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Hello everyone, and welcome to my portfolio,

Please take the time to offer any advice or comments you may have, as I am here to learn, and enjoy reading your comments.
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A quick view of Term's recent activity.

  • Frosty morning Fallow


    • 11 Jan 2015 4:23PM
  • Robin

    stunning detail, light and colour, a cracking Dave,

    • 11 Jan 2015 4:18PM
  • Monument Valley

    Saw this in the gallery and almost knew it was yours without looking Smile
    Lovely image as always !
    • 11 Jan 2015 4:15PM
  • Worthing Pier II

    A great image, wonderfully composed, with good combination of elements. Only slight change would be to lighten up the wooden posts, so they're not quite so silhouetted

    also, thanks for your kind comments on my latest upload mate,

    • 3 Nov 2014 7:40PM
  • Southern Hawker

    incredible image, cant undertand how its even possible to get a shot like this ! Smile

    • 1 Nov 2014 9:14PM
  • Kingfisher

    my fav, wonderful image !

    • 1 Nov 2014 9:05PM
  • Autumnal Fallow

    Great shot, great light, colour and detail

    • 1 Nov 2014 9:01PM
  • Hi Joline, thanks for commenting on my recent upload, have a great weekend !
    • Posted on Joline's profile
    • 22 Jun 2013 1:15PM
  • Hi Mavis,

    thanks for taking the time to stop by my PF and commenting, have a great weekend !
    • Posted on Mavis's profile
    • 22 Jun 2013 1:15PM
  • Hi Ade,

    thanks for taking the time to look at my images. Your work acts as inspiration for me so I value your opinion. I think at the moment I dont see the waterfalls etc as safe ground. I am still learning. I think if I were to do portraits the limits of my camera may become more apparent than the forgiving landscapes that I take. But if I upload a portrait you'll be the first to know Smile

    take care mate
  • Hi Brett,

    thanks for leaving a comment, its always so nice to get a response to my work.
    Likewise I am really impressed with your wildlife photos, the crispness and detail, coupled with the colour and tones, is wonderful, something for me to aim for.

    • Posted on adderman's profile
    • 25 Jan 2007 12:09PM
  • Some wonderful images, and a great source of inspiration for new photographers such as myself, thanks for your interest in my work Kim,

    take care