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  • Wyedean Rally by mitchy81

    Very nice set of pictures. Keep up the good work Wink
    • 17 Feb 2010 6:06PM
  • Fog by harald65

    Very Atmospheric, love it
    • 15 Jan 2010 7:10PM
  • Eagle Owl by kevspiers

    Fantastic picture, really dynamic
    • 6 Jan 2010 8:01PM
  • Monty in the Snow by TheRead

    Many thanks guys, all i have done to the pic is crop about 1/3 of the original as it was all snow (which probably accounts for the expsure problem) and an auto-levels in Photoshop. Tell the truth i don't know what i'm doing in Photoshop yet, or what it's capable of Smile
    F8; cheers for the mod and how did you do it?
    • 6 Jan 2010 6:51PM
  • Severn Bridge 05 by TheRead

    Thank you both for the comments, and thanks Cath for the Mod, i shall play with photoshop tonight Smile
    I got myself out of bed earlier this morning, it was worth it!

    • 22 Dec 2009 6:16PM
  • Harris Hawk by phil_j

    • 22 Sep 2009 8:29PM
  • 1st attempt by NikkiW

    Great picture, love the lead-in between the wooden posts. I really get the feeling that this was a calm and relaxing evening

    • 3 Sep 2009 7:28PM
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  • New Photography Project

    I was thinking of seting up a camera in a window and taking a photo same time and day each week so I'd have a full record of the seasons and how the scene changed over a ...
    by Coleslaw | Last Post | Unread
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