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Activity : Photo Comments


I'm a lifelong amateur but going digital sparked a resurgence of photographic activity. I currently use A Nikon D7100 but have tended to alternate between Nikon and Canon over the decades!
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  • Frigiliana - Spanish village

    Thank you
    • 18 Jun 2014 3:54PM
  • Viaduct

    Thank you Paul, very constructive.
    • 6 Nov 2013 5:57PM
  • penguins

    The water was sloping! The penguins had set it slopping around, caught mid-slurp!!
    • 12 Sep 2013 9:43PM
  • Rambo

    Paul by grunge I just mean bringing out the skin texture a little. The mod is just like the original but I felt the strong colour looked too much like a 'snap'? Still in two minds about how to produce a final version - cropping, colour etc. I tried a tight crop to his eyes for example.
    • 11 Mar 2013 8:36AM
  • Moonlit

    Hmm, I might try toning it down a little, thanks.
    • 22 Aug 2012 5:54PM
  • Lobster pot

    Ah I know those pots well! If you're lucky you'll find Starlings lurking inside! I often visit.
    • 13 Jul 2012 10:11AM
  • Malaga Airport

    Thank you for the Award guest editor! Very welcomed.Grin
    • 8 Jun 2012 9:29AM
  • Wild Orchid

    oops - thanks! At least I got the 'flowers' bit right!!
    • 4 Jun 2012 7:38PM
  • Deep in the Woods

    Thanks people. I've printed it up at A3+ and it looks lovely on my wall.Smile
    • 13 May 2012 8:46AM
  • Springtime windsurfing

    I've got several surfer shots where there is just the surfer and the sea but thought the horizon here gave a sense of position or place? I hadn't noticed the red buoy and will clone it out. I also like the surfer further out adding to the composition, creating a diagonal back towards the rocks.Smile
    • 28 Apr 2012 11:06AM
  • Silhouette Swan

    • 25 Apr 2012 10:32PM
  • Liberty's Alaskan Bald Eagle Again

    You're beating me at my own game Trev!! Excellent series of captures!
    • 20 Apr 2012 9:05AM
  • Determination

    Love the colours
    • 20 Apr 2012 9:02AM
  • Rain Surfer

    Thanks both. Mad dogs and Englishmen (and photographers) eh?Grin
    • 20 Apr 2012 9:01AM
  • Bamboo Bridge

    The bridge is the subject and makes a great photo. Maybe some human interest in the water maybe ie kids splashing etc?
    • 19 Apr 2012 6:47PM

    Yes, sharp but depth of field could be larger, but that depends upon the effect you're after. Interesting triptyche style in the first shot.
    • 19 Apr 2012 6:44PM
  • two boys

    It has a lovely tonal quality and the small boy in the background gives scale.
    • 10 Apr 2012 10:15PM
  • Yewbarrow Swan

    The warmth lifts it from the standard swan shot. Nice.
    • 10 Apr 2012 10:13PM
  • portrait or my Samoyed

    The nose doesn't bother me too much, but would be nicer if sharp! But the crop is too much I think and as you say his whiskers are chopped off. Me being me, I'd also use Lightroom to increase the luminance of the red in his tongue a touch to lighten and brighten it and show the light coming through the edges. Don't laugh, it can add a bite to the image!Smile
    • 3 Apr 2012 7:15PM
  • The Bug

    I like it. Surreal yet real if you know what I mean! The magenta/blue cast shouldn't be hard to knock back a little? What software you have?
    • 3 Apr 2012 7:12PM
  • Swan neck

    Thanks for the votes.
    • 3 Apr 2012 4:17PM
  • Sunseeker Rally 2012

    I was there too Trev but in an even worse spot as there was no sense of action in my shots, so well done!
    • 3 Apr 2012 3:16PM
  • That's Lunch Then!

    Great shots, especially to keep him in focus! No. 6 is a dead ringer for one of mine, which I suspect is the same bird at the same spot on the same river!!
    • 3 Apr 2012 3:09PM
  • Take-off

    Make a great alternative to Turkey .....

    only kidding!Tongue
    • 3 Apr 2012 3:06PM
  • Bygone Barn

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the lens wide open was a c*ckup on my part! Only realised later. The trouble is, my 7D is setup with 3 customised shooting modes and also has all the others and it is so easy to find you've set the wrong one unless you're really careful. I was also in a rush because people kept coming in and nosing around too!
    • 21 Mar 2012 3:11PM
  • general

    I think pants was the right word actually. Sorry. I agree with the sentiment though.
    • 16 Mar 2012 7:58PM
  • Sunrise

    Needs more than a nice sky though. Hard, I know as when there, you just have to photograph it don't you?!
    • 16 Mar 2012 7:53PM
  • Short Eared Owl

    Just seen your profile and how young you are - that would have been a great shot for any adult let alone a youngster!
    • 16 Mar 2012 7:48PM
  • Star Cookie Cutter

    I thought it was taken from inside a washing machine at first! Unusual viewpoint, not sure it works.
    • 16 Mar 2012 7:44PM
  • The Owl and The Moon

    Great comp, needs to be mono I think.
    • 16 Mar 2012 7:41PM