Im not here right now,but take a seat or have a look around and i'll be with you soon as Im free..............
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A quick view of Tandberg's recent activity.

  • Staithes

    Nice one Dave
    • 18 Aug 2018 10:29AM
  • Llyn Padarn Tree

    Thanks for the comments and awards! Much appreciated..
    • 25 Feb 2017 12:58PM
  • Carradale Landslip...

    thats gorgeous dougie,yeah love the detail and comp Wink
    • 22 Nov 2016 10:07AM
  • Lunch or snack

    Hi dougie mate,yeah just got a foliopic website and E2 was a bonus so here iam. How you keeping old friend?
    • 22 Nov 2016 10:05AM
  • Staithes with moon

    Thanks Ron,Thought it was not gonna be decent,but as you know buddy,patience is the key!
    • 10 Apr 2015 10:16PM
  • Down at Elgol

    Just bobbing in ron,need to gi myself a kick up the backside and get out shooting again,this was from july when i went up for the week...
    • 20 Feb 2015 3:02PM
  • St.Albans Cathedral.

    well my eyes go straight to the blown out stained glass window. Not what i like to see!
    • 11 Nov 2014 6:19PM
  • Wink I just tell it as it is mate
    I aint met anyone from north of me who i cant call good friends
    Bloody good, honest, bunch of folks, who'd do owt to help and do the best to make you feel at home Wink
  • Good selection of images
    From a top top guy Wink

    Got and had my respect for a few years now
    Keep it up stevo
  • Ordered that bag mate 124 from a shop normal price is 150

    Not bad a shot neither
  • Lovely stuff sean mate

    Glad to see mr Pinkys packed his bags and done a runner lol
    • Posted on wamp's profile
    • 4 Sep 2008 9:27PM
  • Some nice work here!

    Keep them coming
    All The Best

    Also known as Dave lol
  • Was Good to meet sucha nice chap.

    Rowardennan was my first weekend meet and ya didint complain about my snoring lol...

    Your a nice bloke Nigel who takes good shots too.Airshow ones are Ai
    All the best
  • Class port
    Stunning lighting and work
    • Posted on stix's profile
    • 13 Sep 2007 2:33PM
  • E2 is a whole new world Fran!
    Images care scrutinised more BEING LARGER.
    But you wont have a problem Kid..
    Glad to be the first port commenter..
    Cheers Fran
    • Posted on MrsS's profile
    • 15 Jun 2007 10:32AM
  • You know we are similar in a way in that you and i tend to go dark with our images!!
    so i am always gonna come and view colin..
    Well done mate
    Keep them coming
  • Nice portfollio Suzan
    Some lovely shots hun
    Well done