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Thanks for dropping by. Taking photographs is a personal thing, sometimes you connect with others and sometimes you don't. I hope there's some here that connect with you. Happy viewing.
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I have been clicking a camera now for longer than I care to remember - at least for - goodness me, how time flies. My only other hobby, apart from standing on the corner winking at all the girls that go by, which I've been doing for so long now I've developed a permanent twitch. Just recently I've been threatened by several burly men that think I'm winking at them. I'm going to have to concentrate solely on my photography and my other passion, writing. I've written several novels, but they've only got as far as Kindle. If you're interested I go under the name of Terence King. I don't write for profit, all royalties go to charity. Perhaps you'd like to check them out.

I was only joking about winking at girls and men. I'm more than happy with my wife.


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