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Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the mind.
(Not my words - generated by Artybollocks ... but they fit my world view perfectly, so what the hell - I thought I'd add them!)

Follow your own path; following someone else's path will only lead you to their destination or where they want you to go.
(Those are my words - thought of them the other morning, and it seems appropriate for the photographic journey Smile)

Two photographic thoughts that I'm trying to cement into my head at the moment are (1) "The poor concept, perfectly executed, still makes a poor photograph" (Misha Gordin) and (2) "Technically poor images are like poems written with poor grammar - they may have volumes of insight to convey, but they have difficultly doing it successfully" (Angela Farris Belt). I may have a way to go, but that's what I'm aiming for ...
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A quick view of TanyaH's recent activity.

  • Somewhere up Norf

    There's some gorgeous drama in there - don't bin it! To be honest a simple adjustment of shadows & highlights (in photoshop) brought out loads.

    As lovely as that was, I decided to give it the oil paint treatment too and go down the arty route. And given that my mind goes off on tangents anyway ... both mods have shadows/highlights adjusted and the oil paint filter as the basis, then Mod 1 is Nik's Color Efex 4 with the Bleach Bypass and Reflector Efex presets applied, and Mod 2 is Mod 1 but with single-image tone mapping (again, Nik's bit of software). I went with the Graduated 2 preset in the end. I could have tweaked this one for ages, and you'll probably not like the effects, but thank for the opportunity to play Smile

    • 23 Sep 2016 2:02PM
  • in hide?

    This works for me Smile So often, butterfly images are brightly coloured, shown with wings open in sunlight and on equally beautifully colourful flowers. But this is different and I think that's why it resonates. It's about (as you say above) seclusion. There's some beautiful shapes happening here, with the upright stalks and the intricate curves of the furled wings. I love the muted tones, too.

    • 20 Sep 2016 2:17PM
  • Jump for joy!

    Nicely different, John! Smile Love the shadows and the expression; that lift is giving you good service!
    This might be a daft question, but she's jumping ... so I'm guessing this was on the upwardly movement of the jump ... and that's why her hair doesn't seem to be moving as well? (Okay, physics was never my strong point, so don't laugh at me, okay?!)
    • 20 Sep 2016 2:03PM
  • Beware the welcome in her smile.(2)

    I think, of the two of them, I prefer the other one. This one is good, don't get me wrong, but it's more "get met at the pearly gates by a beautiful vision in a red dress" kind of feel, whereas the other one's more creepy and, in a way, my brain can read more scenarios in the previous upload than this one.

    Given the amount of light behind her in that doorway, I'd expect light shafts to be spilling out beyond where she's standing (i.e. between that left hand pillar and the side of her with the flowers in hand). Visualising stuff like that isn't easy by any means - I spend ages sometimes, much to the amusement of my other half, looking at how light falls on objects, how things cast shadows, what kinds of shadows they are and how they relate to either the strength of sun or the position of it in the sky. It's one of those passtimes that can get you some odd looks at times, but is invaluable if you truly want to replicate that kind of reality in your composite images (and yeah, before you say it ... I'm still very much a novice at it!! Grin). And it takes practice - lots and lots of practice, getting it wrong, trying again, looking at other people's examples and seeing how they do it.

    Sometimes, the key is subtlety - what you don't necessarily put in the brain will work out for itself. But you need to add the hints for the brain to run with ... here, that light is a bit like a sledgehammer Grin

    But the idea? Yep, love that. Gorgeous lassie, gorgeous location and great imagination on your part to put it all together. Good one, my friend!

    • 20 Sep 2016 1:55PM
  • Beware the welcome in her smile.

    Sorry Dave, I've not been on the site for a few days so hadn't seen this!

    First of all, though, I'm kinda blown away with both the concept and the execution of this Smile You say you're 'L plates' but this is actually very well done all round. Yes, there's a couple of issues, some of which you've actually identified yourself anyway, but give yourself a break - I'd be chuffed with this!

    The mood and atmosphere is fab. Yes, the dress is a bit bright and jolly for the scene but you've gone the right way by trying to desaturate it down. It works, but it's still quite 'happy' looking. Combine that with the smile on her face, which is quite bright given that the main light is behind her, and that's one area that needs attention.

