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Hi. If you are looking at this you should probably get back to work!!
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  • Commented on 'Nikon wide angle landscape lens'

    I have been completely satisfied with the 16-35mm. Since the price has settled down it is worth the money. It works brilliantly with my filter system and is as sharp as any lens I have used.
    If you want a budget option to get going I have also used the older 18-35mm. Not so good wide open but for landscape work it was great. Again it distorts at 18mm but it can be corrected quickly. I have used the 24-70mm for wide shots and the 16-35mm always comes out on top.Smile
    • 29 Aug 2010 9:51AM
  • Commented on 'No Vapour Trails or Noise.'

    I am near Southampton airport and the difference is great in both noise and sky. I know it's really bad for lots of people in lots of ways. I have been out for the day and really noticed the clear skys. It is the clearest night for a long time without the vapour trails.
    I was having a think during the day.. aside from exhaust and fuel use by aircraft..... do the vapour trails (which expand considerably in the sky) add to any kind of artificial warming/ cooling.
    I know as a part time astronomer they are a pain. I might get the scope out.... How thick is that ash? Smile .
    • 16 Apr 2010 7:52PM
  • Commented on 'Nikon 18-35 D f3.5 ED'

    I use this lens a lot on a D700. (and have used it on a D80).
    It is very light and I think it works really well.
    It is a great affordable lens and is very sharp in the middle (DX). On the Full frame it still works very well. The last three pics in my portfolio were taken on my last trip out.
    I have not corrected any distortion or heavily cropped the pics and you can see it does have barrel distortion (on the horizon) and softens the the far corners but not enough to ruin the shot (i still can't correct it well in PS). It has 77mm filter thread which is great for the kit I use. It works well indoors as well but you usually have to keep it above f5.6 or so.
    Just checked prices on ebay and it is an absolute bargain at the moment.
    Hope this helps.
    • 1 Mar 2010 4:19PM
  • Commented on 'Which telescope to buy?'

    Never get a scope that is marketed by magnification. Philips produce a really good book. 'stargazing with a telescope' it explains focal lengths and optics very well. Also what you can expect to see.
    Having access to a telescope is great but explaining to people that you don't see colour images of nebulae and galaxy often removes the interest. The moon, jupiter, saturn and a few star clustrs are the main things a small scope will show.
    Telescope planet is a good place to start but there are loads of great suppliers who offer great advice. There is a producer called Skywatcher who make their optics in china. I have had 2 of therir scopes and they are great for the money. Do not worry about a computer guide as this just adds to the cost and will never get used.
    My son is 6 and he is just really getting into the night sky.
    Best of luck
    • 18 Oct 2009 3:34PM
  • Commented on 'Uninstalled CS4 - no more NEF thumbnails in XP'

    Same thing happened when I uninstalled my trial of NX2. It removed the codecs and even CS3 could not open my NEF files. You still need the codecs to view the thumbnails in XP. just download the latest version and it should work fine.
    • 18 Oct 2009 3:20PM
  • Commented on 'Nikon 18-200 Lens'

    I love mine and it is very sharp at the wide end. I use it on a D80 it's a bit slow at 200mm but all it takes are a few trips out to learn the Apertures for the focal lengths + the VR (which is NOT a magic wand).
    It stays on my camera all of the time and I have achieved many shots I would have missed without it.
    BTW your shots in your portfolio with the 18-135 look fine to me.....
    • 9 Jul 2008 10:19AM
  • Commented on 'nikon 17-35 f2.8 users'

    Sorry mike,
    D80 but might go d90 or d700 depending on next week Wink..
    I use a 50mm prime and 105 2.8.....
    i thought about the 24-70 but its 1100.. bit much in one hit.
    I tend to go quite wide and do a lot of childrens portraits in small spaces (living rooms).
    • 29 Jun 2008 5:59PM
  • Commented on 'How do i make a D.I.Y snoot?'

    Black card (easier to change shape).. but watch out for the heat............
    • 29 Jun 2008 5:04PM
  • Commented on 'nikon 17-35 f2.8 users'

    I had a quick flick on the forum and can't find many opinions..
    Any users..?. I have been looking at a few lenses and deciding against investing in more dx kit. This would be to a view of getting the 28-70 2.8 as my next lens.. but thats a LONG way off.
    I have an 18-200 which I will sell as I only really use it below 100mm. But I have a decent telephoto that covers that. Also, doing more and more portraits I would like some faster glass.
    SO basically anybody got any experience for or against?
    Cheers guys.
    • 29 Jun 2008 5:03PM
  • Commented on 'Bargain for someone?'

