Ovelha, aka The Sheep!

By taggart  
Ovelha aka The Sheep

The storm has blown out, all is turning green-- a brilliant new green/chartreuse----

Monsanto--- Monsanto stands in the Northeast side of Idanha Lands, nestled in a steep slope--Monsanto hillock ( Mons Sanctus) ---, which abruptly rises out of the prairie and reaches 768 meters at its highest point." Several hamlets lie scattered on the slopes and at the base .

Here, a very ancient place with evidence of human presence since the Paleolithic times.......

from the Posto de Turismo de Monsanto

Tags: General Pets and captive animals Wildlife and nature Monsanto Pt animals

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CarolG 14 199 20 Greece
20 Feb 2008 9:38AM
A beautiful image, Jenn, perfect positioning of the sheep, and a simply great presentation. Carol
20 Feb 2008 9:40AM
lovely image.anybody know what breed they are?
20 Feb 2008 9:55AM
Beautiful image, great light and composition.
Chant57 Plus
14 395 3 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:00AM
Bom Dia Jennn, a lovely composition with good colours, I particularly like the sheep that is eating, whilst the others all have eye contact, kind of like the odd one out, but it fits the scene beautifully
GillyB Plus
15 317 8 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:03AM
Lovely composition and perspective Jennnnn, glorious light!

flyingseale 13 400 3 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:15AM
Great image...great ears on those sheep.

ChristineL 15 39 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:17AM
a wonderful capture Jennn, lovely light and setting. I love their floppy ears,
bricurtis Plus
15 2.4k 50 England
20 Feb 2008 10:17AM
Excellent Jennnn. I like this eye level view of the sheep and the light is picked up lovely in their ears.
RobinF 14 83 1 England
20 Feb 2008 10:20AM
Outstanding image, lovely lighting and superb composition!
pascalg Plus
13 37 1 France
20 Feb 2008 10:21AM
they look and pose Smile
like the orange tags (superb with green / chartreuse...)
nicely framed & composed
20 Feb 2008 10:22AM
Super image Jenn, nice light and detail,
piccy 14 8 Wales
20 Feb 2008 10:27AM
Aren't they beautiful, lovely shaped ears, gorgeous light, very attractive scene.
C_Daniels Plus
15 399 10 England
20 Feb 2008 10:41AM
Amusing - like spot the odd one out Smile
Possum Plus
14 148 England
20 Feb 2008 10:44AM
A bucolic delight! Beautiful composition and light.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.4k 2290 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:44AM
Love the puzzled but slightly bored expressions, and the lady who just couldn't care less, she's hungry. Plus the light shining through the ears. I reckon this is the best of the Portuguese shots so far.
FredF 14 1 France
20 Feb 2008 10:54AM
Great picture.

John_Horner 15 12 2 England
20 Feb 2008 11:04AM
A lovely shot Jenn. Great composi5tion and love teh way you have them all looking at the lens. Posers! lol.
Great capture.
woolybill1 Plus
14 34 76 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:24AM
What a fantastic group portrait, Jennnn, five character studies in one. Wonderful colour, composition and expressions.
luxaeternam 13 21 1
20 Feb 2008 11:28AM
They were obviously admiring your lens. (apart from the ignorant one that is - and not quite the black sheep of the family - lol)
I love the idea of a family portrait.
Smile Lucy
newy17 14 273 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:28AM
wow beautifully captured jennn, i just love the way they are all posing for you lol,,
User_Removed 16 386 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:30AM
Love it, great poses. Grin
Buffalo_Tom Plus
14 2.3k 12 Wales
20 Feb 2008 11:35AM
Inquisite creatures/lovely image Jennn.
User_Removed 12 78 1 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:46AM
Excellent composition

