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The Calling (reworked)

By TanyaH
This is a (hopefully final) re-edited version of my original image called The Calling (attached as V3 but also in my portfolio).

V2 is a rework of the original which I put into a CC competition - the feedback on it was that the light at the bottom of the obelisk was too bright and the 'clouds' at the bottom of the image weren't really clear (it was a reflection, but hey ho! Smile) - just in case you're wondering, it scored 16/20.

V1 is my final rework of V2, based on that feedback.

I'd appreciate thoughts, as always, good or bad Grin

Tags: General Specialist and abstract Digitally manipulated Digital art

Voters: Alexus, KDC, ddolfelin and 52 more

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KDC Plus
9 12 6 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 10:06AM
Much better, now it has contrast. I like the fact it has a top and bottom, the previous one didn't.
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 10:13AM
Cheers Keith, I appreciate that feedback Smile
bluesandtwos 11 525 1 England
12 May 2015 10:15AM
I'd have been more than happy to have made any of them! But I have to say, if I really had to choose, v1 comes out tops Smile.

12 May 2015 10:41AM

PranavMishra 9 52 18 India
12 May 2015 10:46AM
this is like those little pictorial puzzles printed for kids in the newspapers.. 'Spot the difference' Smile
I wish I could write more, Tanya.. but I am so tired on so many levels to discard the belief I hold presently..
To not believe what I believe at this point would bring so many painful things, and I am not in a condition to invite any more emotional stress to myself..
And so once I believe as per the earlier upload (here V3).. I would go with that belief..
and so I believe - a bird calling on three birds..
Sorry.. Sad But at this moment, I can't hold any other point of view.. I don't know what would be more reasonable to believe.. But it is just that it is as though questions were asked to me through images and I have to be honest in whatever I feel.. and I am ready to face the dangers.. but at this moment, I really can't believe otherwise.. because you know - it is not only about that one solitary bird but those birds who wants to approach him.. and once that bird has 'committed' himself to them all, there is no reason he should believe otherwise, or turn back.. He for his own part won't turn back..

Sorry for my stupid commentary.. Sad
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 10:57AM
Pranav, your commentaries are never stupid ... they're normally full of very searching thoughts, sometimes clouded with personal angst but always, always, honest - and for that, I sincerely thank you Smile

I can't say I always understand them, but the fact that you've reached inside of yourself in order to put down words on my images (and other people's) is always something that I appreciate.

I suppose the simple message contained in this image is to always call to like-minded souls, those who wear the same skin as you, and they will come - from out of the mists, from beyond the clouds, from wherever really ... they will come; and in their reflection you will never be lonely.

PranavMishra 9 52 18 India
12 May 2015 10:59AM

Quote:Pranav, your commentaries are never stupid ... they're normally full of very searching thoughts, sometimes clouded with personal angst but always, always, honest - and for that, I sincerely thank you Smile

I can't say I always understand them, but the fact that you've reached inside of yourself in order to put down words on my images (and other people's) is always something that I appreciate.

I suppose the simple message contained in this image is to always call to like-minded souls, those who wear the same skin as you, and they will come - from out of the mists, from beyond the clouds, from wherever really ... they will come; and in their reflection you will never be lonely.


thanks for the understanding, Tanya.. I always believed you are a woman of understanding..
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4268 Canada
12 May 2015 12:59PM
V1 for me

jadus 10 1.2k 3 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 1:02PM
V1 for me too.

Tish1 Plus
8 32 5 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 1:16PM
I flicked through these for some time before I decided which was my particular favourite and before I read your narrative.

I love what I perceive to be the whole concept and I can only comment on what I, as a viewer, see; given that I wasn't standing over your shoulder during the creative process nor was I in your mind observing the vision develop.

Believe it or not, I appear to be in the minority, way hay for the lone voice; I really do like V2 and one of the reasons I like it is because of the transparency at the bottom, which is deemed to be too light, I also like the colour tones.

I, perhaps unlike others, am not looking at this from a technical point of view, but from an aesthetic point of view. Does it appeal to me, yes. Why does it appeal to me, not totally sure, apart from the fact that it is very captivating and calming despite the plumes of dark[ish] clouds and a sort of under world feeling.

Where would I hang it? Over my CD collection

TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 2:07PM
To everyone who has clicked on this one so far, thank you.
Peter (Morpyre) - huge thanks for the UA Grin

To those who have commented as well - massively appreciated (even if it's just saying which one you prefer Smile).