    There's a huge one near Corby... It's hit and miss but you rarely get camera gear there. Well spotted.
    • 6 May 2008 10:08AM
  • Commented on 'Sub 100 tripod'

    For below 100 I would go with the slik.. I have just got the 400 and it is GREAT for the money..
    I had a cheapy light tripod and that cost me 35. the Slik was 59 from bristol; cameras and is just head and shoulders above. Very solid. reversible center column and great pan and tilt.. It built very well and an absolute bargain for the price.
    Hope this helps.
    • 1 May 2008 5:39PM
  • Commented on 'NEF workflow'

    Cheers guys. I will try a copy of lightroom.
    • 23 Apr 2008 9:16AM
  • Commented on 'NEF workflow'

    At the moment I am using CS2 RAW plugin... It is a bit hit and miss.
    What is everyone else's experience and what's the best overall program to use to process and edit RAW (NEF) files...
    • 22 Apr 2008 10:18PM
  • Commented on 'Studio Flash advice....'

    I hope this does not contravene EPZ rules.
    In the HOT STUFF section is a great value for money studio set up from elemental. I have been looking at various set ups for a while and was about to go for it. I have spoken to the guys there and they are very friendly and helpful.
    Has anyone used this system or a similar one in the same price band. I need to expand my studio work (mostly families and head shots) and the kit needs to be portable. For use on a Nikon system.
    Many thanks in advance for ANY advice.
    • 22 Apr 2008 12:41PM
  • Commented on 'PC monitors for photo editing'

    cheers guys.
    No the TFTs I have used have not been calibrated. Again I will no doubt need assistance with this.
    • 22 Feb 2008 1:16PM
  • Commented on 'PC monitors for photo editing'

    My trusted CRT monitor gave up, fizzed and died today. I think my wife poured something on it so we can get one with a smaller foot print.
    I need some advice... In my experience when I have processed pictures using a TFT monitor the results look VERY different when viewed on the CRT. I have used CS2 on a pc at work, been happy with the results, then when opened at home the images have been quite poor.
    Does anyone have any recommendations or knowledge about such things as I am an absolute dunce in this area. Budget is reasonable but not crazy.
    Thanks to anyone who as time to reply.
    • 21 Feb 2008 8:49PM
  • Commented on 'Removing reflections with CS2'

    I need a bit of help if anyone has the time. I have uploaded a picture taken at a zoo. It has a bad reflection at the bottom.
    Does anyone have experience removing things like this in CS2.
    Any help would be great.
    • 5 Feb 2008 8:13PM
  • Commented on 'Nikon 18-200 VR'

    Andy, I have used the 18-200 VR on my D80 for 18 months and it is a great lens. The price now is very good. I paid WAY too much for mine. It does creep when pointed down. can be fixed with a rubber band ..
    It's not a macro lens, I use a +4 filter for close up work.
    At 18mm it is sharp and fast heres an eg.
    . I have had some good shots up to about 150mm at 200m it is a bit slow heres an eg.
    [link=] and I'm not sure if the VR works as well at full range and it has ruined as many shots for me as it has saved. This is due to me thinking it is a wonder fix for all situations.
    Also it does not fit sigma converters.
    But I have been more than happy with it and the range is great.
    Hope that helps a bit.
    • 3 Feb 2008 1:52PM
  • Commented on 'Best sunset tonight, South of England'

    On my drive home from work in Hampshire at 4.30 1st November, there was the most amazing red sunset I have seen in years. It hit the bottom of the grey clouds and litup the sky, All of the autumn colours stood out.. at every turn in the car I was swearing loudly due to the lack of camera and the shear beauty of every field and tree line... at the brow of a hill i saw some guys lucky enough to have their cameras and had set up position in a field. I WAS SOOO jealous. did anyone get any images... let me know.
    • 1 Nov 2007 10:09PM
  • Commented on 'Caching of ePHOTOzine'

    This happens occasionally. in the readers gallery when navigating through the pages it will change randomly. Sometimes it jumps to Editors choice, sometimes Junior section (which i never look at so would not be in my cache). I use firefox and thought it was this but it happens in explorer as well. It has happened on my home pc (F2S ISP) at a friends (AOL) and at work (get fired for using it).
    When it first happened I was using an old bookmark so I changed it having reported it and being advised to do so. But recently it has started happening again.
    I will keep a record of where and when. Smile.
    • 23 Oct 2007 6:04PM
  • Commented on 'My Nikon D80 experience.'

