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Welcome to my 'chaotic' attempts at amateur photography! Grin
Former iPhoneographer, aspiring photographer.
Please impart your wisdom upon me!
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  • Barclay Viewforth Church

    Quote:It works well enough for me,although I'm not sure about that sky.
    I have to assume that you've replaced the original as the top of the building's bathed in sunlight and looks quite golden.
    I don't know what was wrong with the old sky but a more sympathetic alternative might help.
    Otherwise, I rather like it!


    Hi Bren!
    Are you referring to the colour of the sky? I gave it a slight purplish tint and altered the exposure on some of the building but that's all I think.
    Thanks Smile
    • 24 Nov 2013 10:40PM
  • Sunset over Haymarket

    Quote:I've looked at this a few times, I like the effect that you have achieved but there are certainly some strange effects that aren't exactly noise but break up the smoothness of quality. I'm looking for example at the textures on the paving stones bottom left, that area reminds me of the Adobe Poster Edges filter. I suspect that the original image was rather more underexposed (1/2000 second, even at 18mm and f3.9, seems remarkably fast for November dusk!), and you have compensated in processing. Lightening areas of shadow can produce a strangely flat, 2-dimensional effect.

    Your processing is a bit harsh in various ways. If you look at the tramlines against the blue sky you will see a thin white halo along each side, and the actual lines break up into tiny sections rather than flowing smoothly (particularly noticeable in the line running across the street just above that tall chimney) - that's because the image is slightly oversharpened.

    What I do enjoy here is the cold grey grittiness of the street, against that sky. The sky is a bit oversaturated but as a picture it works for me.

    One small point that niggles - I want to skew the top right corner out just a tiny bit. The verticals on the left are correct, on the right they lean in - it's that slight imbalance that irritates a bit.

    Hi Moira,

    The original was really underexposed, as I took it so quickly, and that weird looking effect came after I had lifted the shadows out. I didn't really do anything else to it apart from adjust the whites and blacks a bit and lens corrections.

    I did sharpen the image but I did it with a mask overlay to sharpen but the outline of the buildings etc but maybe it's not worked as I hoped.

    I get what you mean about the imbalances.

    Thank you Smile
    • 24 Nov 2013 8:27PM
  • Bikes and berries in the Dean Village

    Quote:I wonder if it could be the lamp post which almost bisects the shot right down the middle? - could be cloned out but would be a big job.

    Otherwise it's a nice autumn pic with some good colours. I would remove the vignetting ( if poss ) and, instead, get rid of the overexposed area by cropping down to the level of the roof of the smaller building. The bikes are a nice touch.


    That's Geoff, I'll give that a go Smile
    • 21 Nov 2013 11:58AM
  • Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh

    Quote:Lovely tonal range and textures. Great first shot with your new camera! Smile

    Thank you Jacqui! Smile
    • 20 Nov 2013 7:56PM
  • Thanks

    Hi there,
    Where was this picture taken?
    I noticed the 'hvala' on the bin and thought this was maybe a war ruin somewhere in the Balkans?
    • 20 Nov 2013 7:16PM
  • The Old Man of Stor

    I love it up there!
    I work as tour guide in the Highlands and would take my groups for walks up to the Old Man
    • 20 Nov 2013 7:05PM
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