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Dream sleep

By TanyaH
Well, I've been working on this one for a while and at some point I have to let it go Smile
I'm still learning the techniques I want for compositing and this is my first image using those burgeoning techniques. It ain't perfect in the way I want it to be, but hey ... I'm still learning.

All the elements (except for the light ray - it's a brush) are photographed by me, including the clouds.

I'd really appreciate feedback from people who do compositing themselves - does it work?

(The idea behind the image, by the way, is that while the conscious mind sleeps, the unconscious mind goes out to play ... Smile)

Exif info is sketchy as it's a composite and combines different elements.

Tags: Clouds Leaf Digital art Composite Dreaming Horned lady

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pamelajean Plus
14 1.4k 2160 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2014 2:24PM
I like the concept, Tanya, and the "leaf boat" in the cloud, but am unsure about the bit at the bottom. I think the dotty bit will ground your image, but not the rest - is it a body? Is it the "conscious mind" asleep? It tends to draw the eye to the bottom of the frame, which isn't where you want it to be.

If your concept is to include the conscious and the unconscious minds, you are going to have a "fight" between the two. I think the top image is beautifully worked, quite surreal and, yes, dreamy. But that bottom part is also preventing you from allowing more space at the top, space for the female to look up into, space for her to perhaps journey through.

IsabelC 6 51 10 Denmark
28 Sep 2014 2:44PM
I think the idea and the concept how you put it together are brilliant.

I actually like the idea of the body at the bottom and the kind of dissolving into the dream stage, like a transition.
But for this I would have liked the body to be absolutely realistic and then somehow dissolving from the edges in the colours of the skin and hair. Does that make sense - it is of course only my preference Smile

Super photo!

Isabel Smile
retec 14 England
28 Sep 2014 3:20PM
It certainly works for me, very well constructed, not so sure about the bottom bit, is it really necessary?

Shaji84 6 4 India
28 Sep 2014 4:58PM
Top notch - awestruck!!
28 Sep 2014 5:22PM
For me it works well but is the bottom part of the image needed ?

If it was me i would add a lot more cloud cover below the leaf at around the
same opacity you have already used.
I would tame down the color of the red leaf slightly and soften the model.
You have made good use of the light rays and i can understand why you used
them due to the direction of lighting on the model but once again i would soften them
down a bit more.

All in all well done, keep up the good work

saltireblue Plus
10 11.1k 68 Norway
28 Sep 2014 5:58PM
If the model is the dream then she needs to be softer, more diffuse, I feel. The idea is brilliant, but I am unsure about the bottom of the image. If that is the body, then it has to be more defined as such...the top of a head, perhaps? And more space above the model for her to be moving into.

All in all, a brilliant effort, Tanya. I hope your imagination comes up with more...

cirrusminor Plus
12 380 3 England
28 Sep 2014 8:13PM
Love it.... Yep, its difficult to know when to stop, and sometime less is more!

Great concept, love your imagination.... keep em coming Wink
Source 10
28 Sep 2014 10:34PM
Wow!Beautiful and creative
- source
fotobee Plus
7 4 3 South Africa
29 Sep 2014 8:23AM
I stand in awe of this arrangement. It shows a familiarity of this method that people seldom do, without paint and brush. Well done, fantastic effort!! Regards Martin
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2014 9:03AM
Wow - some excellent feedback above, which is exactly what I was hoping for, so thank you all so much for that.

I agree about the body bit - it took me so many tries to get the pixellation part, and it's still not working the way I wanted it to - it's too 'present' and does, as some have said, provide almost a barrier between the dreaming body and the figure at the top.

And I completely take the point about the dreaming figure at the top needing to be slightly softer, as well as the light rays, to illustrate the dream more. There's also a couple of bits that my eye sees that I need to work on - ie shadows, toning down some bright bits on the leaf itself, changing the second cloud underneath the leaf so I don't get the repetition of the cloud shape (doh!) - but I'm definitely going to revisit ths one and rework it more.

It got to the point where I was dreaming about Photoshop, layers, layer masks, selections ... so to save my sanity (and eye bags) I think I rushed it a bit towards the end, just to get it out of my head Grin Probably shouldn't have done, but hey ho!

