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Well, it's a new year and I thought I should update my profile. I'm a retired GP, married with four kids, and aged fifty-one. I love photography, though I have no pretensions about my ability; without my friend Cheesey's help, I would not be posting here now - simple as that. I also recognise the talent on e.p.z. and the help and support I have received by regular contributors. I would echo what I read on someone else's profile today: "if you're new to this site, don't be daunted. The people here are very friendly".

After six months chasing about North Yorkshire, looking for decent shots, I find myself drawn more and more to evening skies and everglades, snatching half an hour here or there, school-run and evening meals permitting - and I'm happy.

Sincere regards and thanks for looking at my p/f.



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