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Hello to everyone who takes time to look at my work. I hope it brings you as much pleasure as its given me trying to create images that are eye-catching.
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A quick view of tce5's recent activity.

  • Misty

    Thanks for the comments, Misty is a girl. My friends much loved cat and a much better model than my cat who insists on turning away at the appropriate moment lol
    • 21 Jan 2012 11:36PM
  • The Cat and the Canary

    Hi thanks for the comments, yes it is a budgie but as you said wouldnt sound the same lol. I will put more images on over next few days of different shots of Misty.
    • 19 Jan 2012 1:13AM
  • Bride & Groom

    Thanks Cameracat - will try it. The bride and groom wanted the touches of colour so included it. Thanks for info on levels etc
    • 24 Oct 2010 1:07PM
  • Orange Gerbera

    Thanks Tony
    It looks sharp on my screen so hope my eyesight not going lol. I will try another tomorrow. Did the images from the day before look sharp. Love the gerbera - this is my favourite flower.
    • 2 Apr 2010 7:17PM
  • Dawn

    Yes I used a gold reflector, should I be using something else? This was my very first attempt so any advice would be most welcome.
    • 2 Feb 2010 6:46PM
  • Isobel 2

    Isobel was wearing my hat and squashing a marshmellow
    • 26 Sep 2009 10:54AM
  • On Lythm Beach

    Thanks, I have no idea what the structure is, I have put it on the map, if u look on the satellite view u can see it at the end of the pier running parallel to the beach. If anyone knows what it is please let me know.
    • 15 Sep 2009 7:14PM
  • Hi Michael
    Thanks for the comment on my photo 'The Bride', it was taken on the 3rd January about 4.30 so it was just beginning to turn. Unfortunately the building couldnt really be lit without really burning out the dress. There is a small amount of light on the columns from a separate light however this is not enough to make it stand out.
  • Hi Pete
    Love your work, especially the poetry. You always make me smile.
    All the best for 2006
    Love Tanya
  • Hi Phillip, You have a stunning portfolio and the colours are beautiful. It is a joy to look at your work. Keep them coming.
  • Hi Frank
    Thanks for the comment. Love the sepia work.
  • Hi Cecelia,
    Love your work such a wide variety. Have missed you recently, you have some fabulous images in your portfolio - a joy to visit.
  • Adore your work Samantha. You inspire me to try new things with flowers. Love your abstract work.
  • Hi Freda
    Love your work especially the snails. I too like macro work of flowers, I do keep trying to branch out (no pun intended) and try something new like landscapes etc but I will have to keep working on them. Hope to see much more of your work on here.
    • Posted on piccy's profile
    • 6 Sep 2006 5:50PM
  • Hi Victor,
    Almost another year over. I was having a look through my portfolio this morning and I can see that I have improved vastly over this last year. Most of this is down to you and your encouragement. I know my work is very different to yours but you always have time to encourage photographers less skillful than yourself. I'm very grateful and you know I love your work. One day I might even outshine the master lol.
    Its a long day off though.
    All the best for 2006.
    All my love
  • Fantastic work Mike. The colours and detail in your portfolio are absolutely stunning. I really enjoy looking at your work.
  • Hi Patrick,
    Love your work, you always manage to find much better sites of the Californian coast than I do. Hopefully when we meet up next September you will have loads of pointers for me. Have a brill New Year and love to the family.
    Lots of Love