Sep 13 1.3k England
20 Feb 2008 11:50AM
Cracking.Love the expressions etc.
User_Removed 14 16 England
20 Feb 2008 12:03PM
Jennnnn this is wwwwonderful. Great comp, beautiful colour and detail. But the way you caught their attention and captured such appealing expressions makes this shot top notch!
Cormy 13 3 England
20 Feb 2008 12:05PM
This is a cracking shot Jennnn.The first shot of sheep I think I have ever liked.
Joline Plus
14 30 58 United States
20 Feb 2008 12:05PM
plugin 16 1 Canada
20 Feb 2008 12:16PM
Superb capture! Great composition and perspective!
Landlord 13 25 1 Scotland
20 Feb 2008 12:22PM
Now then, thats a sheep picture!
phototime 14 8 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 12:33PM
Wonderful shot Jennnn,beautiful colours and detail.

pmorgan 14 217 13 England
20 Feb 2008 12:33PM
Cracking image!

lonely_oryx 13 61 55 England
20 Feb 2008 12:59PM
Well composed with strong colours
Rock 18 10 2 England
20 Feb 2008 1:24PM
I Really like the lighting effect on this shot !

Bodiewil 13 46 Wales
20 Feb 2008 1:29PM
Stunning work Jennn, superbly composed and captured

imander 13 388 7 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 1:36PM
really fantastic picture, this has to be the best sheep picture i've seen
franfoto 13 2 32 England
20 Feb 2008 2:46PM
This is excellent Jenn, such clarity and detail. I see that all but one had their eye on you. lovely work.
proz 16 205 United States
20 Feb 2008 3:13PM
few better than this one Jenn, super shot. lighting and tones are super as is the overall comp. Nice of them to all come and greet you like that!
Hop-A-Long 13 52 1 England
20 Feb 2008 3:40PM
Wonderful image Jenn. Not Baaaaa'd at all.
dawnmichelle 13 12 United States
20 Feb 2008 3:53PM
WOW Jennn this shot is stunning in everyway...

Hope your doing well... back here is cold and calling for snow..hope it misses us Smile
phil87 13 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 3:55PM
Great image super lighting and detail.

Pegon 15 78 1 England
20 Feb 2008 4:20PM
An excellent composition Jennnn with lovely light and colour.
ringyneck 14 315 18 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 4:22PM
Amazing shot.
Stunning detail.

HUMIE 13 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 4:33PM

Quote:Jennnnn this is wwwwonderful. Great comp, beautiful colour and detail. But the way you caught their attention and captured such appealing expressions makes this shot top notch!

Beautiful light, and perspective too Jennnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!

IMHO the best of your portuguese images so far.

PatrickSmith 15 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 5:04PM
Wow, this is quite impressive. Check out the big version to see the light in the ears!

GalleryGirl 13 4 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 5:34PM
This is fabulous. Love the low down angle and the way they are paying attention except for that middle one! Shortlisted!
Hope they don't get to the supermarket Wink

Marilyn x
fentiger 19 920 24 England
20 Feb 2008 5:38PM
They look a very inquisitive group jennnn. Super capture and composition. Lovely lighting.

MalcolmS Plus
15 1.2k 13 England
20 Feb 2008 5:52PM
fabulous details Jenn, great pose, terrific composition and colours. Just missing the mint sauce LOL.

terry_cavner 15 332 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 5:53PM
A Beauty.....Spot On
GazW 13 15 5 Wales
20 Feb 2008 6:11PM
Lovely composition and lighting
chase Plus
15 1.9k 481 England
20 Feb 2008 6:59PM
Love this...gets my user award Jennifer.
patsy88 13 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 7:37PM
V nice shot..
microchip 13 1 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 8:36PM
What can I say a superb capture excellent detail wonderful composition,Would make fantastic canvas,
20 Feb 2008 8:46PM
Brilliantly captured

BlueRoom 14 73 20 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 9:14PM
A heroic little group and a superb capture.

brownsilent 13 7 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 9:34PM
Oy, oy, oy, they spotted you! This is fabulous Jennnnnnnnnnn!
A cracker, stunner, what ever you want...
Love it, love it, love it!
FeatherFriend 12 38 217 England
20 Feb 2008 9:40PM
Love this one, the expression on their faces just amuses me. Lovely composition in all respects.
exposure Plus
16 6.0k England
20 Feb 2008 10:39PM
A Beautiful image lovely sheep and lamb detail tones and perspective and composition.
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:00PM
Just wonderful Jennn, they posed for you lol

phil_j 14 134 4 England
20 Feb 2008 11:21PM
Fantastic!!, just love this shot.