Thanks again for all the positive comments - I really, really appreciate it Grin Grin Grin

TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2014 12:04PM
Ian, Tim and Peter - big thanks to you also for your UAs. I was so focussed on abosrbing the feedback people had given, and then had to go to a meeting ... that I failed to spot those until just now Blush Grin
29 Sep 2014 1:18PM
I don't have the faintest idea how to do any of that, so I'm well impressed.
From the comments, I think I'd tend to follow Isabel's idea, but in any case it's getting a bit parky of a morning and so I really think you should be putting more clothes on.
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2014 2:12PM
Hahahahaha ... it's not me, Alan Grin

@ Isabel ... The body at the bottom is (for me anyway) integral to the story, in that it's the body that's doing the dreaming. And yes, it probably does need to be more realistic (the duvet was an issue and a bit of a sod to remove cleanly - I was going to include it, but then decided against that). I do need to work on my pixellation - based on what I was trying, it shouldn't have come out that dark but I just couldn't get it right (it should have been much lighter and followed the hair and skin tones more, which is what you wanted to see).

I should have carried on practising until I got what I wanted with it, but I'm an impatient perfectionist. Still, lessons learned and feedback taken on board ... there may well be a revisited version at some point in the near future Smile
29 Sep 2014 2:34PM
Not you. ....OK, but can't I just pretend?
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2014 3:56PM

Quote:Not you. ....OK, but can't I just pretend?

That made me smile, so yes ... pretend all you want to Grin (And I'll just remember a time when I did look lik that ... )
banehawi Plus
16 2.3k 4169 Canada
29 Sep 2014 5:32PM
When I read the objective, and look at the image, the image does not suggest to me at least, what you were aiming for.

So technically good, as expected.

The top area suggests an upward journey to the heavens, or the source of the light, which has strong connections with after-life, rather than a free spirit wandering; shes too focused, determined, and anonymous. Shes on a mission.

The idea of dissolving the lower person is good, but whats not effective here is both that she is not dissolving, - the particles are grey, and she has no bum (!).

An evocative image thats saying something different to me. As Clint mentioned, perhaps it would work best without the lower person? or, if the context is different, its "about" something different, it might open more possibilities.


29 Sep 2014 5:49PM
Tanya you've made an old man very happy Grin
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2014 10:47AM

Quote:Tanya you've made an old man very happy Grin

That's good to know Alan ... although I usually make happy men very old ... Wink
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2014 10:53AM
Willie - thank you for your thoughts on this one, definitely food for thought in them Smile

I hadn't really thought of the 'afterlife' connotations until you said, and I can definitely see where you're coming from with that one.
I know my dissolving needs some work and that's something I'll revisit with the image ... and she does have a bum - but in the interests of decency, I kind of moved her down so the crack didn't show ... having said that though, I do agree that it needs to be there if the body is to be more defined as a 'body', not just an amorphous shape at the bottom of the image.

Not entirely sure what I'd put at the bottom though if I didn't use the sleeping body in order to give the impression of the 'dreamer' ... perhaps a head, as Malc suggests or extra clouds as Clint suggests ... lots of options, all valid and do-able Smile

Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

prabhusinha 12 5 5 India
2 Oct 2014 2:10PM
fascinating image
2 Oct 2014 4:20PM
This is soooo clever.

There will be different views on what needs to be in what needs ot be soft what needs to be precise etc etc, and you know what? Everyone will have a different perspective.

For me, you have defined your objective worked towards it and delivered your version of it wih skill

really well done

TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2014 5:01PM
Cheers for the thumbs up, Steve, and also the UA - much appreciated Smile
3 Oct 2014 4:50PM
wow love it thank you for you visit Andrea
TrevBatWCC Plus
12 13 16 England
4 Oct 2014 10:25AM
Works for me, Tanya - what a super creation, love it! SmileSmile
Trev Smile
RayHeath 8 1 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2014 10:31AM
Hi Tanya,

I agree with Pamela's comments, the top part of your image is breathtaking and I feel needs no more further attention...until possibly you sort out the bottom element of the image. I say element because to me you have created 2 distinct and as they exist now, elements that are fighting with each other whereas to my mind, they should be connected, and that connection is not there yet.

That connection is essentail more experimentation with the bottom element. The base image I don't think works as it is not defined enough to suggest what it is...then comes the disintergration of the top of the image and probably...integration or suggested integration with the top image. Perhaps the base image is stronger in colour/detail at the base and becomes more etherial as it progresses upward toward the stunning upper image. The link between both images may mean some tweaking of the base of the upper image to achieve the 2 image integration...or suggested integration.

With that superb top image I feel you should be well motivated to continue working on and trying all sorts of options and techniques for the bottom element. No hurry...take your time, produce many options on your journey and I am sure you will arrive at one or a number of images that achieve your aspirations. I would suggest you also endeavour converting it to B&W & possibly try some HDR for an added detail/texture enhancement option.

Wonderful stuff.

PranavMishra 8 52 18 India
25 Mar 2015 12:25AM

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