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theorderingone's Gallery Comments

theorderingone > theorderingone Recent Activity > theorderingone's Gallery Comments
Saltwick Sunset ... by sut68

Saltwick Sunset ...

Haha. Snap!

The light's nicer in your's though, as when I went I had difficulty finding a way down into the bay.

By: sut68

TV Smith A Punk Advert by Southend

TV Smith A Punk Advert

For me the singer's hand is distracting. If the shot were taken at a point where it doesn't obstruct the singer's face, it would help the composition greatly. The crop could also have benefited from a little more space on the RHS, as the current crop is a little claustrophobic as mentioned by Focus_Man above.

The singer's face is also quite underexposed, probably due to the white shirt throwing off your metering. Although this would result in clipped highlights on the shirt, I find this less of an issue, so long as the singer's face is clear and well exposed. I understand flash may not have been an option, as it often isn't with music photography. A pop of flash, carefully balanced with the ambient lighting would lift this image, if allowed.

Red lights can be a real issue with digital cameras. Boosting the green and blue channels slightly during editing can help to bring out detail and even up the colour slightly but the exposure needs to be bang-on in camera to be able to do this effectively.

I hope this helps.

By: Southend

Experiments in Fire Graffiti by TheFotoGraffer

Experiments in Fire Graffiti

Love the thinking behind this. Did you have to wet his clothes to stop him bursting into flames?

By: TheFotoGraffer

The past by Pete

The past

You should've popped round for a brew.

By: Pete

BriSca F1 Stock Car by malvern_man

BriSca F1 Stock Car

I remember watching his father race under the same number (212) at Belle Vue as a kid. Good times Smile

By: malvern_man

Lower Than Atlantis by Bahamut

Lower Than Atlantis

If you'd turned a few inches to your left when you'd taken this, you'd have a winner here.

As it stands, shame you cut off the top of the guitar and the guitarist's knee. Using a lens with a slow aperture and flash like you have done has meant the drummer is too dark to really be a feature in the image, so in my opinion, you'd have been better making sure he was properly in shot.

By: Bahamut

Dananananaykroyd by fitter_happier


I've shot these before myself... they can be a bit of a handful! Wink

A couple of things I think could be improved upon:
- I'd have taken the picture a fraction earlier or later, with less of the singer's hand/microphone obscuring their face. Even better to wait until his hair's not in his eyes as well. I do understand this is easier said than done though.

- I'm guessing you converted this to black and white as the colour version looked a bit ropey? When using a compact with the flash in dark venues such as this, I find the night portrait mode works quite well (or any other slow synch flash mode), then you can pick up a bit more colour and ambience from the background. Don't worry about blurriness with the long exposure. Your camera's flash will do a plenty good enough job of freezing your subject sharp.

I hope this helps Smile

PS - I hope you don't feel inspired to add PS lens flare to your photos in future, as per the previous suggestion, as it looks terrible! Wink

By: fitter_happier

Heart & Soul by NevP

Heart & Soul

Quote: Bert - I don't think there are problems on my monitor, however if your monitor is slightly light you may see evidence of some burning in that I did on his cheek. The D700 was rented for this and it was OK. I needed low light capability that is better than my current camera at high iso's (D2Xs). Certainly it is better in this respect, but I won't be rushing to buy one as some areas weren't to my liking - handling/feel/balance/battery life.

I'm treating myself to one of these for Christmas Smile (My D200 expired last week :-( ) I will have the MB-D10 grip though, so I imagine that will help with the feel/balance issues you have with the camera. I imagine being used to a D2X, a D3 would be more to your liking? More pennies though.

Your image looks great on my monitor. I love good mono work from gigs, unfortunately my agency won't accept mono though, otherwise I'd probably dabble with it more. Smile

By: NevP

Heartfelt by conrad


You're welcome Conrad. Smile Maybe he should lay off the sherry then?

By: conrad

Another Classic Les Paul by Nagai

Another Classic Les Paul

Technically speaking, it's a very competent shot. All of the guitar is in shot and sharp, which is good. Smile

There's not much you could've done about the musician's suit, the background or the reflections on the guitar, as these are all things beyond your control (short of rolling up with a megaphone and politely asking him to get changed Wink)

The only thing I'd improve editing-wise, would be to increase the contrast via a curves adjustment, to give the image a little more pop. I've stuck a modified version up for you.

