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  • Thanks again for your good advice Folks I have used DSCL for printing prints didn't think of them for canvases that could be very handy Ross.
  • thank you for the suggestion Tianshi_angie, I do not have a printer but this maybe useful for someone who has.
  • Thank you very much for you reply, much appreciated I will give them a go.
  • Hello,

    I would like to get some photographs printed as Canvas prints but I have never done this before. Looking online there is such a variety of companies and big differences in prices. Has anyone any experience or any recommendations of who to choose.


    TB (Manchester)
  • I was searching for the same information so thought I would revive this last thread on the subject.

    I have just checked out photobox and the prices look a bit expensive on the A6 1.49 each to some other websites that I have briefly looked at.

    Any one any more suggestions ? What size cards are you ordering ??
  • Thanks for the Link Keith, Yes quite a bit of difference from what I was quotedGrin
  • I have only tried one quote so far but it was 129.00 which seem excessive to me, so thought I would ask here of the right places to try and if indeed the 129.00 was excessive.
  • (forgot to click the notify me of replies box)
  • Hello, I am hoping to sell some local Photography at a forthcoming Christmas Fair/Market.

    Can anyone give some advice and recommendations on which company is best for this sort of event and roughly how much I should expect to pay ?

    This is a quote from the company that are running the fair on their application form.

    Quote:Public Liability Insurance
    Is a must have for all stallholders to have their own insurance No responsibility or liability will be taken for any damages, theft or accidents.

    I would appreciate your comments.


  • Quote:2) The result of a very intense night high on god knows what which you promptly forgot all about till now.
    ha ha ha I wish!!

    I am using photoshop cc bridge .......I have a few with different stripy patterns no pattern to it. I am not too bothered about trying to retrieve the files (they were not very good photographs) just wondered what has gone wrong and how to stop it effecting any others.

  • Been having a look back at some old images from 2009 taken with a Nikon D200 but found some with some crazy stripes, anyone any idea what the problem could be?

  • Hi, I use a sigma 10-20 wide angle lens for this lens my lovely hubbie "hack sawed" off the part of the filter holder that holds a second filter now no problemGrin

  • Quote:some of the freeware stuff put a limit the recording time, just something to be aware of

    Thanks I shall look at for that

    Much appreciate all your suggestions, this really helps get me started Thank you all very much.
  • Hi Lemmy and llareggub,

    Thanks so much for your repliesGrin

    What I hope to record and show (video) is how I help restore peoples historic photographs, remove creases colourise etc but as you know it takes blooming ages but I volunteer (for free) to make a smile ......sooo I thought if I could record it and increase the speed so I could give a quick view of the work entailed and so people can see the difference.

    There will be no talking as I hope to have some nice quick music so people can see the progression.

  • I tried that rob but could only find a thread about some software from 2010 but that was some time ago. I have never done a video before so was asking should I use software or should I use a webcam ?
  • Hi PeachesMum,

    I have created a little "Action" that I made in Photoshop, I use it on a regular basis.

    1.Create New blank layer
    2.Use the Type tool in White to type your copyright
    3 Make the type bevelled and set the blend mode to lighten about 30% normally does it for me

    If you save this as an action it helps quickly repeat it on other photographs.

  • Hello,

    I would like to make a Video tutorial of how I edit an image in Photoshop (CC) from start to finish, but I have no idea what software/webcam to use I am hoping someone can give me some suggestions.

    I have an old version of Windows Movie Maker is this any good ?

  • I was in a "local town" tourist information office browsing places to visit, when I overheard a conversation where they were looking for a photograph of the "local town" for the booklet. The lady in charge said that the image they had used was no good and they should "simply google" for a good one...!!! I was shocked for so many reasons, this area of the UK has the most talented photographers and a club but it had not passed her mind to just ask..Sad but she just thought it was ok to use images of the web..
  • GlennH

    I was starting to think that maybe it could not be done in elements.....just having a quick look at the gimp I think that this would be much better for her to work with, thank you so much for help and advice it is very much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    I am trying to help a friend who has just started using Photoshop Elements 11 which I am not familiar with.

    I have downloaded the colour profile from the external printing company and saved to the desktop. I then installed it on the C drive/Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Colour as instructed. I then closed down and restarted the computer.

    When I try to convert to profile for printing I can not see the colour profile? What am I doing wrong??

  • I have "stars" again!!! I dropped the ISO down to 100 and very happy to seem them back in my pictures just called back to say thanks for the helpGrin
  • Hi Andy,

    It is good to hear from someone with a similar set up. I have not managed to try another test yet but I seemed to have tried all Fstops but no stars??? My ISO levels have been around 400 so maybe I will drop the ISO and try again starting with F8-f22ish

    Cheers TB
  • Thanks..... will try again doing some more experimenting.
  • Hello,

    I have recently upgraded from a D200 to a shiney new D7100 but have not managed to find my usual "star burst effect" on evening lights that I loved so much with my D200.

    I most often use my Sigma 10-20mm which used to find F11 as the sweet spot for this lens and camera.

    I have googled this camera but have only found one photograph that illustrates this effect, a 35mm at F16 has anyone any advice to help me?

  • I didn't know there were so many Castles in YorkshireGrin Thanks for you good suggestions.
  • Hi c40uk,

    Thanks for the good suggestions, sandle castle looks pretty stunning will have to go and have a looks at this.
  • Hello,

    I am not from Yorkshire but am going to be spending a few days there soon. Can anyone suggest some interesting places that I can go with my camera that is not to far to travel ? I like mostly like landscape and old building photography but are quite open to ideasGrin

  • Thanks Saxon, you are a star will give that one a goGrin
  • Hello

    I am on my second HP Photosmart 335 Photo printer and I love it for doing quick prints.

    The HP paper I had been using from PC World is now no longer stocked and to be honest is getting more difficult and expensive to get hold of.

    HP Premium Photo Paper 240g/m2 was the original and best paper I started with
    HP Everyday Photo Paper 200g/m2 I tried but the ink didn't seem to print as well..: (
    HP Premium Plus Paper 280g/m2 seems ok but expensive and difficult to get hold of.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of what different makes of paper would be good to try???

  • Thanks for the Link Andy, I was going to ask about what sort of prices people are charging for Photographs this large. I normally charge about 50.00 for a A3 print but have never sold anything this large before.