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Activity : Photo Comments


Hello and thanks for dropping by. I got my first DSLR for Christmas 2012 and have been trying to improve ever since. People, architecture, long exposure and some creative work are my mainstays; for a long time I avoided anything that moved at all quickly, but I'm even giving that a go now. Andrew
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  • Male Bearded Tit by BydoR9

    I've tried but they have never turned up for me. Lucky you, good work.
    • 22 Oct 2021 6:44PM
  • Moody Wastwater by jasonrwl

    I've been lost on those hills many times in cloud - you had a good day for it. Good moody one.
    • 6 Oct 2021 10:08AM
  • Fungi by Angi_Wallace

    • 28 Sep 2021 5:58PM
  • Heave Ho by TheShaker

    Quote:Looking at the angle of the bat and the low position, was he caught out ?

    Next shot on the reel is a catch on the boundary. Indeed he was!
    • 31 Aug 2021 3:38PM
  • Bee on Globe Thistle by jasonrwl

    Nice one
    • 3 Aug 2021 8:51AM
  • Marie by TheShaker

    Quote:An outstandingly beautiful portrait, so suited to B&W.


    Thanks very much for the award Angela
    • 12 Jul 2021 10:15AM
  • Duncansby Stacks by jasonrwl

    That must be a good shot - it's almost giving me vertigo.
    • 9 Jul 2021 4:20PM
  • Power to the Truncheon by RLF

    Like it.
    • 8 Jun 2021 1:51PM
  • Flamingo? by TheShaker

    Quote:This is a Scarlet Ibis ( and a good one at that !!) doing what comes naturally.

    Thanks Ron - I should have read the signs more carefully!
    • 18 May 2021 10:05AM
  • Through a Glass Darkly by jasonrwl

    It took me a while to work out what I was looking at here. Well seen.
    • 13 May 2021 11:19AM
  • The Bridestones Revisited by iangilmour

    I feel your pain.
    • 28 Apr 2021 3:56PM
  • Male Mandarin by jasonrwl

    I like that one.
    • 27 Apr 2021 3:09PM
  • Cuckoo by jasonrwl

    So - they are not going to win any competitions but - you did get to see a cuckoo and photograph it - lead image in particular catches it well. As they say - well jel.
    • 17 Apr 2021 1:47AM
  • Peregrine Falcon by jasonrwl

    Send him to my house please, rich pickings for him here. Good shot in the circumstances.
    • 1 Apr 2021 2:47PM
  • The Big Country by RLF

    Old John I do believe, built to look like a beer mug. Nice work.
    • 29 Mar 2021 9:40AM
  • Snail Shell by iangilmour

    It worked!
    • 24 Mar 2021 5:13PM
  • Spring is Sprung by jasonrwl

    I like that - good use of the depth of field. Rather artistic!
    • 4 Mar 2021 10:17AM
  • Honest Toil by TheShaker

    Quote: Did you have really good separation from the background, or have you worked on that? Either way, I think this gentle and rather understated look does the lady full justice. A kind and gentle soul, and that shines through.

    Thanks for the comment John - the background has been more of an issue than the lady. It was blurred out of camera but rather too busy and bright. In the end I've just blurred it and darkened the highlights.
    • 27 Jan 2021 1:19PM
  • Living in a Box by DaveU

    You could build a shanty town with the cardboard in our garage. Excellent image, particularly for the times.
    • 22 Jan 2021 11:50AM
  • Please Sir by RocketRon

    Excellent image, she looks like she means it - good colour palette too.
    • 22 Jan 2021 11:37AM
  • My name is Twos, BluesandTwos. by bluesandtwos

    • 15 Jan 2021 1:22PM
  • Cover Girl II by TheShaker

    Quote:Great idea works good I may steal this idea hope you don't mind I'll give you a mention and a Roxy Music fan?

    I am - and steal away.
    • 11 Jan 2021 5:14PM
  • Industrial by capto

    Works very well. Must give it a try sometime.
    • 23 Nov 2020 10:00AM
  • Pure Gold... by TerryMcK

    I want to take that picture!
    • 13 Nov 2020 3:09PM
  • Who are you? Who am I? by dudler

    Brings to mind a song.

    Watching all the days roll by
    Who are you and who am I?
    How's life on Earth?
    What is it worth?

    It ends there - without giving an answer unfortunately.

    • 13 Nov 2020 3:05PM
  • Tresaith Sunset by jasonrwl

    I like that one, very dramatic. If only someone was walking out of the water bottom right ..........
    • 20 Oct 2020 12:11PM
  • Highly commended in IGPOTY by Angi_Wallace

    Congratulations in that case. Super image.
    • 14 Oct 2020 11:03AM
  • Maureen by bluesandtwos

    • 13 Oct 2020 4:22PM
  • Let There Be Light by jasonrwl

    Looked more atmospheric and somehow calmer in colour. Nothing wrong with the way you've converted it, the separation isn't there to make it a mono image. IMHO.
    • 20 Sep 2020 6:54PM
  • Fairy Glen by jasonrwl

    I like that one.
    • 18 Sep 2020 2:14PM