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I didn't want to fill this in at first because being a total novice I couldn't think of anything interesting to say until I thought "what the hell, its a photography site, they surely dont want a life story" So here I am, someone who loves taking photographs, has been to places I never imagined I would see and the photographs have been quick snaps before its gone, sort of things. My one ambition was to travel Russia and to my delight I did it before it became what it is now. Unfortunately I had a VERY basic camera and my other half didn't want to take his due to the crime there. When we arrived home I was mortified as they really weren't very good but worst of all the best ones had a finger plus long nail in the corner of each. Uuuugggghhhhh Still I have the video that an American took and was passed from country to country for copying. So there we are. Happily since then I have had better cameras but nothing sophisticated. I am hoping that through this site I shall feel the need to buy a camera of cameras and improve greatly. Meanwhile I shall experiment with my present Sony something or other.WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
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