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A quick view of synaesthesia's recent activity.

  • After the Night by wamp

    Great feel to this. Funny I was just about to go for a walk along the canal myself. Nice work.
    • 3 Dec 2009 1:27PM
  • Vogue Wannabe by Mjhearne

    HI MJ, can I start by saying your work is first class and you're obviously a competent photograper and PS user. Can I ask why on this shot you've decided to leave her 2 moles on her neck where on your other upload of this model you've removed them? The lighting on this shot is great but the multiple catchlights in her eyes (i'm counting 3) make her gaze look a little odd, almost like you can't tell what she's looking at. Is this done intentionally? anyway, this gets my vote as it really wasn't what I was expecting which is refreshing!

    • 29 Apr 2009 9:45PM
  • Nicol by synaesthesia

    Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated.
    • 25 Apr 2009 9:19PM
  • IOW SEO by DannyVokins

    That's an award winner. Marvellous capture of a difficult shot. Been trying photography like this myself and know how difficult it is!
    Well done, great image.
    • 25 Apr 2009 8:09PM
  • hotel lobby by park my ferret

    Love all the lights going on here mate. Must've been a difficult shot to execute.

    • 25 Mar 2009 10:17PM
  • pulling punches by park my ferret

    Me too. Good work and good luck! You know what I'm talking about yes? Smile
    • 25 Mar 2009 10:16PM
  • Beth & Kate by synaesthesia

    Thanks all. Their poses are meant to be sultry
    • 20 Jan 2009 9:28AM

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  • Posted on keithh's profile

    I found Keith wandering around on a beach. I gave him a pad and a pencil and he drew me an picture of a camera. I gave him my piece and he began to take some incredible photos.

    A truly amazing story.
    • 2 Jan 2006 10:09AM
  • Posted on KathyW's profile

    One of the top Landscape photographers on epz.

    Love the work.
    • 8 Jan 2006 10:31AM

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