broke, I got a second-hand, incredibly heavy Cosina kit. Later, I upgraded to a Minolta Dynax 500i which I used happily for several years. Due to health problems, that eventually had to go too.

The arrival of digital 'prosumer' cameras on the scene was just what I needed. Just one light body but still with creative flexibility. I know I'm never going to come away with shots like some of the fantastic photographers on here, but life rarely goes to plan, and we have to adapt.

So, with that, I shall just keep on trying!

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and welcoming, and offered inpsiration and advice, especially Doug (highlander) and Pat (Patrick Smith) . Your work is inspirational and your advice and support gratefully received.

Thanks, Sweetpea


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