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Some people think they are good with a camera whilst others are good with a camera, well at least I'm not bad with photoshop lol!
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  • Living in a Box

    Hey Dave, I haven't even got a camera anymore and seeing this image you have created has reminded me of a time when I used to enjoy playing in photoshop before it became a major work tool!
    Top creation my man and very apt for the absolute car crash of a situation we all find ourselves in now!
    All the best, Darren
    • 22 Jan 2021 9:06PM
  • The Seed

    Hi Erk, I see that you too have returned!, yeah not sure what I'm doing really something strange must have come over me lol
    • 8 Oct 2013 9:22AM
  • *****

    Thanks Ian and thankyou Pete, not sure how often I will post but I'm sure I'll throw something up every now and then Tongue
    • 13 Sep 2011 12:54PM
  • pt3 - saying nothing

    rather splendid series this Jo, great treatment.
    After student U's latest upload I reckon he needs taking in hand!
    • 16 Jul 2009 5:00PM
  • Chillin with Buddha

    corker of a mono shot, very nice.
    • 16 Jul 2009 4:55PM

    nice montage of shot's, splendid.
    • 16 Jul 2009 4:48PM
  • See Me

    thats one thing to do with the net curtains of a morning! nice.
    • 16 Jul 2009 4:47PM
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  • I really don't think there is anyone on here with a PF as varied and individual as yours, it takes some doing coming up with ideas and images that can really only be created by one person and be instantly recognised as such.
    Congratulations Erk.