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Call me Sze
Pronounced *zee*.

BACKGROUND INFO: I'm a Singaporean, having resided in London for some time a couple of years back, with hubby Yuan Liang. Somehow, that got me acquainted with ePZ and allowed me to make lots of good friends, who have also helped me improve in photography as a hobby!

Don't have a "particular style". I snap any image that catches my eyes, and basically just have fun with the camera. Like to experiment with different stuffs which explains why my portfolio is such a random mess of various things. Really appreciate all comments on my photos. Feel free to disagree with my works (don't hold back!) as long as you justify and help me learn. I don't have a very big ego, I just have a huge appetite to learn. =)

Contact via email: sze4j[at]yahoo[dot]com
Please put 'EPZ' in the subject heading.

Portfolio Image (Aug 06): Yuan, Isaac & Sze.


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