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  • If voting in a GE became compulsory, And a person refused to vote.
    Would that person be penalised ? and what would the penalty be?

    (A good thing regarding Brexit is, If a person claimed , that being forced to vote is against their human rights, they cannot take their case to European Courts.
  • Do I need full frame ? No

    I have ordered a Pentax K1. Full frame.
  • Ricoh GRii and Ricoh Griii are both pocketable .
    Both come with a 28 mm fixed lens but have a 35 and 50mm crop modes and you can shoot raw.
    An optional viewfinder is available.
    As is a Ricoh flash.
    Apsc sized sensor


  • Quote:
    Quote:Pentax Apsc all the way.
    The only camera system that gives a person , backward compatibility to the 1976 era.

    Actually Nikon can go a little further back with the Df body in particular.

    This aside the OP was asking about which system to buy into having regard to all the changes going on within the market.

    This implies answers about what is currently available new.

    Pentax has backward compatability with every digitsl camera , certainly since 20009 k20d and before, with pentax lens dati g back to 1976 .

    The Df is only one camera .

  • News agencies who asked for permission to use the pictures.
    Dail Mail

    These news agencies individually are worth a fair amount of money and could afford to pay . Even 50 per agency.
    300 for the photographer is still peanuts,

    Had the BBC who were first to ask for permission ,were given the rights to sell , the images and did so to the agencies above? How much do poeple think the BBC would charge . More than free , I suspect.

  • The Pentax K1 has 5 stops ibis or "shake reduction " as Pentax call this feature.
    So no need for ibis in lens.
    It is also weathersealed.
    Although its heavier the ergonomics make the camera easier to hold.

  • Pentax Apsc all the way.
    The only camera system that gives a person , backward compatibility to the 1976 era.


  • The Pentax KS2 and the the Pentax K70 are entry to mid level camera bodies both are weather sealed the K S 2 has a 100 seals .
    Additionslly there are plenty of WR lens.

  • The Pentax K1 ii has a built in asto tracer feature , is weather resistent and accept any K mount lens dating back to around 1976.
    An abundance of inexpensive high quality glass.


    There has been a hefty price hike on their leash products.
    I am still considering a purchase.
    How would you rate their products.
  • Currently wearing flippies indoor and out.
  • There are plenty of good lens out there Cannon, Nikon , Minolta lens.
    Personally , I would avoid the K mount and m42 lens.


  • Quote:Nadeem, you cant accuse them of being Sony fanboys.

    Did I where?

    Chris, if your defensive about your brand, that's your problem.

  • Update

    I could take the Cannon out in wintry conditions and shoot all day knowing the camera can cope with the weather , without needing to change the battery.

  • Go-anywhere?

    Define go-anywhere?

    Here in Glasgow Scotland. We are experiencing tempretues in the minus, snow blizzard , rain.

    I could take the Cannon out for the day in those conditions and not worry about changing the battery.

    There is little chance of producing a 16*12 inch print if the camera fails.

  • Did I bash Cannon , Really
    Pentax is underrated. . My opinion .
    Sony A7Riii. Has a few inadequancies , but no doubt they will be addressd ,
    When the A7Riv. Comes out later this yeat, to much applause fron Sony fanboys.

  • At Straycatplus

    The video is on this forum so I posted on this forum,but I may post on Tony you tube channel.
    I understand a journalist has to make some controversial comments , to stimulate discussion , arguments,debate but this Cannon bashing is becoming obvious.
    I dont have any intrest in Sony ,

    I tend to keep my ideas to myself but even Tony knows( as do I) that Pentax is the most under rated system out there. Aye.

  • This guy once claimed that his 2 cannon cameras stopped working in the rain whilst has panasonic g something continued working. Aye
    Once when reviewing Cannon full frame cameras , he stated he left them in the hotel safe prefering to use his fuji.. Aye
    Always make a comparision with the cannon full frame with large zoom and A
    Sony mirrorless and a prime
    Never a cannon full frame with prime and a Sony with a large zoom. Aye
    Biased. Aye

    A balanced ,unbiased review. .No


  • A decent stills camera with good video capability , at 2200 body only plus batteries ,
    I wont be switching.

    Does anyone know how much video can be recorded with one battery.

  • Pentax Ks1 is fairly compact add a prime or a small kit lens , good image quality at a good price.Unbiaed review in Amatuer Photography.

  • Ilford XP2 Super400 last week
  • This Sunday , I am taking my Spotmatic SP with super taumar 50mm1.4 for its first outing . Its the annual Santa Dash .

  • Pentax k3ii has a built in astotracer , if that helps.
  • Forgive me , if I missed something in posts , but surely the grevience is with the reatailer.
  • Carbosse Plus. Our carbon footprint will be lower without the Romanians.
  • My most used lens is the pentax 50 1.8. Plastic fantastic and the 20-40 limited in Silver .Looks really good on my Silver Pentax KP.
  • Both good Glasgow bands.
  • Nickthompson. Cheers
  • And a Spotmatic SP.
  • Pentax ........... Some poeple have a problam with the brand(like skoda).

    Pentax K50 and KS1