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  • Not thought of poundstretcher, will go and check one out this evening, thanks for you great suggestion !!

  • Quote:If the large fame has a narrow border perspex has to be used as glass is too heavy for the frame to support it. That may be the reason, health and safety again. Hope that makes sense.

    Sylviwhalley, I have twice said in my topic that I am seeking glass frames and this is the subject of my topic, I do not want to get into discussion on perspex!!!!!! The frames are 50 x 40cm and for 8 years I have used them very happily with no problem - my only problem now is that I can not get hold of them.

  • I do really appreciate all your help, I am now coming to this conclusion it seems the way to go...
  • Thanks guys but please note that I am only interested in glass frames or glass options I do not want to use anything other than is not glass for the reasons I stated in my first post.

    Thanks Angie I have have used quite a few of the range warehouse frame but I am having problems getting consistent stock available, I find a style I like but then the stocks are just not available or they then discontinue the frame and as each frame is different it giving me a total headache!!!
  • Thanks I had not thought of Hobby craft will go and give them a look.

    I have tried a few from the Range, but I find the sizing is a little strange as they are all unusual sizes 50.5cm x 40.5cm. The last frames I purchased had different coloured cardboard stapled to the back of the frames ??
  • For quite a few years I have been happily buying picture frames from Ikea and Wilko with no problems at all. Now I am totally frustrated to find that they are being replace by frames with perspex fronts. I tried, chased the static attracting fluff and then damaged whilst trying to remove with a (wilko) anti static cloth.

    Please can anyone advice me on where I can buy glass fronted picture frames from 20 x 16 inches, I am based in Manchester.


  • Thanks again for your good advice Folks I have used DSCL for printing prints didn't think of them for canvases that could be very handy Ross.
  • thank you for the suggestion Tianshi_angie, I do not have a printer but this maybe useful for someone who has.
  • Thank you very much for you reply, much appreciated I will give them a go.
  • Hello,

    I would like to get some photographs printed as Canvas prints but I have never done this before. Looking online there is such a variety of companies and big differences in prices. Has anyone any experience or any recommendations of who to choose.


    TB (Manchester)
  • I was searching for the same information so thought I would revive this last thread on the subject.

    I have just checked out photobox and the prices look a bit expensive on the A6 1.49 each to some other websites that I have briefly looked at.

    Any one any more suggestions ? What size cards are you ordering ??
  • Thanks for the Link Keith, Yes quite a bit of difference from what I was quotedGrin
  • I have only tried one quote so far but it was 129.00 which seem excessive to me, so thought I would ask here of the right places to try and if indeed the 129.00 was excessive.
  • (forgot to click the notify me of replies box)
  • Hello, I am hoping to sell some local Photography at a forthcoming Christmas Fair/Market.

    Can anyone give some advice and recommendations on which company is best for this sort of event and roughly how much I should expect to pay ?

    This is a quote from the company that are running the fair on their application form.

    Quote:Public Liability Insurance
    Is a must have for all stallholders to have their own insurance No responsibility or liability will be taken for any damages, theft or accidents.

    I would appreciate your comments.


  • Quote:2) The result of a very intense night high on god knows what which you promptly forgot all about till now.
    ha ha ha I wish!!

    I am using photoshop cc bridge .......I have a few with different stripy patterns no pattern to it. I am not too bothered about trying to retrieve the files (they were not very good photographs) just wondered what has gone wrong and how to stop it effecting any others.

  • Been having a look back at some old images from 2009 taken with a Nikon D200 but found some with some crazy stripes, anyone any idea what the problem could be?

  • Hi, I use a sigma 10-20 wide angle lens for this lens my lovely hubbie "hack sawed" off the part of the filter holder that holds a second filter now no problemGrin

  • Quote:some of the freeware stuff put a limit the recording time, just something to be aware of

    Thanks I shall look at for that

    Much appreciate all your suggestions, this really helps get me started Thank you all very much.
  • Hi Lemmy and llareggub,

    Thanks so much for your repliesGrin

    What I hope to record and show (video) is how I help restore peoples historic photographs, remove creases colourise etc but as you know it takes blooming ages but I volunteer (for free) to make a smile ......sooo I thought if I could record it and increase the speed so I could give a quick view of the work entailed and so people can see the difference.

    There will be no talking as I hope to have some nice quick music so people can see the progression.

  • I tried that rob but could only find a thread about some software from 2010 but that was some time ago. I have never done a video before so was asking should I use software or should I use a webcam ?
  • Hi PeachesMum,

    I have created a little "Action" that I made in Photoshop, I use it on a regular basis.

    1.Create New blank layer
    2.Use the Type tool in White to type your copyright
    3 Make the type bevelled and set the blend mode to lighten about 30% normally does it for me

    If you save this as an action it helps quickly repeat it on other photographs.

  • Hello,

    I would like to make a Video tutorial of how I edit an image in Photoshop (CC) from start to finish, but I have no idea what software/webcam to use I am hoping someone can give me some suggestions.

    I have an old version of Windows Movie Maker is this any good ?

  • I was in a "local town" tourist information office browsing places to visit, when I overheard a conversation where they were looking for a photograph of the "local town" for the booklet. The lady in charge said that the image they had used was no good and they should "simply google" for a good one...!!! I was shocked for so many reasons, this area of the UK has the most talented photographers and a club but it had not passed her mind to just ask..Sad but she just thought it was ok to use images of the web..
  • GlennH

    I was starting to think that maybe it could not be done in elements.....just having a quick look at the gimp I think that this would be much better for her to work with, thank you so much for help and advice it is very much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    I am trying to help a friend who has just started using Photoshop Elements 11 which I am not familiar with.

    I have downloaded the colour profile from the external printing company and saved to the desktop. I then installed it on the C drive/Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Colour as instructed. I then closed down and restarted the computer.

    When I try to convert to profile for printing I can not see the colour profile? What am I doing wrong??

  • I have "stars" again!!! I dropped the ISO down to 100 and very happy to seem them back in my pictures just called back to say thanks for the helpGrin
  • Hi Andy,

    It is good to hear from someone with a similar set up. I have not managed to try another test yet but I seemed to have tried all Fstops but no stars??? My ISO levels have been around 400 so maybe I will drop the ISO and try again starting with F8-f22ish

    Cheers TB
  • Thanks..... will try again doing some more experimenting.
  • Hello,

    I have recently upgraded from a D200 to a shiney new D7100 but have not managed to find my usual "star burst effect" on evening lights that I loved so much with my D200.

    I most often use my Sigma 10-20mm which used to find F11 as the sweet spot for this lens and camera.

    I have googled this camera but have only found one photograph that illustrates this effect, a 35mm at F16 has anyone any advice to help me?