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  • Commented on 'E2 membership: increasing its value for money'

    The ideal is increase e2 membership vaule for money, in doing so it hopfully attract more new members, so click ratio may go down anyway.
    • 1 Oct 2006 7:05PM
  • Commented on 'E2 membership: increasing its value for money'

    More uploading, Stardard membership 1 per day, e2 membership 2 uploads a day.

    And again flexible uploading, for example 7 per week
    • 1 Oct 2006 4:51PM
  • Commented on 'Fort William'

    Angie, how was you trip to Fort Willaim? Hope you are a good time and took lots of photos.
    • 23 Jul 2006 5:40PM
  • Commented on 'What would like to improved the site?'

    Cheers Conrad, didn't notice that link before :-#

    just jump in that hole with both feet!!!

    Maybe the shortest thread in history :-0
    • 22 Jul 2006 2:17PM
  • Commented on 'What would like to improved the site?'

    I would like to see a section added to the member P/F page linking to another gallery of recently view images that you commented on, I find it hard to trace back thought the site and check others. I don't always remember to check the tick box to be notified of updates!

    What do think?
    • 22 Jul 2006 2:09PM
  • Commented on 'The best photography is...'

    I joined ephotozine at the end of March this year. And I love looking though the site regularly (now daily) and commenting on the ones that I get pleasure from.

    I prefer the unaltered images, but have great admiration for our fellow comrades that can manipulate thier photos and give a whole new outlook on the feel and influence of the images.
    • 22 Jul 2006 2:04PM
  • Commented on 'Fort William'


    This is the web page for the Mallaig - Armadale ferry

    I forgot there a seafari at the Armadale pier, go for the splash hopefully see a whale or two! They also run various Isles trips from Oban as well.

    • 30 Apr 2006 10:36AM
  • Commented on 'Fort William'

    Visit Fort William town, and take a trip on Loch Linnie, view Seal Island and the trout fisheries.

    At the other end of Fort William heading out on the A82 is the Ben Nevis Distillery, and if you turn right at the junction with the distillery down the A830 is the start (or finishing) point of the Caledonian Canal, stop at Banavie Train Station (on your left) and watch the working rail swing bridge trains pass about once an hour as the canal is a busy place you get to see the bridge close and open quite often. Across the road station is the vast Caledonian locks about 10 in row (if memory serves right) going up the side on the right is a small tea room and teddy bear shop. I manage to spend half a day at this location taking photo's plenty of boats going up and down the loch system.

    For a night out and restaurant food there in a Pub (can't remember the name, the hospitably was too good) just down the Kilmalle Road (B8006) the right turn before you reach the canal.

    If you carry on down the A830 you will reach Mallaig, a 30 minute ferry raid will transport you to the Isle of Skye. You could spend a day in Skye travelling round the Isle; there is Armadale Castle near the ferry end and also the West Highland Heavy Horses Centre (book in advance).

    Back on the A82 head towards Spean Bridge on the left is General Wades Military Road (Torlundy) where you find the ruins of Inverlochy Castle.

    Back on the A82 this on the Right follow the road to The Ben Nevis Ski Resort , here you can get a Gondola to halfway centre up the mountain and in take in the views, there two short walks to view points. Wrap up its cold up there even in the summer time, there is shop and restaurant at the halfway centre. There is also a downhill mountain bike track; you can hire bikes and safely equipment at lower resort centre

    At Spean Bridge you will find the Commando museum its located in hotel on the ground floor. There are a few Tea Rooms and shops to visit here. If you follow the A82 right towards Loch Lochy on the left is the Commando memorial (Stroneuaba) magnificent at night. Keep on this road and you reach Fort Augutus on the edge of Loch Ness, I think there are boat trips from here up the Loch in summer.

    Back at Fort William head towards the Ben Nevis Centre on the Belford Road, this is the main starting point to walking up the mountain (Ben) take plenty of food and water if you decide to attempt this, but also is information centre and help planning walks in and around the area. If you continue down the Belford Road to the end of the road, there is a trail the leads from part of the bottom of Ben Nevis. Some beautiful views including a waterfall that starred in one of the Harry Potter films! They helicopter in a bridge to cross the river here for a weekend filming! The walk can be demanding so good walking boots required, remember its in the mountains so the weather can change for hot and sunny to wet and very cold quickly. The views are worth the effort.

    Back to Fort William and out the other way on the A82 towards Oban, passed Connel by the edge of the Firth of Lorr ,not too far from Oban itself is Scotland National Seal Sanctuary In Oban there is the Oban Distillery and boat trips to view seal off the coast, of course there McCaigs Tower Oban folly.
    Have Fun
    • 30 Apr 2006 1:11AM