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  • If Canon can, can we?

    "I was told some time back to hang fire on a 5D. My credit card is very happy at the moment but my fingers are twitching. Canon had better hurry it along!" Chea...
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  • Rip Off Britain

    "Quote:Remove all packaging, take a few shots and bring it home. For the price you pay over here, you have had a cheap holiday and the camera you wantAnd unless you d...
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  • Large Images

    Term, you have some good shots on here, just leave your pf and come back if/when you feel like it, nobody will mind. I've looked at your other contributions and your p...
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  • For anyone thinking of getting the CANON 5D!!!

    Wow Sandra - it certainly was your lucky day! Good work! Looks like that manager at Jessops will be getting the sack fairly soon though! ;-)
    by Adam_1976 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 17
  • Cutting up Cokins

    My only serious knife related injury (had a couple of gunshot wounds but that's another story or two) was last January and the result of a bizarre sandwich making acciden...
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  • New V4 ePhotozine views

    "When you've been around here for a bit longer you'll understand that the fully initiated now vote" lol...old sayings... I can't get them out of my head!
    by affleck | Last Post | Unread
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  • If Canon can, can we?

    "I was told some time back to hang fire on a 5D. My credit card is very happy at the moment but my fingers are twitching. Canon had better hurry it along!" Chea...
    by TerryBaxter | Last Post | Unread
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  • Dust removal systems/ sensor cleaning

    I've had my Sony for three months now and it has seen some fairly hectic service in that time, lenses being interchanged most sessions. Still waiting for the first speck...
    by Paul Morgan | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on ChristopherSmith's profile

    The last photograph, to date, of Saltburn pier in the twilight is absolutely superb, and takes your pics onto another level. The light is spot-on and you've captured it really well. Look forward to seeing more like it. (How's the new tripod working? Thinking of getting one, too).

    Best regards, Terry.
    • 5 Jan 2007 4:36PM
  • Posted on HelenO's profile

    Not a portrait photographer, but I do know good when I see it; and this p/f excels.

    Regards, Terry.
    • 30 Mar 2007 4:39PM
  • Posted on annefromleo's profile

    Just looked at your p/f for the first time; it's close to the knuckle. I say 'close to the knuckle' because these portraits are so breath-takingly good, they 'bond' with the onlooker. Can't say more than that.
    • 28 Oct 2006 4:27PM
  • Posted on chase's profile

    Janet, I've just 'discovered' your p/f tonight. And I'm accordingly ashamed; I thought I'd seen it all on epz, this last six months and clearly haven't. I'm also excited because I'm coming back tomorrow for a proper look - and I have to tell my friends. Such imagery!

    Regards, Terry.
    • 6 Jan 2007 9:54PM
  • Posted on Possum's profile

    Absolutely outstanding use of colour and shape; a real eye-opener!

    Regards, Terry.
    • 16 Nov 2006 10:22AM
  • Posted on cadman359's profile

    Your pics bring light; that's all any of us can aspire to. This is a great and growing p/f.

    • 21 Mar 2007 10:09PM
  • Posted on Nash's profile

    Magnificent p/f; love the waterfalls. They're a peach. One of the trreats of epz is that there are discoveries still to be made, and this is one!

    • 26 Mar 2007 7:45AM
  • Posted on paulrankin's profile

    An eclectic portfolio that can do nothing but inspire. What really bugs me is that I haven't seen any of these - and they are a must-see.

    Regards, Terry.
    • 25 Jan 2007 9:56PM
  • Posted on martinl's profile

    The word dazzling springs to mind. And I do mean dazzling.

    Regards, Terry.
    • 21 Jan 2007 9:03PM
  • Posted on jken's profile

    Couldn't agree more [with Kim]. Superb and inspiring p/f.

    • 14 Feb 2007 10:31AM
  • Posted on MarkT's profile

    There are some very high profile, proficient photographers commending your p/f. Nuff said.

    Regards, Terry.
    • 11 Jan 2007 8:36PM
  • Posted on John_Duckett's profile

    This is a p/f that truly inspires; Norfolk looks a good place to catch light and 'time and tide' - well, it defies description..

    Regards, Terry.
    • 29 Mar 2007 3:39PM
  • Posted on jameslovell71's profile

    James; I'm from 'Arrigut, too. You've possibly no idea how hard your shot of Staithes is; and it's spot-on. Normally the northern and southern cusps of the bay are in bright light and dark, respectively. Nigh on impossible.

    Enjoy your 5D.

    Regards, Terry.
    • 8 Dec 2006 7:30PM

Limited to latest 30 results.