20 Feb 2008 11:42PM
Lovely light on the sheep's ears

tigertimb 13 40 66 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 11:45PM
Wonderful shot; great detail and colours and love all the comical expressions which leave me smiling
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
21 Feb 2008 12:40AM
superb family portrait, you have portrayed some of their unique characters too

love it Jennn
Mavis 18 143 2 England
21 Feb 2008 5:24AM
Lovely lighting on your Portugese sheep Jennnnnnn. Not a sign of disfiguring paint . A great composition . xx
SandraKay Plus
13 233 4 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 5:42PM
Magical lighting here - and I love those quizzical expressions. very well taken Jennn.
Paul_cats 14 61 22 Scotland
21 Feb 2008 8:55PM
Superb. Congrats on the century.
imagio 14 12 1 England
21 Feb 2008 10:03PM
This is so kool Jenn, should have at least an HC.

firzhugh 15 13 New Zealand
21 Feb 2008 10:37PM
fantastic capture, they are definitely posing Smile
GarethRobinson 14 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 10:56PM
Fantastic image great for postcards and posters this I would think.
22 Feb 2008 8:24AM
I loooooooooove this, Jennnn. Excellent!
itinerario 17 42 Netherlands
22 Feb 2008 3:12PM
I have never seen sheep looking this haughty. Great group portrait.
WetDog 12 7 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2008 6:08PM
Just another vote.... among the millions!
PLCimagery 14 77 1 England
22 Feb 2008 7:49PM
Dotrob 15 Wales
22 Feb 2008 9:42PM
thorn 16 124 2 Scotland
22 Feb 2008 11:47PM
I see you have visitors to see you and they are beautiful too,excellent photograph and well composed.take care,AnnSmile
JimV 14 6 3 Canada
23 Feb 2008 2:13AM
Great pic Jennnn, getting the attention of 4 out of 5 ain't bad.....LOL!
Found Monsanto on the map, about 150 miles (240 kms.) northeast of Lisbon, and close to the Spanish border.
Rgds., Jim
User_Removed 16 386 2 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2008 9:56PM
I think it deserves the famous Deefer Award. Grin
Glostopcat 14 255 2 England
24 Feb 2008 3:55PM
A wonderful group portrait Jennnnn, it's such a pity the sheep in the middle wouldn't play ball and look at the camera
TyChee Plus
15 275 1 United States
24 Feb 2008 11:07PM
This one is just magic!
ChiliMan 14 135 17 Singapore
25 Feb 2008 9:12AM
Fascinating...and what a handsome shot of those sheep! The one in the middle is obviously a foodie. Takes one to know one, I guess...LOL

A Wink
Portknockie 16 48 Scotland
26 Feb 2008 5:57PM
Like it alot Jennnnn..superb shot and a great comp

29 Feb 2008 8:00PM
Jennn, this is a wonderful composition and the sheep looked like they were posing just for you.
Leightonhs 13 155 1
2 Mar 2008 12:58AM
Oh wow, what a fantastic image, really very well done. You couldn't have asked for better light!

bobalot 14 10 England
2 Mar 2008 9:40PM
wonderful shot and a wonderful pf , well done.

Regards Bob
Libby_M 13 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2008 1:06PM
this is a fantastic shot
Milla 12 7 2 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2008 5:17AM
Oh my! Just found this one, absolutely perfect. Worth all the awards, I'm so gonna come back here in couple of days with mine, congrats on a fantastic photo!
ghibby 15 101 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2008 1:25PM
Superb, love it . I think the way all but one are looking at you just makes this shot.

Milla 12 7 2 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2008 4:36AM
Here you go, still loving it to the bits Smile
Milla 12 7 2 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2008 5:38AM
D'oh! Right after I left that comment I realised there is an hour left on my award, and now, it appeared I can't shortlist it, no clue why Sad
Oh well, I still find it outstanding, and the amount of other users' awards just says it all!
28 Dec 2008 1:39PM
one of the BEST images here in epz,no i say BEST i seen....

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