    The shadow underneath her too ... they're a sod to do are shadows. I think you could spend years looking at how light does or doesn't spill around objects and still be none the wiser where it comes to recreating it digitally Grin If you've a mind to, google Glyn Dewis, go to his website and sign up for his Tip Sheets (you need to subscribe to an email thingy, but when (if) you do, I think it's Tip Sheet #8 you want - "How to Create Fake Shadows". I'm still working through it as and when I get the time, but what that man does is astonishing.

    In terms of mods, moonlit and candlelit are both great moods but this one to me speaks of the grey/greens of the undead (you knew I'd say that, didn't you?). The other thing that strikes me is that although she's got light behind her, there's light on the front of her and on the pillars. So I felt the image needed something to account for that light, otherwise your viewer knows that there's something not quite right (you can't fool the subconscious for too long Smile).

    So, my mod does a few things. I darkened down and actually elongated the shadow of the woman, as with that light behind her I'd visually expect the shadow to be coming down the steps a bit more. I changed the colour values of the dress using a Curves adjustment layer, so that it was far less jolly than the lovely shade of peachy pink you had. I removed that bright bit of light coming through the window on the left of the image and ran the image through both Nik's Analog Efex Classic Camera and then it's Color Cast options. After giving it a slight warmish tone in places, I faffed around a lot with the light streak effects, so can't remember exactly what I did. But my mod now has a shaft (kind of!) of light coming down which (a) accounts for that light on the front of her and (b) adds something to the overall creep factor of the image ...

    To be fair, this was a hard one to play with in some ways because it was already rather 'finished' and polished! My advice to you is to explore this side of stuff a lot more, because you've got the imagination in bucketfuls! The skills come with practice; it's the imagination that can't be taught.

    • 20 Sep 2016 1:41PM
  • horse

    Oooh, that assumption made me bridle a bit ... (sorry ... leaving the room now ...) Grin
    • 20 Sep 2016 12:31PM
  • Rosie

    Too cute, that one! Grin Fab shot of her though ...
    • 20 Sep 2016 12:29PM
  • I finally got round to having a proper look at your stuff, and yeah ... I really do like it! Love the art nude stuff too - the lighting on some of those is utterly sublime and definitely something I want to try and emulate Smile
  • Loving your work, Gill, very inspiring Smile
    • Posted on GillyB's profile
    • 5 Apr 2016 1:56PM
  • One of the lovely things about this site is discovering portfolios that you never realised existed ... and I've just discovered yours Grin
    I'm blown away - really enjoyable and inspiring work!
  • Great images! Really enjoying your work Smile
    • Posted on chudzy's profile
    • 21 Jan 2016 6:59PM
  • Thought I'd have a peek at what else you do when not on max strength cold and flu medication and 'atmospheric' music ... Grin
    Glad I did - you do stunning landscape work!
    • Posted on BobShaw's profile
    • 4 Jun 2015 12:04PM
  • Wow, what a portfolio! Inspiring work and I've thoroughly enjoyed having a bimble through it Grin
    • Posted on backbeat's profile
    • 13 Apr 2015 11:19AM
  • Your portfolio's developing rather nicely here Grin I'm thoroughly enjoying what you've done so far, and looking forward to seeing more.
  • I don't think I've actually looked through your portfolio before ... glad I have now, though. I think that you have an amazingly eclectic, bizzare and wonderfully twisted mind. Even better, you've also got the processing and manipulation skills to go along with that imagination.

    It's a visual smorgasbord, with a little bit for everyone and a massive dollop of appeal Grin
  • I can't believe I've never actually left a comment on your portfolio, saying just how much I like your work! Bonkers ... thought I had, but just 'viewed all' and obviously not ...
    So - your stuff is achingly wonderful and I hate you (only kidding on that bit).

    Your creative art is so inspirational and beautiful Smile

  • I've got to say, I love the way you process your images Smile There's a wonderful sense of the primeval about a lot of your shots that I find very appealing indeed. I loved the Bellever Forest image in particular. It's a fantastic portfolio of imagery that is a pleasure to view.