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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi and welcome hope you'll say hello, and like my photo's, if you dont like them, don't worry XXX
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  • Shimmering Light

    excellent, well done indeed .
    • 23 Jan 2012 8:54PM
  • AJI (Grannie)

    very nice, great piece of photography, well done
    • 23 Jan 2012 8:24PM
  • Lisa

    Great shot love photographing the more mature woman, did you do any in black an white?, hope you post some more,
    • 11 Dec 2011 4:32PM
  • Dragonfly

    Thank you Davey, shot this hand-held while it was resting on a dress for sale at the car boot, for some reason it really liked this dress as it flew off and returned every couple of mins, my only regret is that it was'nt one of the more colourful dragonflys, thanks again, john. Grin
    • 3 Oct 2011 7:45PM
  • bargain hunting

    thanks martin , this image was shot with a kit lens though, there's some macro in my port shot with the 100mm. thanks again John.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:48PM
  • what do you see !!

    Thanks guys very kind xx
    • 19 Sep 2011 4:17PM
  • The Green slug specailly for Karen FB

    Hi Karen glad you like it, maybe chocs and flowers next ime lol.
    Hi Janty66 , yes was very big indeed. Grin
    • 29 Aug 2011 7:52PM
  • Romantic early morning stroll along the beach

    Thanks Mark , thank you for the kind words Grin
    • 28 Aug 2011 10:04PM
  • green slug sliding along brick wall

    can send you a pic of it whole was about 6inches long , Red!! i know im colour blind but def looked on the greeny side lol, thanks for the info, message me if you want the whole photo's,
    • 25 Aug 2011 10:46PM
  • White Tiger

    you must have found a clean bit of glass, when i was there finger and hand prints all over, nice shot .
    • 19 Aug 2011 9:19PM
  • 003 1/2

    love the curves and the colours , very nice indeed well done
    • 19 Aug 2011 7:45PM
  • hungry mouths to feed

    thanks guys, I have a couple of these plants Zimigery, i sort of breed them and then every couple of years i sell them at local carboot, kids love them Smile
    thanks for your comments xx
    • 5 Aug 2011 10:39PM
  • love or lust

    This was shot for a local artist to paint from, thank you for your comments ,
    • 27 Jun 2011 8:04PM
  • Honey bee invasion

    The local bee keeper was ever so excited he hadnt seen this many bee's in over 3 yrs, think he is madder than me lol , thanks for your comment John.x
    • 3 Jun 2011 11:48AM
  • corn flower

    Thank you both, not bad for a hand held shot at local car boot , John. xx
    • 10 Apr 2011 12:42PM
  • Modified St Pauls Cathedral 2011

    Really enjoyed this shot, thanks for sharing it, sorry im not going to critique it because the faults are minor and not worth it as far as im concerned, its a great shot well done, John.
    • 17 Feb 2011 6:34PM
  • Reflections

    Thanks Steve
    used this idea several times now mainly when doing family shoots, usaully the proud dad wearing them , they seem to really like it, hardest part is not getting into the reflection as well. Many thanks, John.
    • 17 Feb 2011 6:28PM
  • Butterfly Watercolour

    Hi would love to see the original,I feel that this watercolour effect do'es not quite work for me , Sorry, ( though it could just be my screen) good idea though well done, J. x,
    • 16 Feb 2011 7:32PM

    this one my fav, Im hoping to do some vampire shots soon and you've given me even more idea's, well done and thanks . John.
    • 11 Feb 2011 4:06PM
  • kiss from a rose

    Thank you, this was prob the best of the lot from the shoot, though there is another i really like which I'll put up later. thanks for the comment very kind of you. John. Grin
    • 11 Feb 2011 4:03PM
  • Hmmm?

    Heres my attempt for some reason i was unable to adjust the lighting on her face a really dark shadow of some sort, im not to good with photoshop anyway can only do the basic stuff, but hopefully someone more skilled will show us how, loved the picture and can see what you was attempting, why it go so wrong?
    • 28 Jan 2011 9:49PM
  • Stepping Out

    really like this image, did you try it in black an white as well? or blur the background see if you can get a misty creepy look feel? really good image to play with, god bless, John.
    • 4 Jan 2011 6:05PM
  • xmas present

    lol, no she didnt, but loved the ring as a gift, was fooling around with hdr software thought id see what it looked like on a indoor shot with just house bulbs. thanks again J.
    • 4 Jan 2011 5:59PM
  • St Marys Church. HDR

    with the snow on the ground and grey sky image was quite bright longest exposure was 1/20th i think. had broken my tripod head earlier as well an had to wait for my birthday for new one lol. many thanks for the comments, J.
    • 4 Jan 2011 5:56PM
  • snow covered avenue

    Thank you for those kind words much appreciated,
    John. xx
    • 12 Dec 2010 9:09PM
  • Death, could be a good thing?

    like the death of my photography ambitions? lol, thanks for the comment
    • 12 Dec 2010 9:07PM
  • coming out

    excellent shot well done
    • 9 Dec 2010 8:12PM
  • relaxing

    lovley shot only think you should change the title , More alluring than relaxing me thinks
    • 8 Dec 2010 7:27PM
  • Button

    AS above very stylish
    • 8 Dec 2010 7:24PM
  • Emma

    What a brave model Emma we salute you, great shot hope you got it first time lol
    • 3 Dec 2010 8:05PM