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Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the mind.
(Not my words - generated by Artybollocks ... but they fit my world view perfectly, so what the hell - I thought I'd add them!)

Follow your own path; following someone else's path will only lead you to their destination or where they want you to go.
(Those are my words - thought of them the other morning, and it seems appropriate for the photographic journey Smile)

Two photographic thoughts that I'm trying to cement into my head at the moment are (1) "The poor concept, perfectly executed, still makes a poor photograph" (Misha Gordin) and (2) "Technically poor images are like poems written with poor grammar - they may have volumes of insight to convey, but they have difficultly doing it successfully" (Angela Farris Belt). I may have a way to go, but that's what I'm aiming for ...
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A quick view of TanyaH's recent activity.

  • Field

    Stark, but effective Smile
    • 28 Jan 2020 9:36AM
  • The Maw

    It's lovely Smile Okay, it makes me think of Anusol, but hey ... most things do these days! Blush
    • 27 Jan 2020 1:54PM
  • Apples

    Hey, roll on 'manipulated faffing' if it produces something like this! It works beautifully, on a lot of levels Smile
    • 27 Jan 2020 1:49PM
  • Family time

    Very clever! And funny Smile I'd imagine it was quite tricky to get that lighting balanced across the whole image, but you've done that really well to my eyes. If it was mine, I might clone out the step-stool, the phone and the keys on the table, but other than that I think it's brilliant.
    • 27 Jan 2020 1:47PM
  • Packhorse bridge to the priory

    It's been a while since I've done any 'proper' editing, so forgive me if these mods seem a little rough around the edges! I love the image - that's the first thing to say. And while I love the warmth of that lamp and the way it's reflected in the stream, there's another part of my head wants the image to be less colourful which, to me, is more in keeping with that misty dark night?

    Mod 1 simply takes your atmospheric image and adds a LUT (Look Up Table - I'm using Photoshop CS6) - I used Bleach Bypass for this one with an 80% opacity. Fairly simple enough, but as you will notice it doesn't add any mist, although it does seem to shift the viewer's eye onto the buildings rather than the water ...

    So in Mod 2, I've tried a (pretty generic, admittedly) way of adding some 'mist' - I took your image, added a 'Render/clouds' layer, transformed the layer so that it wasn't quite so regular, and then set the blend mode to Overlay, and the opacity to 90%. I then used another LUT over the whole thing - this time, 'FuturisticBleak' - and set the blend mode of that LUT layer to 'Colour' at 100%.

    So while I'm sure there'll be others who will have sure-fire ways of adding realistic mist, I guess this is my starter for 10 Smile

    • 27 Jan 2020 1:36PM
  • Steppin'

    Wow, love it!
    • 22 Jan 2020 4:04PM
  • Empty headed

    Wonderfully weird ... or weirdly wonderful - either fits this fab image Smile
    • 22 Jan 2020 4:03PM
  • Not sure I've ever looked at your portfolio ... my loss, though. It's delightful!
  • I've just had a proper look at your portfolio - wow! Such beauty in abundance Smile
    "Stunning" doesn't even come close to describing your work!
  • I finally got round to having a proper look at your stuff, and yeah ... I really do like it! Love the art nude stuff too - the lighting on some of those is utterly sublime and definitely something I want to try and emulate Smile
  • Loving your work, Gill, very inspiring Smile
    • Posted on GillyB's profile
    • 5 Apr 2016 1:56PM
  • One of the lovely things about this site is discovering portfolios that you never realised existed ... and I've just discovered yours Grin
    I'm blown away - really enjoyable and inspiring work!
  • Great images! Really enjoying your work Smile
    • Posted on chudzy's profile
    • 21 Jan 2016 6:59PM
  • Thought I'd have a peek at what else you do when not on max strength cold and flu medication and 'atmospheric' music ... Grin
    Glad I did - you do stunning landscape work!
    • Posted on BobShaw's profile
    • 4 Jun 2015 12:04PM
  • Wow, what a portfolio! Inspiring work and I've thoroughly enjoyed having a bimble through it Grin
    • Posted on backbeat's profile
    • 13 Apr 2015 11:19AM
  • Your portfolio's developing rather nicely here Grin I'm thoroughly enjoying what you've done so far, and looking forward to seeing more.
  • I don't think I've actually looked through your portfolio before ... glad I have now, though. I think that you have an amazingly eclectic, bizzare and wonderfully twisted mind. Even better, you've also got the processing and manipulation skills to go along with that imagination.

    It's a visual smorgasbord, with a little bit for everyone and a massive dollop of appeal Grin