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Im not here right now,but take a seat or have a look around and i'll be with you soon as Im free..............
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  • Whats been Happening of late well the last year an

    Ah its been AGES since i had the camera in hand and i aint missed it much The reason is i wanted to get my Motorbike licence as i had put it off since i was a teen and thought i'd do it now before i regret it. So i did it and got a bike and i have...

    25 Mar 2012 8:37PM | Read


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  • trip

    Roll on April Got two weeks off and I'm heading to Scotland Yeah been twice and didn't have any real time to get any good time just admiring the place so April 15th is it the start of my two weeks and i'm heading up north first to Bamburgh and...

    31 Mar 2011 9:55AM | Read


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  • new things

    I am happy with the way i work on my images,but have always been open minded to new ideas and ways of working with images. CS5 is the one i use now and do all my work in that. But there are some toggers on here whos's work i admire greatly and w...


    4 Mar 2011 10:48AM | Read


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  • nowt new

    Well i kinda feel till i get some new material anything i do dont deserve to get an airing in the main gallery So stuff i have redone or have not given an airing will be loaded here. Heres the first and its from saltwick so no gallery uploads for ...


    28 Feb 2011 9:19PM | Read


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  • self portrait

    Got a new remote release jobby from off ebay and thought last night id do some self portraits Took abut 100 shots and not one was i happy with. It it wasnt the light it was the pose and then i thought no it just aint working and i got so fed up i j...

    27 Feb 2011 10:14AM | Read


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  • today

    Well These days its a struggle to get the rc, the tan is back, but he aint? thats how it lol I dont get the time sadly to comment on others as much as id like and it shows i guess. But you know if my images gets clicks because i commented on othe...

    26 Feb 2011 6:46PM | Read


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  • my dog

    Sadly valentines day my dog 8 and 3/4 year old rottweiller rocky had to be put to sleep due to kidney problems, and as much as i hated it the decision was made to put him asleep as i couldnt stomach seeing him in pain and suffering. I will miss him ...

    19 Feb 2011 9:35PM | Read


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  • Back

    Well i have been away from photography now for nearly 7 months. I know i said i was going to give it twelve months, but that never worked out. I have been enjoying myself in a way by just doing naff all and not having to think about what me and ad...

    26 Mar 2010 10:35AM | Read


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  • Spending time away

    Well aint done that much photography of late Could kinda say its a mixture of things really, Spending more time with Karon and other stuff here in halifax. I got into a state of my life was photography photography and nothing else, and that has a ...

    29 Sep 2009 6:09PM | Read


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  • Chillin

    Trying to just chill nowadays with the images i take Back in the Tandberg days my stuff was real bright and vivid. However today i have toned my editing down to the abosolute minimum when it comes to landscapes anyway. I'm at the moment trying...

    18 Apr 2009 8:26AM | Read


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  • Whats gone wrong

    A while back i was happy with things Happy with my job,my life in general is ok Just got E2 back and thought about a change in style. So off i went different technique for my images. But lately everthing looks to have gone tits up for me more so ...

    13 Oct 2008 10:59AM | Read


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