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  • Posted on: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VRII Review

    I purchased this lens last summer even though there were very few reviews available. I am happy to read this review as it helps justify this expensive purchase.

    I choose this lens over the other Nikon lenses such as the 200F2, 400F2.8, and 500F4 because (1) it is cheaper, and (2) definitely can be hand held which is how I mostly use it when photographing wildlife. ( I custom made a wood handle that attaches to the tripod foot to make it easier to carry and to do hand held shots)

    I have the TC-14EII and the TC-20EIII and use them extensively with this lens. The image quality is outstanding with virtually no loss of contrast or sharpness. My cameras are the D600 and the D800. I often crop the image heavily and yet still have a very sharp image. Think of this: Put the x2 tele on this lens, photograph a lion 100 yards away, crop the photo from 36mp to 9mp and you will be amazed at the quality obtainable. That 300mm lens is now 1200mm!

    If you must travel light then try the same thing with the new Nikon 70-200F4. (I have the 70-200F2.8 as well but it does not work as well with the tele-converters despite it's one stop advantage). You will be pleasantly surprised!
    • 9 Mar 2013 10:52PM

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