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Always pleased to read comments about my photos.
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  • Gorilla by tc847

    Thanks for *all* the feedback.

    Yes, I know I got lucky with the settings. I've been learning to hold a camera still for a very long time, but yes, still lucky. And I know I should have gone for A or S priority but when you have only 1 hour with the gorillas I felt it was better to risk the camera getting it wrong than me!

    I clearly need to practise more in PSE. The cloning was done extremely well and I know my attempts typically end up streaky. I did like the cropped versions although I was less disturbed by the greenery in the background than some commenters. I also particularly liked the removal of the "shininess" achieved in mod 4. If Banehawi has time to give me more clues on how to achieve that, it would be much appreciated.

    mrswoolybill, thanks for all the detailed suggestions. Personally I prefer the little imperfections that make a photo real so I want to keep the hair over his eye! But do appreciate your time and thoughts.

    Now need to spend some time working on my own version. Hopefully will get something uploaded in the next few days.

    • 23 Feb 2019 6:43PM
  • ERosanne by Dave_Collier

    Model and stance is very good, but background is somewhat cluttered and thereby detracts from the overall effect. Try a better location.
    • 19 Oct 2010 9:13AM
  • ND110 - Test by GarethRobinson

    Beautiful shot. Hard to see any noise at this resolution.
    • 14 Apr 2009 11:40PM
  • Pansy by gardenersteve

    It's a lovely shot, but I might have been tempted to crop it more tightly and remove the colour from the bottom edge.
    • 14 Apr 2009 11:39PM
  • Pyrrhula pyrrhula by ColouredImages

    Great colour, pinsharp focus, lovely detail.
    I'm just insanely jealous.
    • 11 Feb 2008 6:39PM
  • Camas Bostadh by kinfatric

    It looks more like a painting than a photo. Most impressive.
    • 11 Feb 2008 5:59PM
  • Waiting Room by rayrail52

    Great image.
    • 11 Feb 2008 5:50PM
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  • Sigma lens

    Nikon lense every time, the 70 300mm Vr is worth saving for, if you shop around you can pick it up brand new for around 300. It's light can be hand held and is spot on ...
    by PR | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on: Nikon D7500 Full Review

    Price point does not seem to match. It appears that it will cost 1299 but you can buy D500 for only 1499. Not sure what the attraction would be to save 200? Slightly smaller and lighter than D500 but overall a lower spec.
    • 16 Apr 2017 1:51PM

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