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A quick view of tatkinson1983's recent activity.

  • Jen

    Thought I recognised that photo Smile
    • 14 Nov 2012 8:31PM
  • Springflower

    I like it but is that a white vignette I see? I'm personally think white vignettes should be left in the 80's along with soft focus photographs. They look so dated and cheesy. Trying to keep a photograph as timeless as possible will be better when you look back at it a years to come. Just my opinion though Smile
    • 30 Oct 2012 8:45PM
  • First Dance

    thankyou Leilani, that is why I love this shot so much.
    • 16 Jul 2012 8:11PM
  • Fountains Abbey Wedding

    Hi Alan,
    The dress was blue/grey, not white Smile

    Colour or black and white are the only way to go. Everything else can become dated very fast so no filters, weird colours, soft focus or selective colour. It's the best way. Cheers for the input though.
    • 27 Feb 2012 9:41PM
  • mmm...

    Smile I almost did remove it but decide to keep it as it was. Part of my new, trying not to change things I miss in the view finder. Hopefully I'll learn to look for these little things more rather than reaching for the clone tool.
    • 17 Sep 2010 12:55AM
  • Stainborough

    Very nice, love square on compositions. Framed perfectly.
    • 31 Aug 2010 9:09PM
  • Surfs up

    Quote:I love the action but the perspective seems a problem - I think the lens. A

    In what sense a problem? Fisheye that close is better than a wide angle that would stretch the sides.
    • 18 Jan 2010 8:21PM

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