Composition-wise, the angle you've chosen to shoot at is a little nausea-inducing. I gather you probably did this to ensure all of the guitar fit in the frame, which is fine, but maybe a slightly looser and straighter composition would've been more effective? I also think that the musician would've been better caught at a different moment. He appears to be staring out into space on this shot, rather than back at the crowd, or at his guitar.

By: Nagai

Nina Nastasia by bliba

Nina Nastasia

Indeed, it has turned into quite a discussion. Smile

When giving a 'pro' critique, I apply the same rules I have to consider when submitting my own work. The fact that such a heavily red image would be unsuitable doesn't mean it's not a nice image (The mic stand, which is easier to see in CB's mod, still bothers me though).

I have many images I've taken, which personally I love, but I wouldn't submit them anywhere as they are unsuitable for publication. Silhouettes are a fine example of this.

Next time you're in Smith's (or your newsagent of choice) have a quick flick through pretty much any major music magazine and you may then see what I'm getting at. Wink

By: bliba

Tre Strand by Skatershrew

Tre Strand

I'm looking forward to seeing the colour one Smile

By: Skatershrew

Soc by Skatershrew


Good as it is, but dropping the camera down an inch or two would help make the wide angle perspective stronger.

It doesn't matter how many people notice your pictures, if you enjoyed taking them, that's what counts. Smile

By: Skatershrew

The Feeling by wotashot

The Feeling

Missed this one.

I don't mind the blue light, it's not like you could move it, is it? Cloning it out would just be wrong.

Great composition, and perfectly exposed.

Great work, especially with an f/4 lens. I'm not sure how you manage!

By: wotashot

Rock Star by patsypixel

Rock Star

It looks like a great photo, although I'm not entirely sure about the manipulation myself.

Maybe a simple high-contrast black and white treatment might work aswell?

You caught the moment perfectly. Smile

By: patsypixel

* by Rob_p


This is good, very good.

Slow synch is great fun isn't it? Smile

By: Rob_p

New Day Red by keithh

New Day Red

I always love your tele work.

I'll look forward to seeing more over the coming weeks.

By: keithh

Various Artists by Taya

Various Artists

It really comes alive in the large version.

Maybe in a few months time you'll be able to do another one, with more recent shots?

By: Taya

Matt from Akercocke by Taya

Matt from Akercocke

I do love this pic. Full of energy, as I imagine any performance by Akercocke would be.

Slow-sych isn't to everyones taste, but I love it when it's done right. I think you hit the nail on the head here.

By: Taya

Dry Kill Logic by steffilewis

Dry Kill Logic

Excellent work.

Very similar to a shot I've seen by a Manchester music photographer, Karen McBride. You should look her up. Smile

By: steffilewis

Deep Purple (1) by steffilewis

Deep Purple (1)

Tis a gudden. I'll be saving my deep purple shots till last if I can help it.

By: steffilewis

∆ by funkeldink


It kind of looks like he's resting his feet on the frame you've created.

It's good to see this, I like a bit of colour.

By: funkeldink

The Final Days of.... by keithh

The Final Days of....

Looks stunning in black & white.

By: keithh

Ville Valo by Taya

Ville Valo

Excellent capture. The cigarette adds character and makes the shot for me.

By: Taya

............. by funkeldink


Moody...Love it!

By: funkeldink

Chilling out by iansamuel

Chilling out

This works much better in the large version for me, youcan really make out the expressions on their faces.

Great work.

By: iansamuel

Matt costa by leesearle

Matt costa

Another great composition and the exposure is spot on.

Sometime red light at gigs can be a nightmare, but you have coped really well with this shot.

I put a description of how I sometimes correct red light on an earlier picture in the gallery here if it helps with any other shots you may have taken, although looking at the rest of your portfolio, I doubt you'll need it!

By: leesearle

Matt  Costa by leesearle

Matt Costa

This one's a stunner!

The composition is excellent, I especially like the way he is leaning back out of the composition.

By: leesearle

Paul by ZCPhotography


A well exposed and composed gig shot.

I find red light is always the hardest to deal with at a gig.

Have you tried adjusting the levels to bring back some of the detail lost to the red light?

I find that in levels on Phootshop, if you adjust the midpoint on the green channel by moving it to the left, then move the midpoint on the red channel to the right, it can help balance the harsh lighting a little.

This shot really doesn't need it though, the exposure is well enough controlled for the image to hold its own as it is.

By: ZCPhotography

Asylum Corridor by mrchill

Asylum Corridor

Indeed, where is this? I likes a bit of UE when I get the chance.

Nice light in there.

By: mrchill