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A quick view of tarara's recent activity.

  • droplet by BillN

    I don't know how you did it, but it's marvelous. Yvonne
    • 9 Feb 2007 6:43PM
  • Force of Nature by RobMacormac

    Marvelous formation. It must have seen an earthquake. I'd love to see that, and taste the lamb as well. Yvonne
    • 1 Feb 2007 5:50PM
  • At 90 what she could tell you by chrispo

    Powerful portrait. Done with the love due her. Yvonne
    • 28 Jan 2007 9:15PM
  • Frills! by malarszk

    A beautiful three dimensional quality. Fantastic photo. Yvonne
    • 28 Jan 2007 9:09PM
  • On the fiddle by Squirrel

    Nice work with graphic manipulation. Keep at it. You'll find yourself getting excited with your results. Yvonne
    • 28 Jan 2007 9:00PM
  • Grave Details by firehorse

    Happy Halloween! That is an interesting top on that marker. I like the angle. Yvonne
    • 31 Oct 2006 7:20AM
  • Broken Spirit by gib spawny

    Very effective. Good idea and good work. As a suggestion, try a sepia filter on the layer with the leaves to get a softer introduction to your model. You've got it where you want it, but playing around with it might be fun. Yvonne
    • 31 Oct 2006 7:16AM
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  • Posted on Arcticfox's profile

    A beautiful portflio. You tend to see circles. Something someone else might miss. I like your point of view. Yvonne
    • 11 Sep 2006 11:37PM
  • Posted on kevski's profile

    What a wonderful talent you have for creating fantastical images. Your portfolio tells a marvelous story of a place located in imagination. I really like the liquid quality of the pieces that tie it all together. Yvonne
    • 10 Apr 2007 5:56PM
  • Posted on G73photography's profile

    Your portfolio is what my photography instructor tried to get us to produce. I think it's fantastic. The images are sharp and well composed with the elements that make a good photograph. The critiques here will make them even better. Most people want to look at the traditional scene, and I was told I had to get rid of my old-fashioned ideas. Finding what appeals to the majority of the public is not easy. Remember, you're trying to catch the eye with a thumbnail shot. Relax and enjoy the ride. Take pleasure in your camera, share the results and don't take anything personal. Friends, Yvonne
    • 27 Sep 2006 2:12PM
  • Posted on gavinconlanphoto's profile

    A very nice pf. I like what I see. Yvonne
    • 14 Oct 2006 3:48PM
  • Posted on jacquienewsham's profile

    Your portfolio is so gorgeous that I couldn't find a picture I liked better than another, so I thought I'd comment on the whole lot. You are Georgia O'Keefe with a camera. Yvonne
    • 22 Jun 2006 7:13PM

Limited to latest 30 results.