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You don't take a photograph, you make it. ~Ansel Adams
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A quick view of thearmsofvenusdemilo's recent activity.

  • Spiral Architect

    Quote:Two and a half years and then you just pop up without so much as a fanfare. Wink

    How's yourself, Colin?

    Doin well thx Keith Grin
    • 25 Nov 2015 10:19PM
  • Baaaaaaa...d Company

    Ewe have nailed this one perfectly KOD.Grin
    • 9 May 2015 4:57PM
  • Gateway to the Mournes

    Lovely muted colours, good take Grin
    • 11 Jun 2013 9:32PM
  • At Spelga Dam

    Welcome to EPZ Grin
    • 11 Jun 2013 9:29PM
  • Flight of the crows

    Nice one..Smile
    • 22 Apr 2013 1:15AM
  • Mount Errigal, Co Donegal

    • 22 Apr 2013 1:13AM
  • been a while...

    Thanyou for the comments, appreciate it..
    • 14 Apr 2013 2:23PM
  • Wow what a raw talent indeed, superb work !!!
  • Quality work...
  • Hi Mavis. Your PF shows a lot of versatility and some superb images. Seven EC'S speaks for itself really. x

    • Posted on Mavis's profile
    • 9 May 2007 2:55AM
  • Hi Maddie.

    Your photography PF in my opinion is one of the most improved on the site. You are showing lots of versatility in your work ,stunning landscapes/seascapes and simply wonderful portraits. Your work is a pleasure to view.

    Colin x
    • Posted on Maddie's profile
    • 25 Apr 2007 8:13PM
  • Nikki, I really cant keep up with your PF ! You have uploaded some really excellent macro work of late with great detail in your subject matter. I just dont seem to be able to capture anything half decent in the small world. A real pleasure to view them all

    Colin xx
  • Hi Nikki. Some real quality macro work lately.Your flower work is to die for.

  • Truly inspirational PF. A benchmark to which I can only aspire to

  • Your pf has left me gobsmacked. Never seen so many EC's on one pf!Stunning work

    • Posted on csurry's profile
    • 4 Mar 2007 7:18PM
  • Must say you are rather good!

    Colin x
    • Posted on Chant57's profile
    • 10 Apr 2007 1:05AM