Tish - for taking the time to really look through them and see on a deeper level, a big virtual hug Grin I find it fascinating to hear other people's perceptions about my own imagery and I value your input and for explaining your reasons for your choice. I get a lot of inspiration from music, songs and lyrics so I suppose hanging it over a CD collection is the perfect place, in my eyes Smile

cbrundage 8 4 United States
12 May 2015 3:01PM
V1 for me - fabulous! What I love best - the mystery and the simplicity. Nothing extraneous! Love this!!
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 3:20PM
Thank you, Christina! - I'm chuffed to bits Grin
fotobee Plus
8 4 3 South Africa
12 May 2015 3:24PM
I like v2 the best of all, the violet in the clouds gives it a bit more mysticism, if that is possible. Who knows what a crow sees, thinks, and dreams about? That is if they are crows? You talk about a melding of the senses, when you get tonal inspiration for your images, and that is a wonderful thing. Once one consciously learns to turn off what is real or not, ie, to suspend all that you have learned from the cradle, and just to LOOK, the world is full of absolute wonder. Tonal inspiration is only one of them, for example, you can taste colour, feel the mathematics, and hear what you see. This can be self learned, until you walk in a polychromatic wonderland, called, unimaginatively, imagination!
Regards Martin
TrevBatWCC Plus
13 13 19 England
12 May 2015 4:01PM
Great creation, Tanya, and all three are excellent, but go for V1 as my fave Wink
Trev Smile
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 4:09PM
Martin and Trev - thanks very much Smile

Martin - I hope you're feeling much better now and are healing well after your mishap? I love your musings on the nature of suspending reality and tonal inspiration ... that's normally where my head is, so I reckon either Mo's given you too many tablets or I'm completely bonkers after all ... Grin

fotobee Plus
8 4 3 South Africa
12 May 2015 4:37PM
Well,`s not exactly the`s more the smoke........ (heh heh) M
pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 5:50PM
Interesting comments above, Tanya.
I feel that all three have individual merits.
I like seeing the bottom of the structure in V3, and the reflections of the birds.
I like the stronger base in V1.
But it's V2 that I favour, not just for the bit of colour but also for the added mystery that the bright area brings to it. Having said that, I'd like the bottom of V1 to be in V2Smile.
How interesting it is to compare the three, and the different atmosphere that the changes have made.
12 May 2015 5:53PM
Three excellent reworks Tanya, with V1 the star of the Show (IMHO) Smile

fazzer 12 54 7 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 8:20PM
fabulous Tanya, superb creativity and skill SmileSmile
fazzer 12 54 7 United Kingdom
12 May 2015 8:27PM
ps v1 gets my sticker Wink
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
13 May 2015 9:37AM
Based on the thoughts above about a combination of V1 and V2, I can feel a rework of the reworked rework coming on ... Thanks everyone - very interesting thoughts and one of the reasons I really value this place and the photographic community here Grin

Jeremy, thank you so much for your UA Smile
PranavMishra 9 52 18 India
13 May 2015 11:32AM
Hi Tanya.. I have been able to work out a negotiation (a diplomatic negotiation) between V1 and V3.. because as it stands, honestly speaking, V1 is photographically more appealing.. V3 was a tad dark as compared to V1.. V1 has light at the base, something more happening.. a tranquil phosphorescence.. emergence, evolution.. all these beautiful things and so it would not be honest to say that I like V3 more..
So I have decided on a 'diplomatic' negotiation (out of a little insecurity perhaps).. I think there is a crow in V1 which we can't see.. We can't see it because it sits right behind the seated crow.. It was already there..

oh sometimes I take this business of reading images rather seriously..
don't mind me..
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
13 May 2015 12:21PM

Quote:don't mind me..

Grin I never do, Peekay ... thanks for your input, as always Grin
IsabelC 7 51 10 Denmark
13 May 2015 1:19PM
I will not decide Wink because they all have something unique and special.

V3 = dark, brooding...more mystical...somewhere in valhalla...
V2 = floating in the connection to the ground...somehow drifting
V1 = magical...a faraway island on the vast sea...protected by hope...