    Try setting the exposure comp. to about -0.7 when using your 18-200. also. at sensible shutter speeds turn off the VR (might be softening your image).
    There are loads of exposure settings to fiddle with so don't give up. Sit outside and run through the settings.
    If you really are not happy with the lens (i know its not cheap) take it back, don't settle if you're not happy. I have had mine used with a d80 for a year with no problems.
    • 11 Oct 2007 9:23AM
  • Commented on 'Lee / Hitech Filters'

    I was in the same boat as you last month. I looked at every possible combo and price, even making my own holder. There is no scrimping on the wide adapter, it does what it says on the tin.
    The Lee holder is best by far and in tricky conditions up hills or on beaches it is so quick and easy to attach. I have used it with 2 filters and a uv screw in on the sigma 10-20 with no problem on my d80.
    I use hitech filters.. that was a cost decision and based on reviews. I can't fault them. I have already scratched the hell out of one of them putting it back in its wallet on the beach.
    Hope this helps
    • 25 Sep 2007 6:50PM
  • Commented on 'Lee filter adaptors'

    Ok, I know you will say "search the forums" but I have a specific question and would like any users to let me know their experiences. I have a 100mm filter set which, up to now, i have been holding in front of the lens. Time for a holder. I nearly got the Cokin z pro. but am going the for Lee foundation kit, based on forum discussions, unless anyone can shout the praises of 'Z'. I have a 10-20 so will get the wide adaptor for that @ 77mm.
    I have an 18-200 with a 72mm thread. Any advise or experience with the holder. could I use the standard lee adaptor and save myself 20. I have chunky UV and CPs and will take them of if I need to. Camera D80, 1.6 x crop I think.
    • 23 Aug 2007 8:26PM
  • Commented on 'Nikon 18-200mm DX VR -vib reduction at Short end?'

    Great lens. My last picture was at 18mm with VR on using a flash @ 18mm.
    When at 18mm taking landscapes or static objects you really notice the VR kicking in. I learnt my lesson and realised that, just because you can shoot at 1/10th of a second it doesn't stop your kids/pets from moving and blurring the photo!
    Only down point I found was the lens creep; when you are shooting pointing down unless you hold the barrel the lens extends . It can be fixed with a rubber band.
    • 21 Aug 2007 12:30PM
  • Commented on 'Which one? Canon 400D or 30D...?'

    Either way 7 day shop are doing some great prices. 30D body and lenses. or 400d and the cashback thingy that still confuses me.
    • 3 Aug 2007 8:19PM
  • Commented on 'Nef madness'

    Did you download all of the new plugins. If so i had problems with the nef convertor and had to remove it from the folder
    /Adobe/Photoshop CS/Plug-ins/Adobe Photoshop Only/File Formats/Nikon NEF Plugin.8bi I found another link to this on
    However, i was able to open .NEF files before I deleted it.
    I hope that helps.
    • 2 Aug 2007 7:04PM
  • Commented on '450D v 30D' have got some good looking canon packages and the 30d is really good value at the moment. I totally agree with the feel of the 400d I upgraded from an EOS film system last year and went into the shop with the intention of walking out with the 400d. I changed systems and went for the Nikon D80 and never looked back. I had 5 DSLRs to play with for an hour. At the time I would have gone for the 30d but it was 900 for the body. Now I think you can get it for 600! that is well worth the extra money over the 400d. IMHO.
    • 6 Jul 2007 8:28AM
  • Commented on 'Best Film and Slide Scanner'

    A budget option is the plustek 7200 (the little blue one). I got one last month from jessops online (with the online discount code) for 89. I have used canon film scanners and nikon coolscans in the past and was a bit worried this would not give good results. This little beast is great. It has no ICE or dust removal capabilities but I zap these off in photoshop. It's fast too.
    The software isnt much but, if you have CS2 you just scan straight into it.
    All the other comments are very valid as it does take a bit of post processing but, once you get a workflow it is great.
    • 17 May 2007 7:33PM
  • Commented on '18-200 or 24-120 Nikkor VR?'

    I use a 18-200 VR as my main lens. It has great range and, as long as you only use one filter, no vignetting even at 18. Being able to get wide shots AND zoom shots without taking all your kit out is a godsend.
    It is still a zoom and therefore not as sharp as a prime lens, but I have taken loads of images now, never any problem with sharpness. The only thing I can think of is the reviewers were pushing the envelope of the VR and getting blurry images.
    The VR does work well but adds to the weight of the lens, If you can take your D50 into the shop wack both of them on and see which is best for you.
    The ONLY down side I have found is the lens creep when pointing the camera down, makes for very difficult long exposure. Hope this helps.
    • 29 Apr 2007 8:13PM
  • Commented on 'Nikon D80 buttons'

    DOF button depends on the lens. I don't use mine a lot but I used to with film cameras, with the lcd screen you can check the settings are correct very quickly..
    The Function button is REALLY good when you get used to it. It is a shortcut button and you can make it o whatever you want (see manual) in the camera set up there is a drop down. I use mine a lot for quick flash function changing or spot metering.
    Best way to learn is to play. If you really mess the camera up reset it to default settings.
    Have fun.
    • 18 Apr 2007 12:26PM