Brilliant work!
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
13 May 2015 1:24PM
Thank you Isabel, for both the words and the UA Smile
Richsr 14 91 223 England
14 May 2015 12:41PM
You have got a lot of good FB Tanya, each image has it own quality so really up to you which you decide works for you.
Well worked in each version
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
14 May 2015 1:13PM
Thanks Richard Smile
18 May 2015 4:29PM
V1 for me - fabulous GrinGrinGrinGrin
danbrann 17 640 17
20 May 2015 6:49PM
I prefer version 2 Tanya as I think it somehow lifts the image to a much higher level although I think Peekay has said it all on my behalf.
xwang 12 56 8
20 May 2015 10:39PM
Wonderful work! V1 for me. The changed part, I presume it's the middle part, slightly lighter, seen as light.. it added on an "explosive" energy. I don't know what you intended to say, this is only from my point of works very well and increased the colour contrast.
MaryFaith 7 59 New Zealand
21 May 2015 8:13AM
From the aesthetic view I like V2 best because of the colour and light - seems to be pushing it skyward.. . I like this image because it is so different - well done!

22 May 2015 1:48PM
Love the concept of this, Tanya, it no doubt has a different interpretation for everyone who sees reminds me of something out of ancient Norse legend, the main shape looking rather like a bone or bronze ancient axe-head, and the ravens were legendary in Norse myths.
Super work, and perception is in the eye of the beholder, as they say Wink

All the best,
Dave Wink
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
22 May 2015 3:27PM
Dave, you lovely man - thank you! Grin
24 May 2015 5:17AM
I find V3 a too even in color and tonal value. I really like the contrast in the first, and the inclusion of the water is such a strong element. I think sometimes, you have to go on your own instincts and worry less about what critics say.

DonMc 13 4 United Kingdom
25 May 2015 12:40PM
Tanya, you are so good at this! Of the three I prefer version three because it has a more secure base which probably says something about my insecurities!
Regards Don
CaroleS Plus
11 442 3 United Kingdom
25 May 2015 1:04PM
I like the light in V2 with the reflection in V1 - but have to say I find all three captivatingSmile
26 May 2015 5:33PM
Exceptional - I love 3
ctxuk Plus
12 18 3 England
29 May 2015 4:14PM
Ah, I recall seeing this now and finally twig who you are by its connection. Obviously I am checking out your gallery from interaction with you.

Looking, I wonder why the obelisk into the water isn't a point or thin base area rather than having the left side protrusion, there is a suggested line shallow curve there that makes me wonder if it was added and I think cleanliness of lines, smoothness of the gentle curves says it shouldn't be there. My other thought revolves around nature, and its elements, fog and light, clouds and skies, if it is the rising sun on the waters horizon providing the light, surrounded by dawns mists rising from the surface, or indeed fog, should it not billow? Mist would rise a few feet, perhaps 4 or 5 at most, fog, maybe more ... but, if it is indeed cloud in the sky, would the rising suns light not reflect on the cloud base underside, lighting with an approximate same colour light in areas? If you look at your shard also that the Raven is perched on, it looks a little 2 dimensional, if the right side was under-lit on the upper curves by the suns light also, would that not induce a more substantial 3 dimensional object appearance? I would also billow some light fog at the base of the shard close in and to the viewer side of it especially, a reduced opacity to make it patchy in appearance and kept very low above the water horizon just to increase the 3d aspect again, and indicate more the fog/mist nature and the shard rising from it all.

Anyway, I based this on Version One. When I finally saw the others (ok, so for some reason I missed seeing the numbers to click on only seeing it and the image change when this almost completed), I didn't care for them Version Three pants to my eyes, I guess a contrived dark sinister attempt, for me lacking in realism, Version Two failing with the narrower light to shard base area and an almost inverted on the water cloud/fog lighting.
As with anything, your taste and personal preferences guide how you see it (anyone not just you) coupled with historical image reference, version 3 has a poor imitation Hammer Horror feel, not a Hitchcock Masterpiece, for me, it looks cheap and tacky. Version 2 really just fails, its the light and wave height cloud lighting. Version 1 for me, with its oily light reflecting water, wider based light area works far better, a little light upper cloud underside edge lighting, the shard edge lighting (and preferably left side protrusion removal) and I think it would be great.

Please don't get upset, its just an opinion, my own, at the end of the day though, it is yours that matters and if you are comfortable with it.
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
29 May 2015 4:23PM
Hi Martyn - not upset at all Smile I always find people's responses and their thoughts on my efforts invaluable and they're all valid - good and bad.
Regarding your suggested changes in your first para - trust me, you're way over-estimating my photoshop skills Wink This one was created almost exclusively in Photoshop - the only 'photography' is the clouds themselves and the texture of the obelisk (a stone wall).

The obelisk itself was created using the puppet-warp tool in photoshop - I was just faffing and that's how it ended up. Trying to get to grips with the tool enough in order to make the changes you suggest is probably beyond me, at the moment. Even if I could, I wouldn't know where to start!! Sadly, I'm not an artist with pencil and paper, or oils, and attempts made via those routes in the past have proved to me that I'll never be an artist Grin

But still - I value your input and your frank honesty ... thanks!

ctxuk Plus
12 18 3 England
29 May 2015 9:14PM
Ooooops, Apologies Tanya

I got carried away and thought you and the other team members Photoshop geniuses.

I have been having a play in Photoshop with the idea here of yours and recreating it, I discarded the Puppet Warp tool in favour of some creative oval shapes shapes to get those soft long curves in reverse, combining them and then selecting the inner as a selection to mask the outer area off. I then dropped a bubble texture on it, added it again as a displacement map using broken glass scattered as a mapping. Afraid that ruined the soft out lines making jagged edges but I could always reselect the shape and mask it.
Added a dusk cloud sunset lit then as various layers, one colourising the shard, one as the upper sky, another as the sea and lower body sky, that one I ran Flaming Pears flood on to create the Sea, I probably do have a shoreline shot but cannot be bothered to search.
That's where I currently am except having manipulated another shard layer to become the shadow/reflection and altering the sea exposure to darken it considerably.

The shard at the moment is extremely bright and will require muting considerably, and I wonder is it that or is it that the narrow base idea of mine based on the curves in yours just does not work? I am not sure, it could be though adding the light of the rising sun and mist/billowy fog around that will set that right though.

Anyhow, it is interesting attempting recreating it, it teaches me things and tools i have never used before let alone applying graduated tints to meld layers together and attempt my sky/cloud comment coupled with fog.

You say you cannot draw or paint? Attempts with various substrates proving you will never be an artist? Sorry, I really do disagree, look at the three versions you produced, all artistic in their own merits, and just the same as any artist, you have produced base ideas, one to further work on and enhance to a finished result, two to discard as not meeting your requirements.

I too cannot draw or paint, the last time I tried being around 40 years ago I guess, beyond doodles that is which I don't often do either ... who uses pen and paper now? I also have no Photoshop training at all, I admit I have watched a few video how to's, the displacement mapping for instance, but relatively few.

Anyhow, don't sell your abilities short, from my own attempts at it I know how difficult your finished work is, my original comments really only about enhancements and possibilities.
As for knowing where to start, you did that, with a blank canvas, and created from it, and omitted the birds are a photo or two as well as creating the shard from a texture (again a photo) the clouds ... so, what was the sea made from? Mine was the clouds, put through Flood to create a sea and horizon.

From the members of the Team I have seen so far you all have very good skill sets and knowledge, it doesn't surprise me you could create such an artistic image.
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2015 11:16AM
Martyn, I wish I was a photoshop genius!! That would make the process of creating digital art a heck of a lot easier for me Grin

I'm just self-taught - I know what I need to know in order to do some things, other things I find along the way and usually make a hash of them for a while until I get to grips with them ...

Still, I appreciate your reflections on this one as it helps me to see things differently Smile

andmolliethedog 15 120 11 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2015 1:26PM
this one is much better,has life to it..........have a mollie award !
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2015 2:21PM
Thank you very much! Hugely appreciated Grin
andmolliethedog 15 120 11 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2015 4:17PM
my def rocks !
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
10 Jun 2015 5:07PM
Helen - thank you so much! Grin
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2015 10:28AM
Tim - thank you Smile
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2015 3:11PM
John, thank you for your UA Smile
andmolliethedog 15 120 11 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2015 9:25AM
came back for another look as this is in my fav top 5 of all time,and for the life of me cannot find my comment, so either I HAD OR AM HAVING yet another senior moment or am just senile (actually never wanted to go to Egypt anyway).

So if this is here somewhere ignore the comment,if it is not I really did ock up cos this is brilliant !
TanyaH Plus
18 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2015 11:28AM
Thank you very much! (By the way - look about 6 comments up from this one and you'll find the first time you liked it!! Just keep taking the pills ... Grin Grin Grin) Seriously though - thank you for liking it so much; that means a huge amount to me.

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